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May 11, 2007



You are so lucky, everywhere you turn there is beauty to admire!! This was a beautiful post.


Oh what a garden shed!!!! Charming. Unique. Precious.

This is not fair! Our garden shed doesn't look like this! -pout- -pout- -pout- ,-)



Karla - you constantly amaze me! I never would think to use an old piece of the garage for an awning! Or to staple the curtains! Or to haul back an old door and then trim it! Or to paint flowers on my propane tank! You are so very talented.


What a wonderful garden shed tour. Beautiful!


You never cease to amaze me! Loved LOVED all the pictures! Love your garden shed, the lace curtains, the little birdie living up in the beam.....
and oh, your propane tank! Can you please come paint our ugly monstrosity?!
Love the old chippy chair too; I have some of those out on our mbr deck (which I currently can't use because of the sweet little robin's nest out there ~ a small sacrifice to enjoy their beauty! :)
Thanks for sharing all the pretty pics! Please keep them coming!

Tongue in Cheek

Wow! What an amzing creative soul you are!
Your shed studio room ...is like a dream come true! Thankyou for sharing.

Eva Agnes

I enjoy so much looking at your pictures and reading your stories about it all.
The shed is beautiful in it's own way. How fun it must have been to mix the colours and then just splash it on everywhere.
I am showing some of my own painted things today. But forgot to write in English about it. Please, forgive me.
Hugs Eva Agnes


Just beautiful, can I move in !!! I love what you did with your glass jars !!!!!!


Karla, yes, I'm the same Stephanie from the Pretty Romantic Homes group (PRH) on eBay. I love your shed! Novel idea using the old door as an awning over the new doorway. Your creativity never ceases to amaze & delight me! Love all your pictures & how well you explain things! Always look forward to your new blogs!



I so enjoy seeing and hearing about your happy home! I love the how spontaneous you are with your decorating--the almost reckless abandon, lol, which I admire and wish I could pull off! It's all so lovely.
Smiles, Karen

karla nathan

Thanks, Stephanie- I think it is cute how all of us with the same taste in decor seem to find each other online out of all the masses out there!


your shed is amazing, charming and beautiful! I can picture myself in a pretty dress and cowboy hat with a big 'ole hat (think Kentucky Derby) having a picnic in there...(hint, hint, lol!) Gorgeous job Karla, it's really cool!


dur, I meant BOOTS, cowboy BOOTS! Even I wouldn't wear 2 hats at once, lol!

Gumbo Lily

Karla, I love the painted iris on the propane tank and the birds and vines around the garden shed. It must be "always spring" where you are.


I miss spring in the midwest!!!
It's always green in Florida with out that suprise of bloom and new growth early in the year.


Some MORE ideas! You are a non stop fountain of ideas lol! The ideas for the shed are great and I plan to use some in mine. Thanks!
Have a good day tomorrow - your last post was great.


love your garden shed and the jars that you decorated for your bathroom!!! very pretty =) debbie


You are my Hero! I can't believe everything you've done, adding Beauty and Charm to the world :)

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