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September 26, 2007



Lovely dress!


Hello Karla, your dress is sooooooo lovely! Shall we dance!!!

Leslie M

Hi Karla! Love this dress too, and all the other loverlies you've posted!

Linda R.

Your gown is divine! Maybe you can wear it to Silver Bella also? I'll pack mine, too. Well, some of the girls are calling my name.....I think they are going to do the limbo....too much magic punch, I think!


What a fun party that was! I would love to have a Christmas party! I like my Christmas things most of all! What a pretty dress, have to party hopping again today. And stop advertising you Sept giveaway, I want to win and you are hurting my odds!(kidding!-sort of). Thanks again for hosting!



I know,I'm late for party,but I'll be glad you visit my house and add it to the list.the party was great idea.nice to meet you:)

Junie Moon

I thoroughly enjoyed your "Romantic Country- what do you LOVE about your home?" party. I learned a lot and have fresh new inspirations to incorporate in my own home. Thank you so much!


What beauuuuutiful dress

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Karla, Your party was so fun yesterday. I saw so many beautiful homes. It almost makes up for not finding that magazine yet. I've been to all of my favorite magazine places. dang it! I'd love to do this again at Christmas!
Your blue gown is probably my favorite dress of the ones you have made so far!


Your gown is divine!! I love all your dress creations!
Ive had fun at the ball! so much dancing!!

Carol d

Ok, did I miss you mentioning it or not? Did your photographers actually show up when you thought they would??

Loved all the pretty pictures and links for your party!!


That water color leaf is AMAZING! Congrats to the winners!


Karla, it was so much fun yesterday! And I got to "visit" with so many people. My husband couldn't believe how many people around the world participated! (Just give a woman an idea and she can change the world!!!). I would love to do a holiday party because I actually do decorate a lot more. Your muffins sounded delicious! Would you post the recipe? (if you have time)
For some reason I was just thinking this morning that one of your beautiful paper gowns would look really pretty framed in my pink guest bathroom! (It's the only room that I'm allowed all pastels and girly things!!!). Thanks for yesterday!!!


Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party Karla! It was SO much fun!!

And your blue ballgown is exquisite!!


The dress is just adorable! and your blog too!


Thank you so much for hosting this soirée. I got more ideas in one afternoon for embellishing my home than I would have in 6 months just looking at magazines. I can't wait until the holiday party. I love Christmas and everything about it! Thanks again and now I have a new friend!



Oh and one more thing...How do I sign up for the giveaway?



Hi Karla.....it's always such a pleasure to visit your blog! You've been a busy, busy, busy little beaver! I love all your ball gowns and your house is a treasure. The house party is a great idea. Maybe I can participate next time :).

Art Tea Life

BEeeautiful DRESS !

and the yummy party goodies. You really got me with all of the describing them that way....oh my gosh....I am starving now. Love the idea of using the applesauce to health them up !

The Watercolor is truly gorgeous and you paint very well.

Love, S.


Holy SilverBella Batman!!!!
Love your ball gown.
When you get to Omaha, we will have to reminisce (sp?)about our wonderful Ball experiences!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

congrats! Can't wait to see the article!
Always love all your photos.

britt-sparkled vintage charm

yum! the muffins sound soo good!!
the dress is adorable!!

britt-sparkled vintage charm

yum! the muffins sound soo good!!
the dress is adorable!!


It's a beautiful gown for the ball! I've never been here before, and it seems like I've been missing out, so will be looking around for a bit-great blog!



wow! What a turnout! I didnt post because I dont have a romantic corner in my house! But I see some people just put their favourite spots in their house. I went to the ball today too, but yesterday I put up some pics close to my house that I like - does that count? lol.

Now, get some sleep!


Jessica (jessrose21)

I think a Christmas party sounds like a great idea! It was fun to get so many new readers and visit their blogs in turn. I'm still going through the party guest list finding inspiration and beauty wherever I go! Thanks for being a great hostess. :)

carol m

Beautiful dress for dance in the moonlight. Dance and swirl. What a beautiful site, too.
Carol M


Karla, your dress is lovely and the muffins sound yummy and i would have used the cream cheese frosting, yum!!

Elaine L.

Your party was a hit!

Those muffins look yummy. I bet you made up the recipe.


Elaine L.

Your party was a hit!

Those muffins look yummy. I bet you made up the recipe.


Elaine L.

Your party was a hit!

Those muffins look yummy. I bet you made up the recipe.


Elaine L.

Your party was a hit!

Those muffins look yummy. I bet you made up the recipe.


Pinkie Denise

I love your dress. Glad you could join us for the ball. Thanks for all the other treats too.


Karla, what a great party! Both the one in "blogland" and the one you had at home.

I would be thrilled about the "what you love about your Holiday Home" party...yes, I would!

Always so much fun to visit, the best is really sugarwings.:) (I really want grandbabies of my own!)

Sweet Remembrance

Karla...your gown is fabulous! Love it...
Have a wonderful time dancing under the moonlight!


Love your blog! New favorite! I especially loved the watercolor leaf (exquisite) and the idea to paint your refrigerator. WOW. Brilliant!


I had a lot of fun and would love to do a christmas tour, too!! Count me in!


I had a lot of fun and would love to do a christmas tour, too!! Count me in!


I had a lot of fun and would love to do a christmas tour, too!! Count me in!


Beautiful dress!


Thank you Karla, for the great party, and I manage to make it right on my blog, I even added some more pictures:) See you soon!

Jennifer Froh

Hi Karla,
I just got home from the "#1 Christmas Decorators Warehouse in Texas".. spend over $450! YIKES! So YES, count me in for the "What do you LOVE about your Holiday Home?" party. After today's shopping trip, my holiday home will need as much exposure as it can get! LOL!!!!


Looking at pictures of your family at Karla's Cottage reminded me that: one of the things I love about my home are albums with family photos showing celebrations at Oak Rise Cottage over the years!


hi karla! i'm still dancing!!! i took a break to have one of those mmmmm/mm/healthy tasty muffins!
your dress is absolutely delightful! it is a pleasure to meet you!]

elsa in germany

Dayami Lauzurique

Hi Karla,
Thank you so much for adding me to your "Romantic Country-What do you love about your home" party.
I am looking foward to the Christmas party. Christmas is a HUGE deal in my home, you'll see ;)


looks like i missed the ball! thank goodness it's the type of event you can go back to and still enjoy (must tell myself to get my work done first!)

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