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May 10, 2007



I would love the instructions for the teacup chandelier!!!!
I've looked for the romantic country magazine and can't find it in my neck of the woods any suggestions?
Maybe I'm just stupid but I never knew there was such a thing as looking glass paint!!!!!!! Is that the brand name? This just opens up a whole world of possibilities!!!!!!!!!!


Happy rose day and I love your roses. Thank you for sharing. Clarice

Eva Agnes

I get very inspired by you and the things you do. So do the bloggers here in Sweden and Norway.
Lovely picture of your mother. She looks stunning.
Hugs Eva Agnes


karla - thanks for joining the crusade by showing us your cheap tricks. sheesh - i wann shop with you girl! you find cool stuff...like THAT MIRROR! i want one (stomps feet) love the shutters too, and converting a chandelier? clever!


Another cute rose. Thanks for taking part.
A link to your blog is now up in mine.


Wow so much inspiration here! You are one talented gifted lady! You actually painted roses on your walls! How much time did that take!! It looks lovely and I can imagine the feeling standing there looking at the wall art! Love coming here! NG

Gumbo Lily

Oh Karla! Your breezeway corner is lovely! I love the mirror/window, the teacup chandelier, and again -- those shutters! I am just going to have to think about a way to do some shutters on the cheap. I can't believe those are bi-fold doors. My bi-fold closet doors are ugly -- just flat, hollow boards with no character like yours. I think I could take some molding or boards and nail them on and then paint them to add some charm. Hmmmm. You're inspirational!

I've been looking for the right cheap-o chandelier to hang from a tree in my backyard for those candle-lit summer nights. This idea would work. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Could you make a weekly post -- Cheap Tricks? Please?


Theresa-Garden Antqs

I made my first mosaic table and sold it this past weekend; I'm hooked. Cool ideas.


I love the idea of you painting irises on your mom's casket. It is such a sweet, sentimental gesture for her final rest. Now, where will you be when I want lilacs and tulips on mine?



I think you're amazing Karla! So many wonderful ideas! I wish I could really paint!
Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in your wonderful blog.
I really enjoy my visits!


You have such beautiful thingies all about you! It must be like living in a rose garden at your house!!!
I didn't get a chance to post a friendship rose for the bloggers today... is tomorrow too late you think?


Oh my Dear, you are such an inspiration! Especially that kitchen entry way. Oh my!!!!!

But also oh sigh. I don't think I'm brave enough to tackle such a project. But.. maybe if I keep looking at yours, and reading how you did it... maybeeeeeeeeeeee... :-)



You painted on your mom's casket...Wow. That is really a sweet thing. My mother-in-law's had her name embroidered on the liner which hung over the side.
All of your ideas here are really original!

Crafty Green Poet

What wonderful finds! Thanks for sharing!


Love your breezeway! Love your entire house actually! And all your inspiration!
Your mom is pretty. I think it's sweet what you did for her by painting the flowers......
Thank you for sharing.


Another great corner! Great idea for painting a window with paint. Your charm for the giveaway is really pretty too.


Sorry - I mean with mirror paint. Duh!

karla nathan

About my mom's casket- luckily, a main coffin manufacturer for the midwest was located in the city I grew up in. All the coffins were hand crafted and were works of art in themselves. The owners let me come in with my paints and work right there on the factory floor before the box was delivered to the funeral home.

karla nathan

About the painted mirror- I buy the paint at Hobby Lobby, and it is called "Looking Glass Paint". Silver spray paint will not work, you have to use this. I have not seen other brands of it, but I am sure they exist. I'll look for a can next time I am out and check the label for the manufacturer and let you know.


Ohhhhhh this is so great what you did, I especially love the chandelier with those teacups. Want to have one. ;)

Tongue in Cheek

First thank you for coming by my blog...I am thrilled to find you here. Eye candy galore, and such fantastic ideas.
You painted on your Mother's coffin? That is such a gift of love!


Thanks so much for posting a picture of your breezeway! I've been wondering what it looked like since you opened a gift there in an earlier post. See, I read everything! I was not disappointed ~ It is lovely, as is everything you touch!

It is so sweet of you to share your mother with us, too. What a lovely lady she was, & she sure did a wonderful job of raising a lovely daughter. I'm sure she is so proud of you.


Penny Stuart

Absolutely LOVE the mirror! Very clever idea and just what I'm looking for, for our bathroom remodel! GORGEOUS! Love your Shabby Chic look, it's what I wish I could accomplish in my bedroom! Great ideas!


You're so resourceful :)

Ursula Clamer

Wow, what great finds I like the teacups on the chandelier! Ux


great cheap tricks, totally love the table. and you would never find any such cheap things here in germany or europe. lucky you!

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