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August 11, 2007



I was sooooo hoping that you would find time to post. Oh my, you look beautiful! And, your nails are done!!! Whoohoo!

It must be so much fun having a sister. Girl friends are nice, but with a sister you share family memories.

Your sister's guest room is lovely and you seem to be having so much fun with the swap.



what a fun time, and such great treasures in those swaps!


That guest room is so beautiful! I want those quilts! I love the way the present box's were decorated, all so pretty thanks for sharing all your gorgeous gifts in photos with us!


Wow, you are surrounded by creative people. Hope you have a great visit!


Oh joy all around! I know you are having a blast...that is a great picture of you trying to pry that box open!

Amy Carver

yay! you're back! I missed your blogging. You are very pretty.I really love your neclace and your outfit. HOw much fun! Looks like you are having a blast. Can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies!

***really really really hopeing I win this time!!***

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Karla,
Looks like all had fun, fun, fun. Wow, what a fabulous guest room your sister has. The ballerina is so sweet, the gift boxes are terrific, and the doll crowns spectacular. I am rather new at blogging and am thrilled to have found your site! I will be a regular visitor, you can count on that. Have fun with your family,

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh fun! I want a sister! You both are cuties and both so talented!

Carol d

Gosh Karla, you sure clean up good! Just kidding, it's such a surprise to see a good picture of you. Have fun!


What kind of water based top coat do you use? My collages are always somewhat tacky, especially in humid conditions. Thank you, Kris

Bethany Hissong

I think it's so neat that you two share the same interests! I love the guest room too! I have two sisters and we always have so much fun the rare times we get to be together!!!

Carol at Tatters Sewing

You are such an inspiration! You are always so creative. Your blog is one of the first I look at daily. You always have some new idea!!Wow! Love the box! Great decoration. Oh, the painting furniture instructions were great. Thanks!

Flea Market Queen

I want to stay in that room! So lovely...
I am admiring all the sweet goodies, so fun!

Amy P

Now that's some kind of vacation! I'd love to be a guest there too :)

Michelle Cummings

Wow! You scored! I especially love the vintage halloween goodies!

Karen Young

Great swap...what fun. It sounds and looks like you are having a wonderful time with your sister.

A embellished gift bag swap would be fantastic.

It was great you got some time to post



Aaaaa-right! My chances just doubled! So glad you are having fun, sisters are the best! I feel bad my daughter won't have that. Not bad enough to be pregnant again...


What a pretty room! You & sis look like you are having a blast!

Hop on over to my blog when you get back ~ I posted something for you there!

Angelic Accents

jessi nagy

wow, when can i move in???
how lovey!
jessi nagy



You add so much joy to any picture; no wonder your creations are so delightful!!! Infusion of Joy is what you are : )


Sure looks like you are having a fabulous time! It's got to be wonderful to have family and friends who are kindred art-spirits. Lots of great pretties to enjoy! Loving your blog...


What fun you are having!! Your temporary room is wonderful and all the goodies..WOW!! Have fun!!


Karla, I was thinking about you this weekend being your in Indiana where I live. I wanted to say how lucky you are to have a sister to visit! I miss mine so much and she lived about 2 hours North of Indy! Savor every moment with her, I wish I could mine, but have such fond memories of her! I like sis's guest room bunchs! And Karla, very neat top and jewelry you had one! Take care, see you soon, Lori


Hello Karla! So nice to be back visiting your blog! What a delightful guest room! And what fun to have a sister to share your love of crafting and art with! My mom and her sister call each other "Sissy" all the time. (I only have one brother, but my Mom and I are like sisters!)

Barbara Burkard

i could feel the excitement! looks like you had a spectacular time! love the hats!


Hi Karla,
I call my sister Sissy as well. She calls me Sugar Bear - hence my blog name! Love that top you are wearing! Looks like you are having a lot of fun and the guest room is so perfect. I would be interested in your swap.


Karla, I love that shirt you're wearing! Pretty!
And what a pretty bedroom! xo natalea


Wow! I wanted to step into that guest room--it gave me some great ideas for the room I am redoing as my guest room/craft room! Have a lovely day! :)


Got my little package...thank you! Love my "P" :)


Super sweet music-score collage box! Beautiful! Sure looks like you're having a ton of fun!

Karin (creativechaos)

Looks like so much fun! Love all the fairy cards!!



Love the treasures you are showing with your visit to IN. You guys look like you are having so much fun. Enjoy!


Steph W

From one Indiana gal (Bloomington) to another (well, a visitor, I should say) - yes, it's HUMID! It recently took 2 weeks for some paint to try!

So lovely, these things you are sharing.


What lovely things! And a beautiful guest room too! Sisters are great, I have two. Your swap idea sounds like fun, count me in! xo, suzy


What an uterly gorgeous guestroom and pretty selfmade pressies! You have a fabulous sister Karla! I can imagine how much you have enjoyed your vacation there!
Hugs Carol xox

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