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May 12, 2007


Heather~Pretty Petals

What beautiful memories you have shared with us Karla! I just loved hearing about you and your family...so cute all of your names! I also love how you took a tomato plant instead of flowers, your Dad was probably smiling about that for sure.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day! Heather

Gumbo Lily

The tears were welling up in my eyes as I read your tribute to Mom and Dad. What a blessing and an honor to their memories. I too am missing my mom this Mother's Day, but I have those memories that God gives to refresh the soul.

I loved the pictures and I'm glad you shared your sisters' names -- you must have all starred in Petticoat Junction! (you're a hoot)


You are very blessed Karla. I know you will have a loving mothers day. xoxoxo Clarice

Eva Agnes

Such a sweet tribute to your parents. I loved to see photos of you and your near and deer ones.
Thank you for sharing it.
Love and hugs Eva Agnes


What a touching post; I have tears in my eyes....
I love the picture of your mom looking at you when you were little ~ you can just see the love on her face for her little girl.
My dad was a gardener too. By the way, he wanted to name me Mona Lisa. Seriously.
I know you will be thinking of both your mom and dad tomorrow ~ and I'll think of you.


You are so rich in lovely memories of your parents, thank you for sharing them with us.
I think your iris watercolor is amazingly beautiful and your garden shed and all in your previous post shows your creativity so well. I especially love the bird and the vine around the door. Oh, and the irises on the propane tank was surely an inspired idea!
My heart is with you this Mother's Day. My mom and my grandmothers are gone too. It does bring a different feeling to the day. Now I'm the mom, and the auntie, and my sister has grandchildren. Reminds me of that old hymn, May the Circle Be Unbroken. It just keeps on keepin' on.

Jungle Dream Pagoda

What a lovely tribute!!! Your world is sssooooo beautiful! I swear, I am a closet,shabby chic/pastel lover. However I could NEVER see myself parting with my favorite color red.
I think your blog name is wonderful,I also love alliteration.I'll be visiting often!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

I might have already posted,sometimes I can't tell if comment moderation is on! I love this beautiful tribute and your amazingly beautiful world. I am a closet shabby chic/pastel lover,but I could never part with my beloved red!!!! I think your blog name is wonderful,I love alliteration. Ill be visiting often!


I dont even know where to start. I was so overwhelmed with emotion reading this post. I am SO lucky to still have my mom. She's 85 now. I will be spending tomorrow with her... and certainly wont take that for gantid. I do understand your feeling about your parents ..as I lost my day 20 years ago.. and it seem like yesterday to me. I was the youngest of 7 children, and my dad was 50 when I was born. I had him in my life only 24 years, and miss him now...so much. I'm sending you a big mothers day hug!
As for your artwork... OH MY...you are one talented girl! AMAZING!!!!


ohh I have tears pouring down my face after reading your post. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. I am feeling much the same way you are this weekend. I am thinking about going to the cemetery tomorrow..but unfortunately,, that does not help me..it only makes me sadder. This is wonderful and I am so glad that I found your site!! Have a beautiful Mothers day too! Hey..I love your little babies too...I am a Yorkie mommie too!!


Lovely post! May your mother's day be filled with heart and soul... Thank you for visiting my blog as well! Blessings to you...!


oooh... what a wonderful, wonderful post =) happy mother's day!!! debbie


What lovely storytelling. Both my parents have been gone since 1991, so I'm an orphan too. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband, and my brother lives in town too :)


I miss my Mommy too.
She's in Missouri today while I am in Florida. Your post makes me want to go home!


This was a very touching tribute to your parents and a reminder not to take who we have with us for granted either. Happy Grandmother and Mother's Day!

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