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June 04, 2007



See, I knew you were a kindred spirit! I would always rather do exactly what you did than clean! I have decided the crafting makes better memories than cleaning. I always figure my kids will be more likely to remember that we had fun than that our house was spotless. I am sure your friends will remember your thoughtfulness much more than some silly cobwebs! After all, we all have those, we do don't we, it's not just me?! Thanks again for playing swap with me, I especially appreciate it after seeing how incrediblely busy you have been!


Wow girl you have been busy. It all looks soo wonderful !!!! Happy Monday Clarice


Everything looks so lovely and pretty. You certainly know how to make a guest feel welcome. I'm sure they will be so enraptured with their gifts, that they won't even notice any cobwebs or dust!


I love all the things you put together! I too am a last minute housekeeper! And then the whole time my guests are there I lament all of the things I would have done If I would have had time,like iron their pillowcases etc. oh well I think you made the right choice again it looks like you have had a swell time! Enjoy your guests!

Vickie Coonfare

There is always time to clean but there's only one chance to make that memory. They will remember your hospitality and you. I dry the leaves and then I do treat them. This time I sprayed glue to adhere to paper. Then I gently used versa mark and ultra thick embossing powder. This way the leaf was sealed on both sides and gave it body. Since natural things are delicate, sealing it helps slow down or stop the decaying process. I've used this to adhere leaves to boxes even. Thanks for asking.


Everything is so special. Your friends and family are indeed lucky!

Elaine from SoCal


Clean...Play....clean...play..... oh honey! You definitely made the right choice! Feed your soul....always! I'm sure your house is just fine...
Beautiful stuff!
Thanks for stopping by! I am looking forward to meeting you at Silverbella! It will be such fun!


What a beautiful combination of treasures.


Oh Karla you have spent so much time doing all these lovely things for your friends.

Don't worry about the house .... uggh ... as Scarlet O hara says ... think about that another day!

Enjoy you day with your friends. I wish I was there:)
best wishes Ginny
(aka - Twinkle Pink - in England)


Okay, here is the plan - I'll come stay at your house in your beautiful guest room, raid your "shed" and receive a beautiful pot full of gifts as well! LOL. Have fun with your friends, don't get caught up in cleaning! A quick dusting and mopping and you should be good to go!

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Oh Karla ... I just drooled on my keyboard!! Lucky friends!

Gumbo Lily

Your guests and family will be thrilled with your treasures. Is there anything more fun than going to the mailbox and finding a parcel?



Your friends won't even notice that you didn't spend hours cleaning! They will be wowed by what treasures you've pulled together for them & will cherish the memories of the time spent with you that they'll remember whenever they look at their sweet gifts! Lovely job!


Thank you! I received my lovely packet yesterday evening. The pictures are fun, the charm is sweet, the sister quote is special, but most of all the bundle of love that was inside touched my heart.

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