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September 03, 2007


Sweet Remembrance

How sweet is baby Katie? She is soo precious!
So glad you enjoyed your day...


You just have such a wonderful,steady stream of great stuff, that is why I love visiting you! Wish I knew more about your book, I just think it is pretty! What a fun day!

Elaine L.


I had a feeling you were at the lake this weekend.

The picture of Katie put a joyous smile on my face. She is such a precious flower!

I love the way you painted that brass fixture white with the umber glaze. Seeing how you paint metallic things white, causes me to look at the potential of items at the thrift store, particularly some of the old marked up silver pieces. The mirror was a really cool idea.

I would love to paint roses the way that you do. Maybe you could photograph a little tutorial of the steps you use to create one.

I have no clue about the book. Maybe you should do some research before you decide what to do. The illustrations are quite beautiful. If you frame them be sure to use archival paper and glass.

You are so fortunate to be able to live near the water in the summer. I envy you that! Sounds like you had another wonderful day.



Karla - the book you have is the Dangerous Liaisons, in French. It was originally published in the 1700s but yours is from probably around the 1930s. Most good condition copies are selling online for around $40. Check out these links that show the exact same copy:



You can also type this into Google: "Les Liaisons Dangereuses Editions Nilsson"

Enjoy it! I read the French version of the book in college for a French literature class - puts the American movie to shame as far as its raciness. LOL


Here is another link showing the book sells for $65 and was published in 1928, as your inscription would indicate.


britt-sparkled vintage charm

Katie is a cutie! The projects you worked on look great! :-)

Sweet Remembrance

You have been tagged for the name game so please go to my blog and check it out. Thanks so much! Have a lovely day.

Sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

You have so many pretties... the prettiest of all is that sweet baby!

Steph W

I love it when I find old books with personal inscriptoins on them. I think that is worth framing, alone! Enjoy your finds!


Katie is a cutie! I LOVE that heart bucket of your hp ROSES!! The mirror is so pretty, too. And you just can't beat your Rose medallions on that anagalyptic wallpaper!

That book sure looks interesting. Why don't you call the library & see if they can point you in the right direction to learn more about it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were worth thousands!!!!!

Did you get my email with my address?

Glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend. We shopped for wedding!

Angelic Accents


Since from the comments, it sounds like the book isn't a rarity, I would say to do anything with it that you want...and when you do, please post photos.

Paula Kay

love the adorable, delicate paper wedding dress! perfect for us scrapbookers... lol
i want to order one for our cousin, Marlene, who is already buying items to scrapbook her son, Andy's upcoming wedding. the colors are white & black with a splash of red... let me know the damage & where to mail it. this will be an extra special addition to the memories....

Paula Kay

love all of the teapots, cups & saucers! i have my own collection of teapots. let me know if you have no takers on the water color of grandma smith's teapot. it looks similar to one my m-i-l gave to me, that was HER mother's. congrats on the upcoming article - we are all so proud of you. i will rush to the bookstore & then tell everyone there, that my ultra-imaginative & very talented cousin is in it!! blessings & fairy dust to you all.



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