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July 25, 2007


Amy Carver

once again I am going to go on and on about you...haha...you are a godsend. After reading your last e-mail I started working on a painting of myself with my surroundings that I love . My b/f and son said that I had to spend time with them tonight and NO PAINTING so I suppose I will show you a finished product tomorrow! If it turns out good enouph I will be able to use it as my logo. thank you thank you thank you.

Dawn Albracht

Cant' wait to see your tutorial. I just love your roses. Thanks


I think your cute "Dorkie" was looking up at you with such love and confusion..."why are you spraying this water al over ME?" Your pedicure was not damaged! : )

With Kindness,


O.K That was funny although the doggy probably did not have the last laugh!!! Grand roses!! Lori

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla... how funny..your poor little dorkie!

I love your table you made...gorgeous!!! and those beautiful wallpapers in your last post oh my! I am on my way to your etsy right now to get me some...lol



Poor cute doggy! I'm looking forward to your tutorial on furniture painting. Please tell us about glazes and the steps you take to finish a piece from start to finish.


Flea Market Queen

I love the table do-over! The sheet music & roses...so very chic indeed!


Lol! She just wanted a white coat too!!
Speaking of white paint, do you own stock in it? Lol!
I love the sheet music table with the roses!!!


Poor Twinks - are you forgiven yet?



I love the table and oh the poor puppy! He/She? is so sweet! I just came back from buying some of your medallion wallpaper. Love it! Your books that you painted are amazing. Very clever... Thx for sharing..



I want a shirt like that! And a table like that...that one took my breath! Oh, and a dorkie like that!

Karen Young

That table is beautiful. Poor Twinks, and she was trying so hard to help. :)

The little goodies are in the mail and flying your way.


sheri leseberg

hey... i like your dorkies... and im glad your gonna try debras challenge picture... it was fun...
you've totally inspired me to paint some ugly wallpaper peices i found at a garage sale... i wanted to do somthing with them.... so im gonna paint! and if you ever wanna do a marie swap let ME know! i loved that theme!
have a good day, and its ok to get paint all over you , thats how people know what you do!


Love the table and I can't wait to see it finished!

Amy Carver

hey hey! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y103/amycarver3/Picture049.jpg
>>Thats my,"hey...I actually got it look."


LOL! Uh, puppies and power tools don't mix. But paint and puppies is kind of funny :)


Love the table and Twinks - she is tiny isn't she! Can't wait to see the finished table. Thanks for your kind comments.


Ohh Karal, I really, really love that table. You are soo talented !!! Poor twinks !!!! Love Clarice


I've been waiting to see what you'd do with the table. It's beautiful. My local Hirshfields paint store suggested oil-based primer and paint, but I find that even after a year it's still a little tacky. What kind of paint do you use?


Poor Twinkles! She doesn't look good with white hair, lol! Yep, I believe well over half of Dorkies is made up of hair! Can't wait to see your projects when you're all done...you're so smart to whitewash a whole bunch of stuff at once, I'm usually not that smart/organized, lol!


Oh, I bet Twinkles had so much fun painting with you. The table is absolutely beautiful!


What a cute little Dorkie! I laughed out loud at the painted pup. Great to find your blog -- thanks for your comment on mine. I'll be visiting here often -- I feel inspiration flowing through the computer screen. (Swoosh)


That is the greatest table and poor little twinkle!!!


I adore that table with the sheet music and flowers - just gorgeous!!!! Did you ever get all the paint off the pup?? LOL


LOL... even with paint on him he's cute! Funny how when you wash them there's practically nothing left hihi.. What a Dorkie! Same here! when we are painting something around the house our dog always just wanders off somewere. By the time she has to come in she has paint everywhere including on her whiskers and the tip of her tail... Then she'll give you that 'What? Did I do something wrong? Nooooooo'-face...

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Ahhhh Karla ... I really get envious when I see all of the gorgeous things you make! What a darling rocking horse treasure you have made for Sugarwing's birthday - you are the best Grandma! And you washed the white paint off of Twink when you could have added your beautiful roses and changed "Dorkie" to an artform! I can just envision it now ... gold curliques and pink roses!


Your table with the music and the painted roses is stunning! You make the coolest stuff..... Love looking at your blog.


Wow, OMG Twinks is just so cute!

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