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September 04, 2007



What a lovely gift for a collector of wedding things! Your paper doll dresses are getting bigger and better, like ours are! I think I would be Ruby with Gina's frill at the bottom of my dress! Your Sugar Wings is such a dainty doll, and yes she sure does look like her Daddy.
Have a happy day - Rachael

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

OH my goodness does your girl look like her Daddy! That is amazing!

Love your buckets! SO cute with little sugarwings and the hose. looks like something going on in my house!

xo Heather


Okay, today I think my favorite is the wedding dress paper doll, what great ideas you have! You were the winner of my little swap. Email my your address if you don't mind and I will pop your little surprise in the mail. I was thinking a blue bird might be more your color? What do you think?Blue or red?

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Your grand baby is adorable! love that name too! I love the wedding theme gift - just beautiful! That dress is LOVELY! I've been seeing them all over the place, but that one "takes the cake!" I can't wait to see what you do with the Christmas ornament dresses - I need some inspiration! Love your tags too! the bluebird one is precious!

Carol d

If you hadn't said that was your son, I would have thought it was Sugarwings! They are both dolls,(although I am partial to Ryan)!

Amy Carver

uhg, I didn't win last months contest*sigh*. oh my,sugar wings and her daddy are VERY simular almost twin like. my son and his father are identical as well.

Beth Leintz

Wow they do look alike- but at least part of it is they have the same haircut, and Adam has glitter in his hair! You've hardly changed either- except of course for your hair color!
Love the wedding dress paper doll dress and the Elaine's rose tag.

A Fanciful Twist

Sugarwings and twinkle??? Does it get any better??? Oh, just like daddy indeed!!! Love all the creativity!! Cheers to listing this with sawdust on them!!!! hee heee....xoxoxo

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my gosh, Karla! How much good stuff can you put in one post!? I love the buckets, the tags, the wedding dress is awesome. My paper doll dress came today and I love it!! You are "over the top talented". Thank you!

...and I definitely see the resemblance between daddy and daughter.


You really outdid yourself with this post. Busy busy busy. Your grandbaby and son do look so much alike, I couldn't tell the difference. I love all the things you've done, the buckets are fantastic and the dress is awesome. So disappointed I didn't win last month but there is always this month!!

Elaine L.


I am speechless, the tag with the roses is beautiful! The wedding dress is gorgeous. Such perfect proportions.

Sugarwings sure does look like her daddy!

Grandparents are definitely for fun. I remember when my daughter used to say that grandpa was more fun to play with than any kid. Now, the great grands call and ask grandma if they can come over to play.



Did Grandmama get wet, too? I just love Sugarwings & Twinkle, wet or dry!! Such fun it looks like y'all had! And yes, she & her daddy look sooo very much alike.

Love Elaine's gift & the pretty tags you made.

I'm absolutely speechless at the time & thought you put into my prize, Karla! It is just the "bestest" EVER, my dear friend! I'm even gonna let daughter decide what she wants first!! Your items are just grand & I am so honored to have won them!

Hugs & Love,
Angelic Accents


Hey I have a question, my friend Tiffany who is at loveboxes.blogspot paints these lovely boxes and she has had a glitter paint called elf dust that they have discontinued. Is diamond glaze a glitter paint? I have been trying to help solve this problem as I love glitter on my boxes she gives me! If it is where do you buy it? Thanks!


I love the wedding dress. Sugarwings and Twinkie look so cute all hosed down.


You look so much like Mom when she was young in the picture of you & Adam! The bride's dress is adorable.


karla, yep Sugarwings and her dad really look alot alike! Oh that Stephanie!! You did a tremendous job for her!! Now If I win I can I have a duplicate!!!!! Look the bridal gown! Friday when I get to Michael's I am getting paper to make doll clothes all weekend, then you'll be my judge how I did O.K.? See you, Lori

María Elena

The wedding dress is beautiful. You were inspired in your dress?


No doubt who Sugarwings belongs to!!!
She looks so mature in that first picture.
Love the wedding dress!

Sharon M.

Oh my gosh, I love that paper wedding dress and the darling June bride--I was a June bride 34 years ago! Please enter my name in your drawing! That precious grandbaby looks JUST like her Daddy! Have a lovely day!


Hee hee... I loved your post: "watering Twinkle"! And she does look so much like her Daddy!! You get so much done in a day that it makes my head spin! I really wanted one of your kits like you sent to Somerset...I was too slow in ordering before my trip and they were gone! I like your wedding dresses too!!! Quite appropriate for my day today!


Karla, Stephanie will love all the wedding things. They are beautiful. Sugarwings does look like daddy! What fun she is having at
Grandma's. I love being a grandma too. Twinkle doesn't look as happy being wet!!
Love your work, Karla, just beautiful.


Oh my goodness, you both DO look exactly alike!!!

Love the paper gown too :)


First off....you are SO TALENTED....I just love to read your blogs and see all of your yummy creations! Sounds like a fun day with your adorable Sugarwings! What a wonderful relationship you have with the little one! How lucky you both are!

Thriftin' Gal a/k/a Feathers

Gorgeous tags! And Twinkle is such a little sweetie! :)


Wow, your son & Sugarwings look exactly alike! Amazing! Cute idea to do a paper doll dress tree...I'm sure you'll be showing pix of yours on your blog soon, lol!

Karen Young

Great eye candy Karla, and I love your little garden helper. She is so good at watering, and if it's as hot as it is here I'm sure twinkle enjoyed his watering as well.


Debra Schoch

hello, received my paper doll dress and fairy tags.. just love them all!!bunny drees is on display in my bunny cabinet..witchy dress is up too!! and totally love the plastic Halloween silverware! The page with the pumpkin and moon poem was the best!!


Your son and granddaughter look very similar. It's amazing how family do look alike. My son look a lot like my sister's son when he was his age. It's hard to tell them apart on some pictures.

Love the tags/bookmarks. Beautiful like all of your creations!


Karla, I am (back) on diet mode at the moment, and I think the gorgeous white dress would make a good inspirational fridge decoration. You know, like the old trick of sticking a picture of a supermodel on your fridge for you to look at every time you open it. I like the paper dresses and their inspirational figures much better!
Have a great day.


Hi Karla,

So glad you stopped by. Yes, I'm Heather's Mom. It's wonderful blogging with all of you. It sometimes seems like you get to know people so much quicker this way! Love your wedding items. I especially love your grandbaby. She's so sweet. Thx for sharing!



The wedding paper dress is so pretty!

The similarity between your granddaughter & her dad is amazing! Paternity is definately not an issue!


what wonderful goodies you've found!! your grandbaby is adorable....


Everything is so delightful. And the vintage wedding things are beyond adorable.


I would love some goodies from you !!!!
Love the wedding stuff!

Amy P

Who wouldn't want to enter! Such lovely work. I really admire how you can care for Sugarwings AND be so creatively crafty. I am not so good at doing both! Very jealous :)


What beautiful angels... and your little sugarwings... just hearing that name gave me such delight! Your art is just so lovely, I especially love those wedding dresses!!!! Thank you Karla, for bringing so much joy to so many people... XO

jamie skolnik

I just found your Most beautiful Blog and your work is Amazing. I am so Happy to have stopped in. I am book marking and plan to be back often...Nice to meet you, Jamie

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