Sugar Babies

Dinner time and toy time

6E4A3CBC-75D9-4886-AE47-3B423E5370B0Now that the puppies are getting bigger, Honey is getting some “me time” away from the litter.

She hung out with her best friend, my husband, while he worked on adding level nine to his cabin.  

Well, some are getting bigger than others, huh?

They are enjoying their formula mixed with soft food so much, that when they are done eating, they just fall over where they are at and fall asleep.

The Butterballs love dinner so much, they invited a friend to join them.


The Sugar Babies are now eating formula too.

Their mom brought them a special treat.  She snuck a field mouse into their puppy pond.

I didn’t know if she brought it to them as a toy or a snack.  I upped the toys just in case she felt like they were lacking.

They are all starting to love their toys as much as their meals.


Co-habitation planning

Sugar is still being very protective of her pups.  Honey is happy for anyone to be with hers and loves sharing them.

Eventually, they will all need to live together in the garage as they get too big for the house and the weather is too cold for them to be in the breezeway.

The puppies themselves and Honey are all for it.
Now, to convince Sugar that we have a good plan.  Wish me luck!