Puppy line ups

Puppy Portrait Day

If I had known how beautifully the Sugarbabies were going to pose for me, I’d have given them a bath!

So far, I have been wiping them down with washcloths, but I think it’s time to give them a good soaking. 
The weather has been really nice, I might just wash them in the wading pool outside.


First I’ll have to line up some puppy snugglers to help dry and keep them warm.


The babies always  love that part.


It has been nice to have a lightbox to take the photos in.


They are outgrowing it, this will be my last time using it.


Since they are outside now, it shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll be able to take their pics in natural light.

And with talented models like these, it’s easy to get good photos.  
They are honestly very good at posing, and not just because they are as cute as the dickens.  They pretty much sit and let me take their pictures.

What good puppies!

Sitting Pretty


My babies will all sit together at the same time now!  Getting a photo of nine, 4 week old babies sitting at once isn’t easy, but these sweet pups are getting better at it each day.

5424C437-630B-411C-B9D2-7DB02F60407BWhy does it matter to me?  Well, I don’t like to be jumped on, first of all.  And if I can get a puppy to sit down quietly and look at me, instead of being an excited little hooligan, it makes life easier for all of us.


Oh believe me, they have their hooligan moments, they are happy healthy puppies full of excitement! But I like to know that they will listen when needed. 
Funny, on our trip out east last fall to take pups to new homes, I’d let the overwhelming horde of dogs take over.  We’d open the kennel door and everyone would try to come out at once like a furry waterfall, as we vainly did our best to push them back, hook on leashes and let one out at a time. 
At our very first stop, I was frustrated and feared the rest of the trip- I was out numbered!

After a day of struggles, it occurred to me to tell them to have a seat.  

Magically, all five plopped right down on their cute, fuzzy bottoms and waited their turn for leashes.  Puppies will do whatever they want if allowed, but if you teach them what to do, they want to please you.
 I am also working on  “come, puppy, come!” They already come running to me when I walk up to them, so it is usually an easy lesson.

Teaching a dog to come to you can save its life   Always make this a priority to work on with your pup.  As these little ones get older, we will play “Ping Pong Puppy” with them, by having two or more people with treats in hand, calling the pup back and forth.  They learn to answer to multiple people, not just to me and they think that running to someone when called is a fun game with tasty rewards.


There is no way I can promise a fully trained, 8 week old pup to anyone.  But I can give those babies a great start and foundation for the future by teaching them how to listen and to be receptive to what their family reaches them.










Puppy puzzles, or origami?

Ta-dah!  A puppy heart!
And a puppy Oreo?

We got carried away.


Beth, Karla, and I started out with line ups, trying to pet sleepy puppies into oblivion so they could be placed in a row and not wriggle around waking each other up and messing with our design. 

First was just the girls.


Then the boys.


And then, ALL of the babies were put in a row.  That is an accomplishment.

While this is an entertaining thing to do, it is also very good conditioning for the babies.  They need to be handled, and made to feel comfortable by people other than just me.  And by doing this, they are learning to be trusting enough to be and cozy and feel safe with humans.

I was pretty pleased with the heart, too. 
Afterwards, we tucked them back into their nest and left them to snuggle up on their own.

Karla looked over and noticed they had formed a heart all by themselves!

I said that they are very smart dogs and learned tricks quickly.  Plus, they had excellent trainers.  



All Lined Up


The Butterballs have reached the stage of being rolly  polly little fluffy bits of cuddliness.  Perfect for lining up!

The trick is to snuggle them into acceptance, then gently lay them down on their backs in a row.

And it only counts if you can get them to stay on their backs.  Flipping over breaks the rules.

They have to trust me enough to be comfortable with being placed this way, and have to be calm enough not to wiggle out of the line up or wake up the others.

It only takes one wriggler to ruin the whole operation.

It’s my favorite game.


If they get good at line ups, I can move on to other shapes.  This one is supposed to be a flower, with each pup as a petal.

Not quite as successful as the straight line, but it sure kept me entertained!