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July 18, 2007


michelle ward

karla - this post is packed with beautiful visuals! love that you got inspired to join in the mail crusade....wonderful offerings that will spread love across the miles. thanks for playing! AND - that anagylpta was a real score. i'm sure i said this before....i wanna shop with you!


So many fabulous things in this post! Total eye candy. thanks for entering my giveaway and I'd love to be entered in yours!! :)


Lot's of eye candy. The art dolls are fun!


your dog is so cute it looks like its saying check out the hat on the other dorkie glad its not me. love the challenge stuff wouldn't mind some for myself


I don't want to just come shop with you...I want to come live in your studio and just soak up your creativity. I hope that didn't sound as weird as it looks, LOL.

Great, great stuff as always. You amaze me!


Beautiful doll hat, Twinks must not realize how stunning she (he ??) looks :-) Clarice


Oh my, what a TOTALLY inspiring post! I love beautiful doll hats! I can't decide which one I like best --- both are perfect! And your spa table is so inviting and pretty. I have a feeling your mind is always working on some great idea or project! Oh, to be so talented! Great job and thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!

:) LaTeaDah

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

oh what fun! I wish I could go with you to Beths. You two must have a great time!

Beth Leintz

I'm going to love the collage pack- and I think I want more than a letter from the school for the feeble minded- I want a diploma!


hi karla !! i have bookmarked your blog !! love all your vintage goodies - the hat is so wonderful! see you at the bella ,

Penny Stuart

Love your doll, she is absolutely beautiful. Your dog is too cute for words! I LOVE your spray painted envies, I must know about the flower stencil!? Did you make it? It's gorgeous! So happy to see you were inspired to join....I am so happy that your entry brought me to see your blog! It's GORGEOUS!

Linda C

Love the collage pack! Very inspiring. And your spa day looks like fun too!


Oh my, what to say? Another wonderful post with beuuuuuutiful pictures! You are so creative. I love how you whip up those roses on everything.

The table is so Lovely!

The "new mother" is certainly lucky.


María Elena

Estoy encantada con tu blog,los muebles,collages,hadas,rosas,todo me fascina. Mientras más leo tu blog, no hayo la hora de comenzar un collage para mi casa.



I am also going to do the mail art challenge with Michelle Ward by envelopes I am doing in swap bot. I am getting one of Beths envelopes and I would LOVE one of yours too!



I love that textured wallpaper border you painted on!
I'm like you, I'll set up a table days in advance just because it's so fun. Your table looks so pretty with all the varied colors and things on display.

Karen Young


You do inspire me. I'm sorry I missed out on your envelopes, It would have been nice to have one.

the art doll hats are just beautiful. Both yours and your sisters are so lovely


Amy Carver

Am I entirely too late for one of the envelopes? :( Well I still enjoyed your blog. I love the party hats, what a novel idea. That would be a cute idea for little girls tea partys make some glam. party hats like that for all the little girls, im pictureing big feather boas and little plastic high heals with rhinstones galore! ....Lovely...

Julie G. Baxley


You're doll hats are so chic, and I love the fact the button came from your 99 year old aunt, that really touched my heart, makes it a little more special! Aren't those handkerchiefs beautiful in the teacaups; great table. I would love that fabulous collage package, if I'm not to late for your drawing!

Cheers, Julie


Fun stuff! Love the doll hats! So interesting to see the different take on the same photo. The Dorkies don't know what they are missing!


Ohh look at all of those pretties!! Even if she has everything, I am sure she will be delighted with everything you gave her! And those dolls, fantastic jobs ladies!! Enter me in for the cottage giveaway!!


Your Yorkies are just the cutest. I'm still laughing at that pitiful face with the crown. And your doll! Oh, my. Just lovely.


Oh these envelopes are great and the dolls are just fabulous, would love to get something from you. ;-)


I thought you were kidding about the letter from the School for the Feebleminded until I took a closer look at the photo. Do you find old correspondence anywhere other than antique stores? I really envy your stash, but I'm slowly working on my own. Please enter me in your July contest. Thanks.


I most definately need the "School for the Feeble Minded" document. You have the magic touch to find such wonderful stuuuff. Remember how I had to drag you screaming to antique shows & shops?! Now you love it...


I most definately need the "School for the Feeble Minded" document. You have the magic touch to find such wonderful stuuuff. Remember how I had to drag you screaming to antique shows & shops?! Now you love it...


Sorry for the double post - my computer (and me)are so crazy. Will the double posts count as double entries for your give-a-way?


One more thing - thank you so much for the lovely art doll hat. Milla is so beautiful!


Well holy guacamole! The doll is so precious!! And I think I can safely say that you AND Beth both have the best stuff everrrrrrr.
Were you serious about deer eating dogs? That is so gross...


What wonderful finds you have and all the great collage pieces. Count me in!


All this wonderful eye candy to look at, just awesome! Love the way you did your envelopes (that's how I found you, Michelle Wards streetteam blog), your doll's are gorgeous (ooowww that poor little doggie *lol*).


wow - lovin all this - I am about to launch my mail art crusade - yours certainly inspired me

xox - eb.


What a beautiful table setting. I do the same thing, decorate a day or two early just so I can enjoy it longer!

Angelic Accents

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