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June 29, 2007



Hi Karla,
Your blog opened up faster for me. I love all your finds, especially the glass jars, can't wait to see what you do with them. Sadly, I am not going to Silver Bella. I had thought about it and told my husband it would be a great big 3-0 birthday gift since my b-day is at the end of Oct. but we have so many house projects and misc. other things that I ultimately decided to save the $. That doesn't happen too often with me! I definitely do think we are often confused for each other but I definitely take it as a compliment!


The blog opens quickly now!! Love those switch plates and pup in a drawer! Carol

shelley davis

Hi Queen Karla,
You should have modeled your crown for us!
Sounds like the trip was fun. It will be interesting to see what you do with the bottles.
Yes the blog is opening faster. I thought it was just my computer!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sweetest Regards,


Blog loaded MUCH MUCH Faster today. I really missed your daily messages during your vacation. Love the pictures of the hotel. Love the treasurers you picked up. You are such a talented and gifted artist!


Whatever you did worked. The blog opened
really fast.


Barbara Burkard

yes definitely sweet old witches...very keen sense you have my dear!

Carol d

Hi Karla, Wish you had stopped by, I live in Springfield, MO on a 370 acre (cattle) farm. Columbia is definitely boring. I haven't been there in years, but I doubt that is has improved! Anyway, your blog was MUCH faster today-I have high speed internet but it didn't seem to help before.


Those pictures were a real find for that price. They are hard to find here, and when I do find them, they tend to cost around 5-6 dollars apiece. Every now and then I find a little one for 3 dollars. I love the "witches". I have a couple of old photos saved with that thought in mind too!
Everything is always so pretty after you've had your brushes out!

m i c h e l l e

You're good if you made those great finds at a mall! Good eye!

And the switchplates are gorgeous...very talented, you are. :-)

Karen Young

Twinkles looks so cute in the beautiful drawer.

Thank you for your comment.



I just discovered your Etsy shop! How come I didn't know that? I love the switch covers and that pic of your little pooch in the drawer is adorable!
Smiles, Karen


I hafta tell my morning readers I told a lie. The t.v. show in question was not Victory Garden but Volunteer Gardener. K?

Tautchia Coleman

Hi, Karla!! Lovely home photos! Seems your blog might have loaded a wee bit faster, but still took a long time for me. And I have DSL. But it is worth the wait. You always have beautiful things here. I live close to St. Louis, so sometime when you are there, perhaps we should get together for some artful meanderings.

Daisy Cottage

Yippee! Your blog opened right away for me Miss Karla! Loved seeing your photos and can't wait for your article to appear in the mag!

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