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June 11, 2007



karla - cool idea to add scent to your packages! a reminder of the days when letters were sent with a spritz of perfume. you enhance the glory of your gift giving or orders with your lovely oils, clever! love that pop-up book!!! and those viles....great score! thanks for playing in the crusade :)


Love, love the book and the sparkle silverware, great finds. Lori


Love, love the book and the sparkle silverware, great finds. Lori

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow...whats the odds that one of my favorite blogs would be turning 99 at the same time as me. LOL I love, love, love that book. so pretty. I put lavender sachets in the box that I store my purses in. I love the smell. I'm so glad you have made it to 99 posts along with me...Here's to 99 more!


That's awesome that you dump your silverware in a drawer. For some reason it just made me laugh! I hope I win one of your charms! :D


Ohh great finds Karla. I am soo glad you blog xoxoxo Clarice


Karla, I love the flower book. I love any pop-up book but flowers are special. And BUBBLES IN A DRAWER?? That is just too cool. I've never, ever seen those before!!

I am not a neatnick by any means, more toward the slob side. But I can't dump my silverware. Each piece has it's little section in my drawer. My mother always did the dump thing but she was sooooo busy all the time so she probably felt like you...there was more important things to do!!

I'd love to be the winner of one of your wonderful charms!! Please put my name in the pot!!



Its odd how blogging shapes our worlds isn't it? Congrats on 100 posts. I love your garage sale treasures :)

Gumbo Lily

Love that pop-up book! Glad you're saving it for later so she can use her eyes to enjoy it.

Congratulations on your blog!


I see by your previous post that you had a "blast" with your friends. At our age we need to have fun more often.

I would love to know what oils you have used that go well with each other.

~elaine~ for SoCal

Eva Agnes

Thank you Karla for visiting my page. And yes, the roses are canded. If you go back and click on the photos you can read the recepies which are in English. I cut it out many years ago from an English Country Living or something.
I love your finds today. Especially the bubble cutlery.
Love and hugs
Eva Agnes


Great ways to add scent to things, and that book is adorable! :D


hi Karla - I am visiting you via my bliss sis - such fun here - and the 50's get even better - love your junking stuff and please include me in your drawing - and come visit if you like - I have a creative guessing game on

xox - eb.


What a sweet post... I love your pop up book. Like you I never knew what I was getting into when I started blogging. But whatever it is, I love it. Its like publishing my own magazine...on a blog!!
Keep it up gal,


I love the scented packaging idea! Not only have you made friends you didn't realize you would make - we get to enjoy all of your wonderful art and creations and your reflections!


Oh this post is just fantastic, love the oils, the idea with putting secnts to your envelope and the book looks great either. Thanks for sharing dear. ;)


Hi Karla, Thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations on your 100th post. I have been scenting tissue paper with rose oil to wrap my customer's orders, as I think that it is such a pleasure to receive a scented gift.

I love the rose theme of your post and those pretty hand painted charms.



Ooh! Scents on packaging is a really cool idea! what a nice touch!


I hope to someday win one of these adorable charms of yours! In a scented envelope!! You amaze all my senses!

Angelic Accents

Crafty Green Poet

Love the little charms and scented packaging is wonderful!


What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing.


The only thing better than getting a pretty package in the mail is getting a pretty SCENTED package in the mail!

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