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September 08, 2007



Love the fairies !!!

Jessica (jessrose21)

You would make a splendid fairy queen! I went to a Renaissance Fair once and it is so fun. The best parts were the costumes, hands down. I always wanted to wear the big hoopskirts, but they're just so expensive! Sugarwings's little costume is so sweet and your dorkies just crack me up! Glad you're getting back to your old self; sickness is no fun.


Your Highness Future Fairy Queen Karla:
I can't wait to see the bird in your hair for next year!!!
Sugar Wings is my favorite faerie of all!!!
Although sparkle is a close second !!!
Glad you are feeling better

Sweet Remembrance

Karla...how fun! I have never been to a Renaissance Fair. Love all the costumes and wings...

Elaine L.

Oh, how fun! We have a similar event, here, in Southern Calif.




patty van dorin

Loved seeing the R. Fair pics and definately a bird in the hair is a must. What cute puppy wings even if she wasn't up for it.

Karen Young

What fun. I just love it all, the fairies, beautiful costumes, the head dresses, just everything.



Oh Karla, you would make a perfect fairy queen !!!!! Clarice

Alison Gibbs

What fun you had at the renaissance fair. Sugarwings looks so sweet in her little costume.


RenFaires are so much fun! Our local one is on now and also runs for about 8 weekends. You definitely have more fairies at your faire (ours has more wenches and witches). =O


I found it!


You *are* in Kansas City - how funny! We're going to RenFest next weekend! Your little faerie is simply adorable - makes me wish I had a little girl. ;)

María Elena

That activity is very funny!


Oh, what fun! You would be a darling fairy queen! You would out-fairy the fairies! Love sparkles wings and your hair,you are right though,birds would be fun! Oh, what a fun post!


Yes... I can see you as a fairy queen!!! Your Renaissance Faire looks so much more creative than ours! I love the costumes! And Sparkle just fits right in. I'm so glad you were feeling better and could go.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Oh how cute!!! YES you must put the bird in your hair next year...that will be divine!! I can SOOO see you joining the RenFest party as a fairy queen!!!

Sugarwings looks adorable as usual and so does your sweet dorkie.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Beautiful pictures! Grandbaby is adorable and your sweet little dog! I can see why she got all the attention!


how fun!!! Sugarwings looks just adorable and the doggie? cute cute cute!!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That looked like a really fun Ren Fair. We have one here and I missed it this year. Sugar Wings makes an adorable little Ren Fairy!


What a fun time and what great costumes and narrative! I want to be one of those faeries!!!!


Hi Karla,

How much fun you had at that fair?!! The baby was so sweet in her little outfit and what can I say about your sweet little dog? My dog would have ripped those wings off in a heartbeat. Glad you're feeling better. That flu is a nasty one!

Have a wonderful day


Oh, what fun! Sugarwings and Sparkle look so cute. Our renn faire in next month & I will either dress as a fairy or a witch depending on the weather. Wish you could be here to go with us & you could wear a bird in your hair.


I can so see you as the fairy queen! I have to say - when I saw your first photo of Sparkle in the stroller - I thought you had one of those dog strollers! I personally, never quite understood buying a stroller specifically for your dog (unless they are very old or handicapped I guess). It looks like everyone had a blast - you should have posted a photo of your husband with the stroller anyway!

Michelle E.~Vintage Pastiche

Karla~ HOW ADORABLE is your Grandbaby??? OMG!! I would just eat her up!! I love the pictures! What a great time at the renie fair, the colors are beautiful. :)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love yours and I am going to put you on my Blog dessert menu ;)


Meadow Street

Oh how fun. My daughter has a few pairs of pixie wings, maybe we can fly over there.


But I want to be the fairy Queen! she's too cool! it's either that or the big flowered hats! Personally I have 2 pairs of wings but sadly didn't get to go to ren again! "sniff" anyway, just wanted to note you! Love your stuff!


karla, What a magical time! I'm glad you got well to go! Those are the most precious pictures I've seen in a long time!! I'd feel like a kid in a candy shop oohing and awing at all the fairies and those cute buildings!! Lori


Looks like such a fun day, Karla. Yep, we could be the pink fairies with silver hair someday!! Those two colors look great together!! Sugarwings is adorable as usual! Glad Sparkle had fun, too. We have a Renaissance Fair in Waxahachie, TX each spring. Not sure that we have elephants, tho!!!

Angelic Accents

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