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September 24, 2007


Jennifer Froh

LOL! Well your ballgowns are absolutely gorgeous anyways.. even if they're premature :)

I have my post for "What I love about my home" already to publish at 12:01am tomorrow morning.. so add me to your list! Can you tell I'm very excited!???

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Karla, your ball gowns are adorable. Better early to the ball than not at all! Your home is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see and share tomorrow.

Leslie M

Beautiful gowns, Karla! You look lovely in the one you chose to wear. Love your home too.


Well EB said "around" Wednesday the 26th so I guess you are on time! Love your dresses. I need to take some pix of mine today and try to tidy up a spot I love in my home. I DO NOT love the messes but I love having a place for my little family. Your pictures have been truly inspirational. Thank you.


Karla, I'm looking forward to tomorrow~ i'll be joining the fun!
xo natalea


Love those beautiful dresses! the bathroom vanity is beautiful! You did a wonderful job, so pretty.


Sharon M.

Your dresses are beautiful and I can hear the orchestra playing...

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Hi Karla! SO excited about your party and I am on a mission to get that RC magazine tonight from the store.

I have to tell you that I LOVE your bedroom and bathroom. You know I love the rest of your house too, but I just love the color scheme of your bedroom...it is so soothing and relaxing and really is so what I am drawn to in decorating. Just so pretty! I love how you painted the appliques to look like barbola a little...love it all!

Love your little gowns... better to be early than late to the party anyhow!

xoxo Heather


Hi Karla:
Please adopt me. Everything is beautiful!!!
Thank you for sharing


Hi Karla, I am leaving a post on my blog to join in your party!

Thanks, have a great day,
Katrina :).


You are such a party girl, lucky you getting to party longer than anyone else!

Its the 25th here today, so what to do, do I post my romantic corners today or do I post tomorrow when its the 25th on your side of the world??


I am enjoying seeing all this pitcures of your house. The paper dresses are lovely. I would wear the light blue one if I was fairy sized:) Kind off glad I am not though, although it must be fun to be able to be fairy size once in a while. That I would like.

I do have a blog but I don't post regualry and I don't have a digital camera. So hard for me to take any pitcures of my home. Can I still join by just writing?

I'll try to be there anyway because its fun to see how people live.


Can't wait for the party tomorrow!! I've been gone for 2 days, & came home to a disaster ~ hubby has redone the house in early bachelor-day look ~ you know, dirty dishes & clothes everywhere! And all in just 2 days. But if I can find a clean spot, I intend to snap a few pics tonight for the party tomorrow!!

Hope your photo shoot was lots of fun!

Angelic Accents


I just love your bedroom and the bathroom decor! Can't wait until tomorrow to see more!


The ball gowns are amazing, my fav is the last one too... :)


Oh! Your ballgowns are fabulous! My favorite one is that last black and creme music one - lovely! And your home is just ... perfect,the essence of romance!

You had me scared about the ball there :) But, I think it did say anywhere around the 26th, so it's all good :)


I love love the last dress and I used that same paper to make my "Black Cat and Pumpkin Halloween" throne for my swap partner.
I didn't know about the party, what did I miss out on? :) Bren


Love your beautiful ball gowns!!
Oh, and I agree about the tvs...... we bought a "furniture store" armoire for our bedroom, because I couldn't stand having the tv out in the open. I haven't repainted ours yet though.....
I found the RC today!! Your house is lovely, of course!!
I'm editing my photos tonight to share for the party tomorrow!


I Love the dress ornaments! I would love to order some. Thanks,Angelina


Hey Karla,

I will be joining your party tomorrow and I just love the "ball gowns" you made. Simply marvelous! I too don't like new furniture and recently found my perfect tv cabinet which I will show on my blog tomorrow. Can't wait!



I love those ballgowns!!

Becca just told us about your "What you love about your home" feature tomorrow. I think I just posted all of mine this past week when I shared tons of my yellow rose collection. The master bathroom is very romantic.

Yellow Rose Arbor

Elaine L.


I LOVE the vanity and mirror. Oh MY! They are beautiful. I noticed in the pic that you antiqued your bathroom door. That's what I keep telling my hubby that we need to do with our doors. How many colors did you use to antique it?


Jessica (jessrose21)

Hi Karla! I'm smiling about the ball mix-up because that is something I would totally do!
I just posted my Romantic Country Party page on my blog if you'd like to link me when you post today. Hope you enjoy it! :)


Everything is looking so beautiful! I hope you haven't given up sleep entirely! I will be posting a party pic tomorrow, so excited!

She's Sew Pretty

I just posted my Home post. I'll be out a lot tomorrow but, I can't wait to come home and look at all the "homes". Your kitchen in beautiful, Karla!


oh oh! what have I gotten myself into?? I could sit here for hours upon hours looking at all the homes!!!!! I would if I could but I love yours Karla! & thank you for the well wishes:) I'll be awol soon so I'll check in when I'm settled. Take Care!


hello there, karla!
i have just come from the Grand Ballroom
to tell you
that the Bloglandia Ball is in

*Full Swing* right NOW!


drop by and have some
~~Harvest Cider~~
and dance with us
in one of your fancy gowns...

Karin (creativechaos)

Karla.....LOVE the ballgowns!!! So beautiful! And LOVE all the pictures of your home!!!!


so nice to meet you at the ball...your gown is amazing...i usually come early too...love the furniture...save a dance for me...blessings, rebecca


I, too, would choose the one with horizontal stripes....love the music!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

These dresses and the way you have displayed them,gorgeous! Perfect Christmas ornies!

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

I was so mesmerized by ALL the phenomanal home eye candy I had to go back and see the dresses again. First, it's lovely to meet you at this most wonderful Ball. Your frocks are outstanding but my eye firmly rested on the musical notes dress...horizontal stripes notwithstanding. It's scrumptious!
I must come back and see your home again....like savoring pages in a magazine! I do hope we can talk home decor over a glass of cider or wine!

Sandra Evertson

Love ALL your gowns!
SO Beautiful!
Sandra Evertson


What lovely ball gowns, each one a romantic
twirling fantasy..!


What lovely ball gowns, each one a romantic
twirling fantasy..!


What lovely ball gowns, each one a romantic
twirling fantasy..!


What lovely ball gowns, each one a romantic
twirling fantasy..!

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