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August 08, 2007



what cool chairs. you did a beautiful job. Please enter me in the contest to win those yummy goodies!



Seeing the sequence of your photos was amazing! Now, I want to try painting and distressing something. I just have to push myself to try.

Thanks, elaine


wow, this is amazingly beautiful! Such intricate and detailed work! Thank you for sharing! I would also like to enter your drawing and I have a giveaway on my blog too.


All I can saw is - WOW! Those chairs look fantastic! I've been working on aging some walls and I've learned that it's not as easy as it looks.


This is just amazing! I'll have to restrain myself not to have a go at every piece of wooden furniture in the house!!!
I'd love to enter the draw if you don't mind sending to the UK.
I'll carry on hopping all day, what a brillaint party!!!

Tracy Rizzo

Love the chairs-I am about to refaishion a wicker sofa found in the trash! Thanks for the inspiration-

Eva Birdthistle

Thank you so much for such detailed instructions! I am trully inspired and have a book case at hoem that needs altering :-)


omg.. those chairs are stunning!!...
thanks so much for sharing...

Connie from Aust...xxxx

Kathleen Grace

Great tutorial Karla! I paint furniture all the time but still gleaned some great tips that I will use on the next project. Happy Anniversary! Mine is Aug. 9th and it will be 27 years! As always drop y name in the hat for the goodies:>) Have a great visit with your sis.


I did learn some things! Wait for each layer to dry...okay. I think my kitchen walls want this technique on them. Now to peel off the wallpaper...
Have a nice trip be careful in the heat!


Even with the step-by-step pictures, I'm still amazed by the chairs in the last photo! Thank you for another detailed and beautiful post! -- Kathryn


Have a great time on your trip. Those chairs are so awesome! Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.


Wow, the chairs look amazing. Thanks for sharing!


That is a gorgeous chair! Thanks for the great detailed tutorial. I have always said I wanted to do something like that, just never gotten around to it. Maybe I need to go find me some grungy ol' furniture *grin*

shelley davis

Wow Karla,
You have out done yourself on this wonderful tutorial! A tremendous amount of work and time went into the work and photographing I am sure. You make everything look so easy.
Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful family reunion!


love your tutorial, that was awesome. Thanks for partying and sharing your artfulness.

Laura Bray

I don't which I enjoyed more, the pictures or the tutorial! Beautiful work!


So that is how you do it! Stunning! Have fun at the reunion - I know everyone will want a copy of your painting!


How wonderful: both the tutorial and the final product. You are right...I have some pieces I'm scared to paint, but what good is it if they just sit in the garage? Thanks!!


Karla, thank you what a wonderful tutorial on how to paint furniture. I have not really done much of this but you inspire me. have a yummy day. love Clarice

karen benson

This is a wonderful tutorial!!! I love your painted furniture! Please enter me in the contest for all those fun art goodies! karen

Natasha Burns

Karla you never cease to amaze me!!! Wonderful job!

Mrs G

...and to imagine that I think I'm pretty Hot Stuff when I just whip out the can of spray paint! LOL

Karin (creativechaos)

Karla....LOVE your work as usual. Beautiful!!!


What a great tutorial. I have a small table/stand that needs something and I think I will try this. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. Wish you lived closer I'd be at your house begging for help. Have fun at your reunion and happy annivesary. I'd love to win this month!!!


Faaaaabulous!!! Thank you so much! I learned alot from this... like the whole "you don't have to strip to bare wood" part. I didn't know you could do that!!!
I think I might be able to try a headboard now :)

Kathryn Johnson

Very beautiful. It's so much fun to "rescue" old pieces and breathe new life into them. Thanks for sharing!



Thanks for all the really helpful info. I love to paint furniture. If it stays still long enough it gets painted. I'm going to try mixing the shades next time. Good tip.

Bethany Hissong

I hope I caught you before you leave.... Have a great trip!!! and your tutorial on painting chairs is really great! You could teach classes locally (maybe you already do??) I wanted to say yesterday (but forgot) that I love your wedding picture...you both look so happy and you look beautiful! You'll have to celebrate late. I think that's what we're doing this year also (it's 15 for us on Sept. 5). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your Cottage Collage Kit! I have never been good at doing things like that, so I'm very impressed with your talents.. Did I say LOVE?!!!!!


Wonderful tutorial! I have always wondered how to get that lovely aged look over the painted furniture. This was great.


Wonderful tutorial! I have always wondered how to get that lovely aged look over the painted furniture. This was great.

liz elayne

what a fantastic tutorial! those chairs are gorgeous....wow! and your puppy is super cute...

happy artful blogging party to you!


Beautiful Chair, thank you for the great painting tips!


What an amazing job, and so easy to create. I have always been too much of a whimp to tackle a painting project like that, but now with the help of your tutorial I think I might just try it out!! Enter me in that lovely contest too!!


wonderful painted chairs...fab tutorial...want to see more...blessings, rebecca


Wow! I'm in awe. Great tips and step-by-step instructions. I *might* have to give it a whirl. THANK YOU!

Julie G. Baxley

Wow Karla, you made that look easy! What fabulous chairs!! And that stash of collage giveaway goodies; yeah, please put me in your drawing!


Wow You can come paint any and all of my furniture. Thanks. Please enter me in your give away


Wow! Your whole blog is eyecandy, not just hte chairs! I'm in love with the chairs. I really need to attempt this on some that I have. Thanks for the tutorial and the gorgeous pictures!

I've joined the Artful Blogger Party too (as you can see on my blog!)

Please enter me in your contest. Thanks!

