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August 04, 2007



It took me awhile to catch up on all your wonderful posts!
I would never have thought to add banana to garden sauce. I bet that adds the perfect amount of sweetness.
I love the thought of you and Sugarwings shoutin' at the fan.
There are so many great things and ideas to see here. Thanks for all the time you take to create such wonderful posts.


Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice comments that you made. I have linked to you if that is OK!
Your work is really lovely...I am off to read some more of your posts.
take care,
Alison x


I loved to do my "8 things" list as well. I think it is a nice way to share more of ourselves to people. :)
Have a great weekend!


It is 5:15 AM and I am sitting at my computer entranced with your blog!! Just beautiful. Your sauce looks delicious- banana peppers, huh? I may have to try that one.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. It's so nice to have company!


I'm so laughing at you and Sugarwings hollering into the fan!
I can't believe you got that box of old photos for $5...that was a steal.


Love that painting you did!! Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

kkarla nathan

Oh, I meant BANANA PEPPERS AND GREEN PEPPERS in case I wasn't clear!!!


Beautiful photos...I so love old black and white photos from a bygone era..



You gave me a good morning chuckle with your post about the gift bag. You are such a cool person. You're so down-to-earth and practical. I like that. Are you as relaxed as you appear to be? You make everything seem so easy.


Jessica Canham

Ah yes, I can remember many the happy hours my sisters and I spent hollering and singing into the big fan in the living room!! LOL! I love how kids are entertained by the simplest of things. They don't need expensive toys, just boxes, pans, spoons, and fans!

Your painting of the doggie is amazing. I love all the detail and your cousin will be SO touched!


That was so fun to read, Karla. I'm very hungry after reading your recipe. I cook a lot like you do--no recipe unless necessary. I'm definitely going to pull out my crock pot and try this~love the thought of using banana peppers.

Your portrait of your Yorkie is wonderful. Sugarwings is always too adorable for words! Talking in to the fan~what pure fun!



Your luck at finding stuff like the box of old photos for $5 is unbelievable. Who sells stuff like that? I'm jealous. I love seeing what my husband would call your "dead mice". When I bring home garage sale stuff and show my husband the purchases I'm so proud of, he says I'm like a cat that proudly displays its dead mice on the front step for it's owner to see. Get it? Your photos are your "dead mice".

Bethany Hissong

Thanks Karla! I'm flattered!!! (I was hoping you'd go in there and get that drawing ;)
I loved reading your 8 things!!! Have a good Sunday!


Holy WoW, Karla! What a sweet find! A whole box of vintage photos for only $5!!! So cool!

Amy Carver

yay! I hope you liked your lil thank you thingy I bought you. haha, thats so funny when you wrote grandmama I read it as a real drawn out country accent. well my son calls me mama


I am so jealous of that box of picures I can hardly stand it!

Lolly Busey

That box of vintage pics is just amazing! I have been enjoying your blogs (as well as many other artful bloggers!) for some time. I am just in the process of setting up my blog and am also just starting to get my craftiness back on, after many years of not producing. I am so inspired by all of you amazing artists in the blog world! I'd love to be entered in your August give-away!

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