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September 29, 2007


Natasha Burns

you are just way too funny!!!!! love learning all about you and am constantly amazed at your ability to just get things done, and done so beautifully!


Wow, now that was a packed post! I don't know what to comment on first! Love the new products,going to have to get me some. And what you made with them, you girls always make beautiful things. I had a little car like that for my little girl and they make the best strollers! I wish I had thought to paint it though because it is soooo cute now! And the weird things--wow! High school, homeless, broken neck and more! No wonder you are such a fascinating person!


that's one cute car and I love what you and Beth made xo


great to learn a little more about you! love all the sparkles on every project!


The reason you paint so fast, is because you were born with natural talent. Most people have to take classes and learn how to paint over years... not you! It just flows out of you, no matter what medium you are using!


I wish I had a pink convertible. You crack me up, which is why I keep coming back! Your art is sooo beautiful, too.

Anne F.

Your convertible is so cute for the little one. I will have to remember what you did for it and maybe one day I can do the same with my little girl's. I love the fact that you love sparkly things too. So awesome are all your projects. Thanks for sharing.


I wish I lived near you because you are so much fun and I think your attitude towards everything from creating art to living life in general is wonderful--I would love for that to rub off on me!!! Your life is such a good example for young people who think that circumstances beyond their control will continue to dictate their futures! My last year in high school was terrible when my parents divorced and my mom moved away --my whole world turned upside down,...but luckily I realized that I had my own goals in life and I focused on that instead. After heartbreak and tough times, I am so thankful for my own family now and even more so for each of my friends...including you Karla!!! xoxo~ Bethany

LiLi M.

Hi Karla, oooh you're not only very entertaining but inspiring too. I love these labels!! Today I discovered your 'what do you like about your home'party. I feel sorry that I have missed it. Last Tuesday I started my blog. But...as everything is possible in blogland I just turned back time in my blog. Thanks for inspiration.
Can I join the Christmas in your home- party already? ;-))


The card collages are beautiful. I just started doing them for the first time last week and have reallllly been enjoying it. Used to live down I-70 from you. Go K-State! :)

Kathleen Grace

Thanks for the tips on must have glittery stuff. Always good to find new things through others experiences! Love your 7 weird things, although painting your living every couple months!? I thought I was bad at every couple years! LOL, you must love the smell of fresh paint as much as I do. If it isnt too late enter me in your drawing for Sept!

Ruth Welter

Hi karla, thanks for your visit to my blog. I love the projects you crafted at your friends house. Wish I had someone like that near me to get together with. Someone that shares my same interests. You are lucky to have such a friend.

Alison Gibbs

Hi Karla what a huge post. Love all the tags and bits and pieces you and Beth made. What agreat pink convertable. Was fun reading your 7 Things!


Great post! I just love those tags you make!
p.s. still not sure exactly what a stickles is??? :)

María Elena

You write and paint very fast. And I only made the blog without introduction yet.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Hi Karla!!! I absolutly love your sweet fairy girls new ride!! lol ONLY YOU would do that!!! hehe What a lucky girl to have such a hip grandma!

I am glad you liked your goodies I sent... LOVE how you used the blue wallpaper and it looks so pretty with the fine lines of sparkles. I leave little dishes of that sparkly glitter here and there in my house...my favorite is how it looks at night. It really does sparkle like diamonds and until you see it you don't realize! lol I am all sold out of it right now :( Will be getting more in soon but thank you for mentioning!!

I can't belive that about your little dog and and the tie die!!! WOW! Really amazing!!!

xo Heather

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

I am trying to figure out what is a stickles???


Well Karla, that was very interesting!!
Th suggestion for the October prize is, I like most anything you would like to give me. HA.


haha I am glad its not just me that has no clue what stickles is. Very lovely things you made. I love glitter too so I love seeing all this glitter. And the convertible car turned out great!

The tiedie is spooky but wow!


I just love that sweet little pink car! How lucky any little lady would be to tour in such a fine chariot! I am in love with your decorating style, that little table in the bathroom and the sheet music...wow! Huge wow!



I don't even know where to begin to comment! So much in this post! Love the pink car - you really think of everything! Your home transformation is amazing! Is it quite a pain to put on an addition or what? I LOVE the jelly roll pens as well as Heather's silver glitter!

Michelle E.~Vintage Pastiche

Now this is a post you can sink your teeth into! :) WOW!!

LOVE sugarwings' new ride, she's stylin' I'm glad she's feeling better :)

I'm loving the colors of the vintage wallpapers you're using, very nice.

I really enjoy seeing how your 800 sf has turned into 5,000 I'm hopeful our 1,500 will expand someday :)

Thanks for sharing the mural, it's wonderful and WOW! TWO days???

I'm with everyone else what is a "stickles"?


Elaine L.

Jeez louise, loooooooong post! LOL

I think you need to paint some fairies on Sugarwing's car, don't you?

I love those blue tags. I think they are my favorite, so far, of those that you have made.

I'm so happy that you posted the picture of your house. Now, I have a much better perspective of it's arrangement. Holly Mollie, no wonder you have so much room for all that furniture that you paint and plenty of wall space to hang things. I'm jealous!
Wow! Endless decorating opportunities.

You truly are an interesting person and so much fun!



I love this post! Everything in it was darling. From Sugarwings to her new stroller to your wallpaper and fun facts. I think that you should offer someone a dip in your tub for October. I'm still enthralled with your bathroom. Does that mean I'm weird??



Oh Karla,You are so precious to do your sweeties car in pink with glitter!! How precious of you! You don't do Monte Carlos do you??LOL have a sparkely week! Love, Lori


Love the glittery convertible for Sugar Wings. I'm sure she's loving life in that! Love all your weird facts about yourself. You do beautiful murals! I've got my shopping list ready!



What a fabulous day! Great fun with Beth, but "bestest" fun with SugarWings, I'll bet!
Love the car... BTW, I'm running to Michael's for one of those glue pens. Just the ticket (or label....)

Paula Kay

My husband speaks some French & I had him look at your lovely signs, he suggested: (Father Christmas = Pere Noel) might also try (for the children = Pour Les Enfants)or (Happy Family = Famille Heureuse)



Karla, I love what a wonderful grandma you are. Even in all your creative busyness, you still make sugarwings a priority. I love that. Love Clarice
PS love the new look

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