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September 17, 2007



I love looking at your pictures and am glad I am not the only one who procrastinates :)
My craft room is looking like a bomb hit it LOL - and I am running out of space to hide new stuff that I found at the thrift store today.
I have a question for you if you don't mind - when you go to paint a knick knack shelf or other piece of furniture, do you put a layer of primer on it first and paint over.
I have a shelf I want to redo - I want to use some rubber stamps and color in with my prismacolor pencils (I have done a cigar box using gesso as my base and it worked great)
I am not sure if the prismas would work over a paint primer.
What would you recomend?

Sweet Remembrance

Karla...wish I lived near you! I would help you get ready for the shoot & I could lose myself in your wonderful magical world!


I was going to offer to drive over and put my two cents in! You wouldn't make me scrub the potties would you?
Where can I get a granddaughter?!!!!


Your Photos are Amazing!!! I Love Everything and all the Sparkle...


Thanks girlie !


Karla, do you know I often literally gasp outloud when I see your photos? Like the shabby Christmas ones you shared today! I cannot describe how beautiful that is!!
Oh, the procrastinating thing -- I do that ALL the time. How much more fun to decorate and "tweak" than to clean and organize.
Guess what?!!!!!! My lovely paper pack came today!! ooooooooooooooo, it's beautiful, and I must go play with it now!
Thanks so much!


Yep, I'm a procrastinator from waaay back! Think I've perfected it by now. I'm reading blogs instead of working on the wedding today! I know, bad me!! But you are partly to blame, too, for posting such pretty pics!

Hop over to my blog as it is about YOU & your party!!

Angelic Accents

Amy P

I can't wait to see your finished pictures. Your cottage looks so fun!


Oh! I can't get over that adorable pink bootie with the flowers in it!!! Sooooooo cute :)

michelle fitzgerald

I didn't think it could get better, but it did!


Do you know what I love the most? The curtain rod in Sugarwing's room! I love that branch with the pretty sheer curtain. I'm such a kid at heart--I'd just love her whole room!!!


Surely that's not the gorgeous studio you had set up as a dining room for the family reunion??? And is that a lot of paper dolly dresses dangling off Sugarwings Xmas Tree? The guest room looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more.
Happy Days - Rachaelxo


Karla, what fun! Love all your things, messy or not.:) sending you some fairies right now to help with the decorating.

ps. is there anything cuter than sugarwing??

Cheryl Dack

Oh my goodness...I'm a bit out of breath from all the GASPING I've been doing at all the pinky loveliness!!! And a PHOTO SHOOT! I need to read back a ways, I guess, since it's been too long since I've visited here. What a visual treat you've given us, Karla. I'll read on for more...
Cheryl :)


Oh Karla:
How charming!!!
I wish you would adopt me : )
Take care


How exciting! You photos have brought me much joy this morning. Can't wait to see the end product.


I am a procrastinator also, I say I do my best work under pressure. I believe I inherited it from my mom, she is the Queen of procrastination. I love your pictures though, you have a beutiful home. Are you doing a photo shoot for a magazine or what?? You have some very cute ideas for chrismas decorating.

Natasha Burns

Karla I would never have picked you for a procrastinator! You get so much done in a day, i am always amazed!!!


These gorgeous photos make me want to make absolutely ALL of my Christmas decorations this year? But will Ihave the time I wonder... I hope so! =)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

It sounds like fun to decorate for Christmas now, but it also looks like a lot of work! Your rooms are as always beautiful!!

Kathleen Grace

Beautiful pictures to start getting us in the mood for the holidays! My grandma had a tinsel tree too, I wonder where it is? At my mom's house somewhere I think. I am enjoying seeing the displays you come up with, hope I will see the fuinished photos!

María Elena

I like me your decor changes. I've begun to make it in my house.

Karen Young

What fun, I have just read your last two posts and the pictures are fantastic. I just love Sugarwings Christmas tree.



Karla, I found your blog through Carole at scoundrelsandrougues and I love all the romantic things I see, but I have never attempted to try---I'm more of a mish mash of things I like to see, so there's not much romanace to show. I love all your rooms and your shop is wonderful.

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