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September 14, 2007


María Elena

I hope to load some photos that day.

michelle fitzgerald

OH, I am so glad your treats got there and you like them! Feel free to coat that little bird in your hand with glitter, she might really like it! Excited for the party!


I wish we lived closer so we could have a watercolor & crafting party! =)


I have a small curtain just like that in your breezeway!! Mine is hanging on the little side windows by our front door!
(Goodwill :)
Love your pictures, as always.....

Karen Young

Loved the peeks through your house and I downloaded the button. Great tussie on parade. BTW...what glue do you use on the tussies?


Jessica (jessrose21)

Great eye candy today, as usual! I can't wait to see your Christmas photoshoot. My question is, are you going to take it all down again, or just leave it up until Christmas day? ;) I'd be tempted to just leave it...but I have a feeling you won't!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla, your home is gorgeous and that sink!! WOW! So pretty.

I look forward to seeing all of the lovely homes... I will definatly join in the party!Maybe it will give me the motivation to get that paint can out I have been putting off so I can do my bedroom up for the occasion.

xoxo Heather


I like the table turned vanity that your son made for you. My guys turned an old piece of furniture into a vanity for our bathroom sink too. Only our's sits on top, rather than recessed. It's added a lot of interest to our small bathroom.
Your tussie mussies turned out very nice.


Oh Karla, your bathroom sink/table is beautiful! I need your son here. He does sooo many pretty & nice things for you! Beautiful table you painted in your living room & I really like the drapery treatment. Such a fun fairy tree! I'd love to help you decorate for the photo shoot!!

Those tussie mussies are so pretty ~ the one with the sparkly bluebird is my fav (partly because it SPARKLES & partly because of our last name!) Get it? I think Beth made something for me with some of that same black/white wallpaper on it behind the oval blue!! LOVE IT!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my bridal tea today!

Angelic Accents

Flea Market Queen

Karla...thanks for sharing your favorite parts of your home! So lovely...
I love it all!


Whoa! Good gracious! YOU haaave been up to your eyeballs in glitter-daciousness! And it all looks so fantastic too!


I always check your blog! I just LOVE it! Good luck decorating! I'm sure you'll do a great job!


Can I just show photos of your home? I love it!!


Karla, to say your talent is awesome is an understatement! Love your work, especially the murals and that beautiful watercolor teapot hiding in your closet. Love the entry way colors too.



Karla, to say your talent is awesome is an understatement! Love your work, especially the murals and that beautiful watercolor teapot hiding in your closet. Love the entry way colors too.



Karla, you are so talented, I love everything you do! Love your home, it's beautiful.



shelley davis

Hi Karla,
Congratulations on your article. I can hardly wait to get the magazine.
I haven't commented in a while, been busy.
I want you to know that I still love checking out daily what you have posted. You are like my daily soap (if I watched one). Can't miss it. Your blog is truly pure pleasure.
Sweetest regards,

Michelle E.~Vintage Pastiche

Karla~ I am officailly in LOVE with you and your blog *in a non stalker kind of way ;) * You are so talented! I am in awe looking over the publication links WOW!!

Thank you for the faux finishes business tips, thank you for taking time out to give me a few pointers.



Hey I like the idea with the peat pots! I had some tumble out of my closet today and I thought...now what can I do with these?
I can't wait to show my home photos (you've already seen...)

Elaine L.

Karla, I wanted to let you know that I received the lovely tag you made for me with the roses. It's just beautiful! For, now, I think I'll let it dangle from the knob on my lamp next to my bed, so I can enjoy seeing it each day.

I love the pictures of your home. I bet the apple green in the entry is wonderful in the winter!

That end table is lovely.



Love your post, Karla. Glittering everything in sight sounds like a very good plan! Love the little cake toppers!



Ok, it's official, I'm hooked on your blog, and in record time! Love, love love, how you've used the wallpaper, and just about everything else that I've seen so far!

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