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September 20, 2007



Love it all!!
I didn't get a chance to look for the magazine today, but I'll be out and about tomorrow and will look for it for sure!

Joy Bayer

Your cottage is wonderful. Your life and family reminds me of mine. What's not normal about a last minute dinner for a dozen or two?? My friend at A thing for roses.blogspot Lisa told me about your blog. Crazy enough my house is also going to be in Romantic Country on the 25th.. These are the pictures that were from 2 Christmases ago. Too bad since last Chrismas was much better.. I was in Country Almanac Summer 2006. I can't believe what a dork I sound like in the articles. (Maybe I am?) Hope you have a minute to read my blog I'm new at the blog world, so beware. antiejoy.blogspot.com I have seen many of your articles before and I am looking forward to the new one..
Great job!


Oh how I love LeeLee's bed and ceiling!!! I love the way the bed is at an angle and the light is coming from the other room. She will love that jingly bed I know.


I totally agree... a house isn't a home unless there are loved ones in it!!! The daybead looks so beautiful. Those letters are great. I remember seeing them now in the catalog last year. You were smart to wait for the sale! I also love turkey roasts on the grill. I got a good marinade recipe from our central market-- email me if you want it and I'll copy it for you!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Love your home pics!!

p.s.- I got my wallpaper pack! Thank you so much Karla...that was so sweet of you to do. I am trying to get yours in the mail by the end of the weekend..running so behind!I added a little surprise in there for you too! xo

Kelley ~ JunqueyGal

Swoon - the baby's room is unbelievable... can't wait to chk out the rest of your site - gorgeous!!!


Your house is so fun, and it's easy to see the love that drifts over everything. Will have to look for the mag.Looking forward to chatting with you at Silver Bella. Carol R.


It is always such a pleasure looking at the photos of your beautiful home and art!! Love that artful jingly bed! What a special cherished treasure it will be for her!

Finally got my banner button up for your fabulous Romantic Country party. Now .. off to take some photos :)


Karla, I'm looking forward to getting myself a copy of Romantic Country! I just hope I find it! Do you know it's release date? Congrats on having your pretty home featured! xo natalea


Aw the kids are so cute! Love the first picture. Your dogs are so cute too. I love yorkshire terriers. Our neighbours used to own one and we babysat it so much we half owned it too. Hehe.

Cool decorations as always. Love your glittered birdies. Birds are a common part of Norwegian christmas decoration. I never knew quiet why.

I believe people always will be happy where love is and where they are welcommend:) I love when people can just come for unespected visits and then stay. Its so wonderful. Hope you have a great weekend!

María Elena

I love my home too, and I choose each thing that I incorporate. I don't know if my home is romantic or rustic, but for my husband it is useful for to live.


Talk about some serious eye candy! And I'm afraid if I show my little girl your blog pictures of Sugarwings room at her gramma's, she'll want me to replicate the entire room for her! heehee

Karen Young

I love what you have done to Sugarwings room. Lovely...



Oh, what a terrific grandma you are, lucky sugarwings! Christmas is just getting so pretty at your house! I just might have to have a ballerina ornament for my daughter when she does the nutcracket this year for the first time!


Precious profile of Sugarwings & Twinkle!!

Love all those pretty decorations & Sugarwing's room is just a little bit of fairy-heaven right here on Earth! Love those metal letters on the daybed, too.

Can't wait for the party!

Angelic Accents


Your collage ornaments are just wonderful!

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