Amy Carver

ah ha. I have heard you mention rub-n-buff numerouse times. I have wondered what the heck it was. Now I need to have some. I asked at walmart they had no clue what I was talking about. Your chairs are emaculent. Don't you just love takeing junk and turning it into art.
It scared me a little to see you sand over your pretty roses. But, it did look really good.

Lovely lovely "howto parties"

Amy Carver

Sheesh, have you seen how many people commented on this tuturial. Here, I thought I was your biggest fan. Apparently I have a little compititon. Anyway, I forgot to tell you to have fun. Have a safe trip and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. ta ta

Raised In Cotton


How amazing and creative you are!!!! Just beautiful and Thank You for showing us how!!!

Jessica Canham

Your chair is just stunning! Thanks for all the close-up shots of the roses, it was very interesting to see how you paint them. I'll remember your tips if I ever paint something! Now those old chairs are worth plenty. :)

Michelle Cummings

This Art ful blogging is the best! I'm learning soooo many new things! Thanks for your craft idea!

I LOVE it!


Wow, what a great project. Now I just need to get my son to move out so I can redo his room as a "pretty" guest room!


You always do and have interesting things going on!!!
What fun
Thank you

Jennie Outterson

Love your blog. Beautiful painting. Please enter me in for the wonderful goodies!

Linda SS

Beautiful chairs and what a great tutorial! Thanks for showing me how it's done & please give me an entry into your drawing:)


I just loved reading your tutorial and process of how you painted the chairs. You're right, if noone want the chairs why not give them "new life?" Count me in to win! :) Great party by the way...

María Elena

Thanks. It's a worderful tutorial. I wish you a happy anniversary and a great vacation.


THANK YOU! I bought a sander and want to redo my dining room chairs (thus the sander) but just haven't started and now I have a great article to guide me!


What a great tutorial! I have always wondered how your roses turn out so lovely, and the whole piece was just amazing! Have a fun trip!


Your roses are beuatiful and so well made - I'm impressed and inspired! Thank you for sharing so many photos in this tutorial!

I'd love to win so count me in!


Just found your blog - what a wonderful tutorial! Beautiful, beautiful chairs!


Yea for Vic linking me to this glorious place! WOW! Please enter me in your drawing... oh, and I would SO rather have a peice of your art than mine! LOL


WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You are so talented! LOVE these chairs!


joining in the party---love the furniture painting tips! great inspiration!


The chairs are amazing! And your tutorial is great, too! It almost makes me think that I could do something like that!
However, I think I'll stick to paper and cloth for now. Wood/furniture may come later.
Thanks for sharing your creative talent!


Lovely tutorial! Happy anniversary too!

fyi: I have awarded you the Thoughtful Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details! Have a great day!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Great tutorial, Karla. I have loved that chair since it first appeared on your blog. Beautiful!

Fran M

Enjoyed the tutorial - please enter me in the contest - these goodies look gorgeous.

the Feathered Nest

What a wonderful tutorial and the chairs look fantastic.


Kelly Boettcher

Wow! Gorgeous chairs! I love the painted roses and the distressing, I wish I was brave enough to try something like that...


I love the chairs!!! Someday I will have time for some bigger projects like that!!!

Flea Market Queen

Oh my...the chairs are gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing...love them!


Your chairs are just STUNNING!! I'm so glad I discovered your blog through the party - it's so beautiful! I added you to my blogroll so I can stop by often :)

Thanks so much for this awesome step by step tutorial, and with such great photos! I've never painted furniture, but this really makes me want to try! I had a question ..I wasn't sure what you meant by poly/stain mix. Is that a type of colored varnish one can buy off the shelf?

Thanks again for the awesome tutorial!

sheri leseberg

woah ... ok you hve like 66 comments here so you might not get this one but i nominated you for the thinking bloggers award here http://blendedcolors.blogspot.com/2007/08/tag-your-it.html ... you never cease to amaze me with all the creative things you paint!


Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. I am enjoying my trip, and hope to get answers to everyone when I get home! I want to visit all the other's tutorials on Kari's site too.

And yes, the poly/stain is a combination product bought directly from the shelves as is. I use a dark walnut usually.


Great tutorial and I love the results. The chairs are gorgeous. You are very talented!
Please enter me in your draw for a try at one of your kits. Your blog is so inspiring.


In love w/ your talent!!! I've learned so much perusing your blog (not to mention the eye candy!). Enjoy your reunion.

Theresa Meyer

Great tutorial. I picked up a magazine rack at a tag sale - I'm going to try painting it!

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Karla, it is always so nice when people show the step by step instructions along with picture. I might not be able to do what you do but at least I am beginning to understand the steps and one day I will give it a try too!

Your chairs are so beautiful!!

Amy P

I've been traveling too and just now getting to all the party festivities! Your work is gorgeous! I so wish I could paint. I can do the sponge painting part the roses are out of my realm lol! TFS and I'll be back!

Karen Young

Wonderful tutorial. It almost makes me think I can do it. Might just give it a try



Great post! That collage kit looks great!


Jennie Outterson

Your work is just amazing. Great step by step tutorial. Love distressing things but don't think I could do what you do.


great tutorial Karla...there's still NO WAY I could do that tho, lol!


You give a great tutorial, Karla! Those chairs went from yucky to yummy!! Just beautiful!

Angelic Accents


HI Karla

well i have read allmost al of your blogs,
What beautifull stuff you make, its really incredibal, what you make..

I got some lovely idea's to make for my girlfriends, thank you for that.

Im am an Dutchwoman haha , age 34 and i have to make my first swap...so i was surfing on the internet en find you blog..

So far but so near....you blog is on my favorite's on the computer!

Have a nice day..


Caby from HOlland( the netherlands) Vlaardingen!

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