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September 12, 2007



Karla, It will be so fun to se a home in a magazine and really know the person who owns it! Can't wait!!! Lori

Jessica (jessrose21)

Romantic Country. Ok, I think I can remember that now. Last week, you should have seen me flipping through Romantic Homes at the drugstore, looking for your name! LOL! It did have some beautiful homes, though.
Love love love the cones. Per your advice, I got some party hats at the dollar store, but they're still in the bag. Soon, my pretties, soon!

Alison Gibbs

Just love all your cones. Sooo... many beautiful wallpapers. Love the breakfast nook. It is nice to have a sunny spot to sit.


Such a great collection of pictures, and I will be trying out that receipe.
thanks for sharing.

best wishes Ginny


What gorgeous creations! I love the party idea! I would love to participate, course that means I will have to make sure my house is clean!

Karen Young

Another great tea party and I just loved the parade of cones.


Terri Barton

Got the mag! Marvelous! Love the cones! What a fantastic idea for silverware and napkins, I am running to my crafty area right now while the images are fresh in my mind! Thanksgiving here I come!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


Well I'll be! Yesterdays and todays both were delightful tea affairs! I loved reading about your collection of tea things and the photo of your mother IS gorgeous!


What a wonderful post overflowing with goodness! How exciting that your home is going to be featured in a magazine!! I will have to hunt down that issue when it comes out :) And I love your idea of a blog home party! Note to self: need to start cleaning LOL!!

Your zucchini muffins look yummy! Going to have to try those. And your cones! Beautiful!!!


Karla, how fun. What beautiful items you posted today. I love them all. I can hardly wait to pickup the magazine. I have to add I received my bucket today and am totally in love with it. It will be placed in a lovely place in my home where I can see it often. Thank you so very much.


So will you still talk to us when you famous ;- ) !!!!! oxoxoxo Clarice

Elaine L.

I can't wait to look for this month's issue of Romantic Country! The pictures of your home are sure to be fabulous.

I love those Pixies and the zuccini bread looks delicious. You must be a natural born cook.

The tussies are all beautiful, but I love the pink one with the pearly pin.


Dawn Albracht


Barbara Burkard

can't wait to see the issue on the stands...and do the little barnes and noble dance ..hey hey hey i know her her her...getting to be a regular dance of late between all the art groups! and a project i was part of is going to be is cloth paper scissors next issue!!!


Karla, as ALWAYS everything is just wonderful. Especially love the pixies, and the tussies. I can't wait to get the issue of Romantic Homes. You are so talented.


Girl, you are AMAZING, and I can't WAIT to get my hands on this magazine! Love, love, love your pixies. :)


Looking forward to showing off some of my home. Those cones are gorgeous, they are a bit like paper dolly dresses, addictive to make!


Hi Karla,

Love all the cones, especially the green flocked. Everything looks divine for your tea party. You have some beautiful wallpapers!


Kathleen Grace

I love the cones, I get bored if I do the same thing over too! I have some old papers, I think I will try one of these:>) Looks like fun and they are so pretty!



I also love the vintage wallpaper -neat cones!



Romantic Country ~ how awesome! I do love my home and so look forward to showing off some of my favorite things on the 25th! How fun!!


Oh, my goodness! Those cones are so pretty!

After seeing those pictures of your home, mine just looks like, well.... I need to clean up. Finish up. Get pictures back on the walls. Get drapes hung. And I'll still look at it and wish it was different. Can I never be satisfied?


I love all of your tussie mussies! The silverware holder is a great idea!


Beautiful tussies! You've been quite busy. I love your pretty tea party! I've got almost exactly the same pixies, except mine are in light green & one must have had an unfortunate accident as both arms are lopped off, but I still love him. Adorable popping out of the teacup!

What I REALLLY LOVE is that triple topiary of ROSES on your side cabinet!! Please post a picture of it soon ~ I'd love to see it better!!

I LOVE Romantic Country. Can't always find it, so I appreciate the heads up on when it comes out again. I look forward to your article!

Angelic Accents


I love Romantic Country; and I can hardly wait to get the issue with YOUR lovely home within it!!


Beautiful! Enter me!! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
Best Wishes! ;)

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