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June 22, 2007



Ooooeee what good looking sons you have there :) I have 3 myself!
I love that little dresser with roses...and even that mask...it sure is decorative, isn't it? Love what you did with the sheet music too.


I'll buy the mask and the little dresser if you want to sell it too. Sugarwings is so precious!

Natasha Burns

oh your genes are just way too good, thos boys are gorgeous as is the adorable Sugarwings, and you are such a pretty one, even when you are climbing in and out of dumpsters! i can't believe you did that!!!! i am sure sometimes you are like a 19 year old, that is so good that you keep so young!


Everything is gorgeous - including your son! Lol!

Are you busy enough? Holy, it's like you never stop! Everything is great - I love the dresser and the frame.
I'm off to get more treasures too, I just need your initiative to get them done!



Love your toy vanity, so charming !!!! Your Veryyyyy handsome son will find his soul mate, when it is time for him. There is someone perfect for him, it is just no time yet !!! xoxoxox Clarice



I envy your creativity!

Sugarwings is just too cute. I would be hugging her all day long. Both your sons are so handsome. I'm sending out positive thoughts that your son will find the PERFECT lady.



So you're telling me that you're covered in white paint from head to toe, right? LOL! I can NOT believe the bargains you get...and isn't it amazing what a coat of white paint can do? (tho I have to admit, I'm still afraid of that mask!!!) And your beautiful painted roses make everything look gorgeous & special!
Thanx for the tip on the Swarovskis, I use a TON of them...gonna check out my Michaels tomorrow and see if they're on sale in AZ as well!


Karla, I'm so glad you opened a store on etsy! Best of luck to you! But I really want Sugarwings ~ oh heck, I know that'll never happen, how about SparkleS!?!

Wonderful pics of your re-dos! And so funny seeing you in the dumpster! Shoo~weee, tho. I hope you make TONS after diggin' in there for it! :0)

Angelic Accents

Barbara Burkard

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! and the stuff is too! hee hee..i have three daughters...and one is single! woo hooo....lol...i hit the jackpot today rummaging as well! one sale after another had fantabulous stuff! gotta be that taurus thing...hee hee...

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla...you CRACK me up girl!! I am laughing so hard at you in that dumpster!

What a gorgeous family you have...your son will find his princess in time!

LOVE your makeovers! You are making me want to try to paint roses again. I started but kindof quit practicing.


Karen Young

Oh my... Karla you are so talented. I want some of your things, but I just need to set up a paypal acct. Your roses are so beautiful.

Sugarwings is just adorable I love my grandsons to bits, but oh to have a little girl. Maybe someday.

I loved reading about your dumpster diving adventure, I can relate, as my cousin does wondeful things with next to nothing. I must give her your blog address, she would enjoy reading it. You seen so alike. I really miss her. I need to find a new playmate just like the two of you.


Hi Karla,
I just got back from vacation and am catching up on all my favorite blogs. Your son is so handsome! He would be the perfect match for my sister - who is on the quiet and shy side when she is out in public but is one of the sweetest funniest people I know. She is also painfully single - we should hook them up!


Only one teeny comment!!WOW is that son drop dead handsome!!! If I was single and younger?The eyes and haircolor....oh my! Lori

Vicki Chrisman

I miss so much over here at your blog, when I get busy and cant get here everyday. I need to go back and look again to see what I missed.
Your sons are both SO handsome. It must only be his shyness keeping the girls away, because I'm supprised he's not having to beat them off with a stick . lol (as my grandpa would say) lol


Hi Karla, Your son Ryan is a doll. I had to tell you about my doll, my son Kelly. He is also a cutie and also shy and reclusive! He spends ALL OF HIS TIME tinkering with his business or on the computer. It is very hard for him to talk to girls and I worry too when he will find the right girl! Maybe we can form a support group for worried moms! Take care, Carol D


Does your son know you put a picture of him on your blog? Something tells me he would just die if he knew, heehee! Anyway, he's certainly a hottie (such eyes!) and needs to circulate! I have often wondered where all the hot, single guys my age are. Now I know: playing inside on computers and video games! (As I wrote this, an ad for eharmony came on TV. snort!)

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