Puppies’ first bath

Sugarbabies’s First Bath

I cannot say enough, what great puppies these are.  So mild mannered and sweet!


There have been so many wonderful litters here in the past, but  never has one gone so smoothly.  
It could be the beautiful weather and the timing.  These guys are mostly pottying outside now, which helps a lot!


Goldendoodles are smart, loving, and learn quickly.  But some are easier than others.  I hit the jackpot with nine easy ones at once!


One little girl did have a fear issue from loud noises, but it was mild and I worked with her, so that seems to have gone away.


I am definitely blessed to have these sweethearts.


Not a single complaint was lodged about first  baths.


As a matter of fact, they were all so relaxed that one little boy was so trusting that he didn’t bother to set his feet down when I put him in the water.  He sort of bobbed around then slowly floated over.  It was pretty funny, because he didn’t even get upset when his face went under.  
That pup seemed to enjoy the bath.  Two didn’t like it much, but did not cry.  The others all just acted like it was part of their day.  I was impressed.

They were all pretty cute.  Maybe they were so mellow about it because Molly was right there with them the whole time.  They adore her.

Getting the Butterballs Ready to Go

BAB30B78-52E5-43CF-AD68-81AE6ED571EFThese guys are leaving this week!


How can I bear not seeing these sweet faces every day?


Even Dorothy, who doesn’t typically like the puppies, seems to be getting attached.  We trade out which ones we bring in at night, so they have one on one lap time while we watch TV, and Dorothy shared her space with them.


This week, I have been concentrating a lot on the Butterballs since I only have a short time left with them.


But the Sugarbabies are not left out.  They are also working on manners.

Freddy, our recovering little guy, is the only one who knows his name.  Maybe Ruby, because I used to call her Pooh Bear.  Ruby and Pooh are similar sounds and she answers to both.  


Mostly they answer to Puppy or Buddy.

Yesterday, all had baths.  And there were no complaints at all.

Except maybe from me when I had to wash just about every towel in the house and mop up a sloshy bathroom after.  Those curls make good sponges, and really soak up the water, it took a couple towels each to soak it up.
That’s okay, I have gotten to be pretty good at keeping the washer and dryer running nonstop since the babies came.  I even wash a load of my own clothes here and there between all of the piles of pillows, toys, and blankets they need to have cleaned every day.
I get plenty of thank you snuggles in return!



Bath Time


Most of the pups handled their first baths really well.
Although, I did get the Stink Eye from some.

The only crier, was this little guy.  And he is my sensitive boy.  From the day he was born, he was very vocal about any problems he had.  
He is the one who gets his ears pulled too hard by his brothers, or gets cold easily, or just wants to be held.  I am walking a fine line between babying and comforting him.

I want him to be independent and sure of himself, and not a yapper.  So, I try to reassure him without indulging him too much.  He probably does get more than his fair share of the attention, but I think a healthy dose of extra love now, is what he needs to become a more secure dog later.

He could be the prettiest puppy I have ever had, as well as the loudest.  And possibly one of the sweetest?

It is hard not to just scoop him up and carry him all day in my sling, he would love that.  But he needs to grow up to be a strong dog.

 But I know, he will always be sensitive and will have to go to just the right family who has the time and patience to train him right.  And to spend extra time with him, he will require extra cuddles.
All of the babies are getting to an age where they are showing their personalities more and more.  
And getting cuter each and every day!

The goldendoodle puppies have their first bath


What is the best part of bath time for the babies?  Playing in the water, or snuggles after?  


I filled the wading pool early in the day and let the sun warm the water.  By afternoon, we could plop pups into it one by one and lightly lather them up.


All seemed to like the process, but weren’t quite ready to frolic.  It was more of a cautiously wandering around in the water together.


Afterwards, I would wrap them up and hand them to my assistant for cuddles and drying.


Soon they realized they could climb out without my assistance and there was an avalanche of wet, cold pups that needed to be toweled off.


If you are wondering how many wet puppies one teenager can hold

at once, the answer is five.