Molasses “Molly”

My Pretty Girls


I could not resist having the girls pose in front of the zinnia fields.  
While driving from KS to FL, we have spent a lot of of time in dog parks with them, I figured they owed me a pleasant stroll through some flowers.  They might think this trip is all about them, but I deserve to choose some activities too, right?

Actually, we’ve enjoyed all of the trip, these girls are great companions on the road.  And I enjoy hearing the responses of strangers who see them, and the nice compliments they give these pretty girls.  Especially my Sugar, it is great to hear comments about what a beauty she is, because black doodles aren’t as popular as other colors.  I think some of it is that the pups are harder to photograph.  But in person, they are very striking dogs.

Plus, she is as sweet as her name.


Honey makes gorgeous children!  I can’t wait to see the next batch this spring.  

Doodles in Paradise

These girls might be enjoying the Florida camping trip even more than we are.


We have found the most wonderful  dog park, and when I saw this marker, I wondered why it hadn’t won best every year, because it truly is.

The pretty beach was full of happy families and joyous dogs.  We even met a tiny Labrador pup that Sugar and Honey immediately started cleaning and nuzzling.  They are mamas to the core.  I thought they were going to try to steal that baby from its family.  Which, in all honesty, I wanted to do too.  A very, very young pup does not belong at any dog park, even if it is Dog Paradise.

Traveling across country with three dogs isn’t easy, but days like this make it worth it.  

Meet Molasses, nicknamed Molly

Well, as everyone around me knew would happen, even though I said that it would not, we kept one of Honey’s Butterballs.

59D8E293-EE64-41C5-8BA3-067A97E5E5D7Sugar and Honey were both overwhelmed with excitement when we returned from our cross country trip and brought little Molly home with us.

The excitement hasn’t relented, these three are inseparable.  When Molly isn’t collapsed into a blob of warm, butterscotch pudding in my lap, that is. Or curled up on my feet.

7BC653EA-20E4-415B-BF55-AEA5F8394A31She is the most laid back, cuddly creature I have ever met.  I honestly did not want another dog, and did my best to not pick one out of the litters, but this one picked me.

I had thought that if we were to keep a pup, it would be one of the other girls, who I told were all auditioning for the part of Molly, since my husband had a name in mind.  The others were flashier, more lively, and all were very bright and learned quickly.  This one always sat quietly looking up at me, sometimes behind me and I didn’t even notice because I was busy with the puppies who were more out going.  They were daintier, smaller dogs with big personalities.  She was easier to overlook with her quiet manners and willingness to politely wait to be petted. 

She was always looking up at me with a heart full of love.  I should have known all along that she was my dog, because she already knew it and was trying to tell me. 

I loved every single one of the babies and every minute that I spent with them. But when the 8-10 weeks are up, I am typically ready to say good bye and get some much needed sleep.  I become attached to them each in different ways, according to their personalities and how they react with me, and there are lots of tears with the farewell kisses.

088D08B3-2C6A-461E-AD38-D99B58A1F530But we had five dogs already and I am a reasonable person, and knew we didn’t need a sixth.  Still, my husband insisted that we mark one sold, “just in case.”  Til the very end of our road trip, I hadn’t committed to keeping one.

At least I didn’t realized I had.  If my husband hadn’t stated, “That dog is part of our family.” I probably would’ve dithered on for another month saying I was looking for just the right home for her.  
It took me longer than it should have to realize that her home was here with us.

Her cuddles and sweetness are exactly what I needed in this awful year of loss.  Nothing on earth can replace a child who passes away, but an armful of  a lovable fur ball can ease the pain. And I know that while my Ryan would’ve been horrified that I kept another puppy, he would have loved her too.  
The Angel wing pattern of white spots on her chest is a sign that he does.