DD546E0E-3945-4D98-8AE4-43854502B19AThe mama dogs have decided to pitch in and help each other.

With that many babies running around, it seems like a good idea.

The only issue is that the Sugar Babies are a week younger and seem to be smaller pups over all.

Honey is starting to wean her Butterballs, so feeds them less often.  I need to be sure that the itty bitty ones get plenty of milk before Sugar is drained by the big guys.  
Also the older ones play a little rougher and since they weigh more, the teensie ones get overwhelmed.  Although, they are becoming wrestlers too and pretty much hold their own.

So far, it has been a lovely fall, and the pups have been outside a bit. Not as much as I’d like. Summer puppies sure are easier to care for.  
But we have a system for cleaning them up, and they are getting used to being in crates and watching me as I spray out their areas.  I have even had a chance, although not much of a one, to do some crafting.  I gathered the vines and dried flowers to make this wreath.

But 16 babies in chilly weather takes up most of my time.  I won’t know what to do with myself when they are gone!

(Videos of the litters can be found on Instagram at Cottage Doodles)

Co-habitation planning

Sugar is still being very protective of her pups.  Honey is happy for anyone to be with hers and loves sharing them.

Eventually, they will all need to live together in the garage as they get too big for the house and the weather is too cold for them to be in the breezeway.

The puppies themselves and Honey are all for it.
Now, to convince Sugar that we have a good plan.  Wish me luck!

Becoming well rounded individuals


Cuddle Puddle!

Honey’s babies took a little break from the box and seem to be getting around pretty good.  They could crawl on and off 
of the pillow with no help.

And they are learning so much.  Of course, going to 8th grade remote learning 
classes every day helps that.  

The pups are also becoming fans of Catniss Everdeen, as the family watched the Hunger Games together.  Or maybe they just were waiting for the Cat they kept hearing about.

Celebrations and Dopplegangers


We had lots of celebrating this week.  Sugar had her babies, and Honey’s little, round bellied, butterballs of cuddliness just turned one week old.

I made the doggie moms a special treat, of milk, cottage cheese, pumpkin, and canned puppy food topped with chopped Tums sprinkles.

They need lots of calcium and calories, plus pumpkin for tummy issues after giving birth.

And they love it when I sing to them, so they got an off tune “Happy Birthday” from me.

At one week, Honey’s pumpkins have about doubled their weight.  Time to change out the bowl.


Although, it is just right for the newborns.

Speaking of newborns, I am glad I started this sketches of the red pups when they were tiny.  Studying their spots to paint them helped me to learn which was which.  
And the new families they will go to, don’t see them at this age.  So maybe they would like to have watercolor sketches of the first few days.

There are no amount of paintings that will help me with Sugar’s black babes, though! Oh my.  They are very similar.

As everyone grows, it gets easier.  Sugar’s pups seem to have different coat textures, even if they are the same jet black, I’ll know how to tell them apart from that, and a couple white spots.  The problem with the red pups, was that the spots were too similar.

Then I learned that some have freckled bellies, one has angel wings, another a T, one a butterfly.  A couple are blobbity splotches that still throw me off a little.  I have to get my diagrams out when I weigh them.  But once they start showing some personality, that will change.

Family movie night


Last night, I fried up green tomatoes and cooked up a pot of green beans from the garden. Along with homemade honey flaxseed bread and sliced heirloom tomatoes, it was an ideal, end of summer meal.  There won’t be a lot more of those tomatoes from the garden, so I invited the family over to share.

And they were happy to visit, because it was their first time to meet the teeny pups.

 Honey’s babies got lots of attention from my babies.  We watched Mulan on Disney Plus and every puppy got snuggles in shifts throughout the whole movie.  

With nine little ones, I am going to need my helpers to get these puppies their fill of cuddle time.  Because lots of cuddles makes for secure, confident dogs who know people love them.  

A Bonus Baby!


Thursday morning, after tending to pups and letting Honey out off and on throughout the previous night, we were enjoying watching the wriggly pups nurse and squeak as we drank our coffee.

My husband turned to me and said, “Can you count?”

We both bent over the box and peered closely at the squirming pile.  After about three and a half hours of delivering pups Wednesday, I sat with her a few hours before saying good night to 8 beautiful new babies.

But sometime over night, that turned into 9!


I groggily did multiple recounts, and yep, there were 8 born on the 16th and one tiny boy born on the 17th during the early morning hours.  

Honey got a special cottage cheese sundae to congratulate her on the newest baby.


Honey’s F1, Red Golden Doodles Are Here!

Poor Honey had a rough night.  She was nesting, but did not like her whelping box. Instead, she wanted a do it yourself type nursery for her pups.

So she went into my closet and dug a hole through the drywall. If I let her out of my sight, she was right back at it.

I was up with her most of the night, she was frantic.  My husband  took turns with watching her, we could not leave her unattended.

The poor dog couldn’t relax and go to her whelping box.  If I took her outside, she tried to dig a den. I had to keep her by my side and on a leash all day.  She was so upset, she could not stop panting and trying to go build her nest.

Finally, we came to a compromise.  My husband cleared everything out of his office closet, and we laid down a whelping pad.  It was small and dark, just what she wanted.  She seemed happy as soon as she walked in and sniffed around.


Within moments, she delivered her first little girl, all she needed was a place she felt right in.


Soon, there were a couple more babies.  Honey’s mood was nurturing and calm.  All the frenzy of the last 18 hours was gone.


Once she got into her groove, we bundled the babies in a towel and transferred them into the previously unacceptable whelping box, which she was fine with now.


The box was much better for her than the closet, and at this point, she wasn’t going to argue with me.  She was busy caring for the little ones and having a few more.


Honey was doing great and so were the pups.  She didn’t need my help one single time.  I was just there for petting and moral support.


Five girls and boys girls, all red with white markings, came quickly, safely, and efficiently.  


For having such a rough start, she certainly turned it all around. It ended up being the most simple delivery I have ever seen from one of my dogs.   
And now, we are all getting caught up on the sleep we missed last night, and counting our blessings.





EE8B5062-0751-4934-889B-E5352DCF3CA6As her tummy expands, Honey has decided she prefers the floor to pillows.  She mostly is resting now, but have been able to convince her to go on walks with us. 

Please remember as you consider getting a sweet little fluff ball of a pup, that a dog is a lifetime commitment.  See Twinkle in this photo?  At 14, she is blind and confused.  She heard my voice, but doesn’t really know which way to look to find me.  

She needs special treatment at this point in her life. I have become her seeing eye person on our walks and she follows my signs and signals to not run into curbs, steps, or logs.  

She will always be my baby, and my buddy, no matter how much extra care she needs.


Oh, yes, there are certainly pups coming!

C4BD3BC7-441E-4959-BF5E-F37CE715C110We made a fast trip to the North Carolina mountains before school started, and pups possibly came along.  I knew I’d be tied down for months once babies arrived.

When we left, we were pretty sure Honey was expecting.  While we were gone, she practically exploded!  Look at that full belly!

That is not just a possibility of puppies, that is puppies for sure.


Sugar is about 12 days behind her mother, but she had what looks like a belly blast of growth too.

Possible due date for Honey’s red and white, small-medium F1 golden doodles is Sept 15.

Sugar’s surprise package of colors, of small-medium F1b golden doodles are due Sept. 27.

Looks like I was smart to vacation while I could, huh?  I’m about to be knee deep in furry, little cuties that will take ALL my time.

And I just cannot wait!