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June 25, 2007



The little boxes are adorable, but the dorkies are adorabler! (I know, I know, that's not really a word!) And you look great in a bathing suit. Me...I won't even wear shorts, LOL!


Gorgeous matchboxes! Wow!
Just found your blog and I'm loving all of your beautiful photos! Natalea

Karen Young

Karla, you are amazing. The matchboxes are just wonderful and I love the Dorkies.



I am SUPER impressed that you got 5 dogs on that raft and they actually stayed put! You are the matchbox queen my friend!


The dorkies are cu-ute. Do they swim? The treasure boxes are so sweet. Reading your blog really motivates me to be creative. A question, though---You always find the perfect touches for your art, where do you find room to store it all?


Oooh pictures!!

Ok, how fun is that looking on the water there!!

And the matchboxes are putting mine to shaaaaaame! I forgot the glitter!!


The dorkies are a-dork-able!! And yes we all become a tiny bit less camera shy. Notice I said a "tiny" bit. Still want to run and hide from pictures! LOL Lori

Vickie Coonfare

I'm like mom2fur, I don't wear shorts, but you my dear, look fabulous. Love the pictures of the dorkies. Of course I'm partial to Sparkle and Twinkle, hmm, wonder why :D. The boxes are cute. I too, hate to stop at one!


love the matchboxes!
and what fun with your Dorkies! Are any of them swimmers? I can't keep our Daisy out of our pool!

Barbara Burkard





Such beautiful pretties you've made! I really enjoy looking at your creations. They inspire me to look around at my stash and make something beautiful...and sparkly! :D You're a brave soul to post a pic of yourself in a bathing suit, not that you have anything to hide. The dorkies do make an adorable swimsuit "cover-up". They are quite the fashion statement! LOL


Those pink matchboxes are really pretty. Cute puppies and you look like you are having FUN!
Your page always does open slowly for me; but it seems to be the banner that slows it down. It's always worth waiting for though, and I personally don't want to see shorter posts from you; I love Love LOVE all the fabulous pics you show!

Natasha Burns

Hi Karla,
WOw what wonderful boxes you made! I have no idea how you get everything done!
The dorkies are absolutely adorable!!! And you look fab in your bathing suit, nothing to worry about there!!!
Yes your blog is probably the slowest to open out of all the blogs I visit and I don't know why.... i have a fast computer and fast internet connection. Maybe because of the size of your banner, that it is bigger than most? I don't mind waiting though, it's never long, just longer than everyone else's that's all. I always love what I get when it does open, a treasure trove of wonderfulness!!!!


Hi Karla:
Hot match boxes. The little furry babies are the bomb!!!
Love your blog. Yes, it does load slowly and who knows why?
Take care

Debra Schoch

hello, hmm you sound like me there ..i ended up making several matchboxes too...but was because i couldn't decide what to do for you.. anyways will do pictures in the morning before i mail..also i wanted to tell i too have found your blog very slow to load the slowest in fact of all the blogs i hop around in.. i think its your title page ..its too large pixel wise.. so slow to load..try reducing to 400 px and see if that helps..



That's a wonderful picture of you and your
daughter. You look so happy and like you're really having fun. The dorkies are too cute!

When my husband asks me why we need to have something on every wall, I tell him because "more is more". LOL


LOL Yes, I'd say I subscribe to the more is better idea too! Love all your treasures and your little doggies :)

Daisy Cottage

Good morning Karla!
Your blog is still opening VERY slowly for me - but I patiently waited with my first cup of coffee and as always was rewarded with your beautiful photos and fantastic inspiration! Oh how I love your puppy pictures too! Your yard sale finds are fantastic - drooling down here in the south!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I open about five blogs at a time...so I haven't noticed yours being any slower. I usually open five and tell myself that is all I have time for but always end up skipping over to other blogs. I love your long posts and all of your pictures...don't change...I am thinking about getting my extra matchboxes out now too...they were a lot of fun! Yours are adorable! and so are the dorkies and you in your bathing suit...LOL

Kimla Cotropia

Karla, your altered matchboxes are all so dainty and sweet! I love your vintage bunny wallpaper...that is the cutest thing! Your hand-painted bunny looks just as cute! Love your stuff and your blog.

The French Nest


I have just come across your blog and absolutely love it! Your matchboxes are so beautiful and have inspired me to create my own. Thank you for sharing!



Karla I'm so kooky...it was another Karla who said she was out of swaps and needed another one...I got you two confused! I always thought you were Sugarbear...especially since you have little Sugarwings...anyway you are Louise's partner...
I have new respect for matchboxes! I'll never view them the same again...little blank canvases for major happiness!
I always have trouble opening your blog. I think it is the size of the banner. I can help you downsize if you want to experiment.


No, Karla, don't shorten your posts. Perfect just the way they are! I, too, think it is your banner, but I just go get myself another cup of coffee while it's loading. Gives me a "butt" break. LOL


Hi Karla, I do have problems opening your blog. It is extremely slow compared to others, sometimes I just give up. I agree with the swimsuit thing, haven't worn one since I was 26 and even then it wasn't really a swimsuit, more of a "romper" if you know what I mean.


Don't change your posts. I like them just the way they are. They are delightful to read and I haven't had any problem opening them. Wow, those match boxes are fab-u-lous. How is it that such little things can give us such pleasure?


Those matchboxes look like so much fun! So does the lake pictures! Did you all get pulled by the boat in that raft/float/tube??? Looks like fun!


Hi Karla, I was going to mention that your blog is taking a long time to load too, which is unusual. I think you might need to reduce the number of posts that show on your front page and then we can look in the archives for the others.
I love your boxes and all of your recent finds too! You always inspire me.
Thanks for your oomments too.
I really appreciate them!

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Sweet Sweet match boxs... I loved that swap too!

Your yorkies are too cute...our son breeds them too!
You are a brave girl to take them all out on the raft with you!

I also have a hard time with your blog...

Loved all your fun pictures!
HUGZ ~ Dolly ~ From my CHERRY heart


Hi Karla! I am your swap partner for Shabby in the City's bookmark swap! I will need your address (you can email me).

I LOVE your matchbox! And your yorkies are sooooo cute!

Your blog took a long time for me to open. I had a black screen for about 3 minutes, then bit by bit your blog started to appear. =)

karla nathan

thanks to everyone that gave me soem input about the slowness of my blog. I talked to typepad, they suggested either just having an excerpt show and people would have to click on it to read more or see the photos (no way, that wouln't be pretty!!) or to have less posts open at once, to archive more. I am trying that. If that doesn't work, I might need to redo the banner. But I am about ready for a new look anyway, I do like to change things!

THanks again, and please let me know if this thing gets any faster!!!


Things are much faster now, but then I'm on my computer, not my mom's so I'm not sure. Please don't shorten your blogs or your amount of pics. We adore them all. I'm spending all morning reading every blog you posted while I was with Mother. And I almost always HAVE to leave a comment on each one. Just love love LOVE your stuff!

Angelic Accents

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