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August 04, 2007



Your giveaway is amazing! So pleased that you got to visit that darling little house before they demolished it and so wonderful that you have the talent to be able to give your family a little memory with the picture you are planning. The lilacs are gorgeous.

Karen Young

Your watercolor of lilacs is beautiful. Between your lovely photos and paintings, plus your interesting prose, you could write a book or even publish a zine on creative ideas.



Hi Karla:
What an awesome adventure to your Dad's home. No light? I cannot imagine.
The lilacs are too cool. My Mom (99) has lilac bushes outside her home that I grew up in and I remember the fragrance coming into my bedroom windows. So neat.
Take care

Flea Market Queen

How fun to visit your old house...I would so love to do the same! I have driven by a few times while in the area but people live there and I could never ask them for a peek!
Your giveaway is fantastic...

Mrs G

I'm just sitting here grinning at the photo of the light stealers...the light that wasn't even there when your dad was there...oh well...

love the lilacs...and from your previous post...I love the name "Grammy"...in fact, that is what I call myself for my son & his fiance's cats...


How fun visiting the house...I would have broken in too!!! I love the lilacs they are so very beautiful. Your July giveaway was amazing. I can hardly wait to see what all you gather for your August giveway.


OH nothing would stop me from reclaiming a piece of the family home like you did! That is sweet of you to give everyone a painting of it. They should very much appreciate that. I wish I could paint like you! So fast with the lilacs you really turn out some amazing stuff in a very short time!


I too am an adventurous person and would have done the same. I love to stop at old houses and take pics.


What a great adventure! I love the picture. Your July giveaway was awesome-please include me in your August one and please pick my name...LOL

Maria Elena

It is very nice to see the lot of things in the giveawway of July!

lorraine rose

oh my, you can paint lilacs as pretty as you paint roses!

Natasha Burns

Karla you crack me up every time! If you aren't jumping into big bins then you are breaking into homes and photographing the evidence! LOL~
I have so much catching up to do with your prolific blog posts, so sorry I haven't been visiting regularly, it's just a bit chaotic at home now with us all sick (groan! this is a pain!)
I am loving your lilac painting. Sure wish I knew how to paint with watercolours and you are so wonderfully talented at it. Loving the dog painting in your last post too.... so beautiful. You have such boundless talent! Thank you also for your sweet gift in the mail today and for thinking of me! xo
PS. YAy well done on learning how to do hyperlinks!


You are too much! I agree - what is the harm in having a look around if its been vacant and about to be demolished! Sorry that the light wasn't original! Congrats on learning how to link!


Hi Karla,

Love the story on your Dad's house. It's great you got the photos when you did. I have a picture of my grandmother's house that I treasure. Too funny about the light!


Amy Carver

haha, that picture of you "breaking and entering" is classic. I like that. I Love old houses like that. The painting of lilacs I also love. I have this crazy passion for outlines on paintings and drawings. I always outline everything I paint for some reason. I noticed I still have another post of your that I havn't read...going to read it now, tata.


love the pic of you breaking & entering, lol! Even tho the fixture wasn't actually in the house when your dad lived there, it's the thought that counts, right?


I love that picture! Nothing like documenting your crime! And you should definitely do more watercolors, they are fabulous!


How funny! Sounds like something I would do. Love how the pic of your daddy's home turned out. You continually amaze me!

Angelic Accents

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