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September 28, 2007


Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Beautiful! I love the way you used pretty containers and things for your bathroom supplies. The lamp is the best idea! They never have any pretty towel holders anyhow! lol

I was looking at all the moldings and things the other day at lowes... hubby isn't a carpenter so usually I end up doing stuff on my own too. Nice to see you do too!

xoxo Heather


Everything looks so nice,like you I always find the cute little jars and dishes to put things in, hate to hide them away in a drawer.
Glittered some leaves this morning, now I want to do hundreds, but its raining out so not a good day to pick up leaves. I posted pictures on my site.
Real tempted to go to the Thrift store, but I have already been twice this week, but what if something unbelievable is over there and I'm not. What to do what to do.


Wow! Your so creative!! I love every photo you posted!! I love those styrofoam pieces around the door. They look gorgeous!!!! I thought they were real wood! I will have to look for those at home depot next time I'm there.

Junie Moon

I love home do-it-yourself projects. Your projects leave me speechless--I am so impressed!


Since you are mostly empty-nesters again, can I move in?? I'll just take a teeney tiny portion of your bathroom.



Your home is just so so so so beautiful! Lots of inspiration there for all of we fellow bloggers!

Give your sweet Sugarwings a hug and kiss from us. Hope she feels better soon!

Jennie Outterson

Love all your pictures. Your house is gorgeous. Hope sugarwings is feeling better. My three kiddos have been sick for the past three weeks. That pesky flu bug.


thats a mighty fine set of portieres you have there! I have often thought my laundry should be upstairs with the bedrooms and bathroom and linen cupboard. So much more sensible.

Karen Young

Karla, I have just spent the last 20 minutes checking out every detail of your post. Fantastic eye candy and ideas.
Also, I'm still partying and almost finished visiting all the great blogs that linked. Thank you for hosting a great party



Gorgeous blog ! I keep finding all these beautiful blogs, no wonder my wee Etsy shop looks on the bare side --too busy drooling over blogs lol !
I LOVE what you did with the floor lamp, terrific idea and love those glass globes.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home :)

I've added your blog to mine and your lovely shop was hearted a few months ago.

Take care, Tracy :)


I don't even know why I bother buying home decorating magazines anymore because your blog is much more interesting and inspiring!!! My husband's parents did the same thing when they became empty nesters. They have a turn-of-the-century stone house with one of those big old bathrooms, so they added a laundry room there instead of in the old summer kitchen! I love the brown color on the walls. You are so creative with everything! But please don't paint that wood-- it's gorgeous!!!

Natasha Burns

How many times can I comment 'you never cease to amaze me'. LOL! This is no exception! Karla you're incredible, I love how you just DO stuff, it's fantastic! You have a solution for every little problem and you make it a beautiful design too! Love the gun cabinet and I'm thankful there aren't any guns in there! A much prettier display you have. ox


Karla, your pictures never fail to inspire me. I just LOVE your style. Thank you for sharing with us!
(I'm sorry about little Sugarwings; sure hope she feels better soon)

Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me

I loved taking part in your "party".

You will have to do it again when the homes are decorated for Christmas. :)


I'm so impressed you cut all those pieces with a saw yourself! I KNOW how much work there is in that kind of thing and I know I sure don't want to be the one doing it.

Elaine L.

You really should publish a book with all your photos and decorating ideas. I would buy it!



I just never tire of your little tours of your house! So pretty! And such good ideas. What did you cover the music wiht after you put it on the walls? It all is so pretty!

sandra feazel

What fun! I loved seeing your home!! I am thinking of wallpapering my dining room and kitchen in sheet music!! I loved seeing how you used it in the backs of the cabinet!!!-sandra


Everything is so beautiful!! I could look at the pictures for hours!! I think I already have!! LOL Wish I would have been able to post some pictures....I missed it!! *crying*!!! Just love your site!! Happy Fall!!


Karla, Your home is so beautiful!
Thanks for adding the links to Amy (FourSistersInACottage) and Joy (TheJoyOf) blogs. I have added this days post link from my blog to yours for Amy to view... Have a lovely day!
~Mary~ of IsabellasCloset


i love everything you have done here. all of the trim is gorgeous!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh Karla, Your bathroom is gorgeous. What a great idea for that lamp. I wonder if I can get mine back from my best friend. LOL Beautiful job with the tile and the trim. I'll have to tell my daughter about the Styrofoam molding. She is looking for crown molding for her office. Did you get to see her new house during your party? She doesn't love the country romantic look as much as us, but she is sneaking some pink into her house little by little.


absolutely wonderful. Can I live in the pictures? I just keep saying someday I'll get mine done. Give the baby lots of cuddles, we'll wait for projects.


Just beautiful. Every little bit is gorgeous!


I love Grandma's floorlamp!!!
And everything else. You are a decorator extrordinaire!!! So sorry Sugarwings is under the weather.


Gorgeous photos. Your home is well done!

Mary Isabella

Your house is sooo beautiful. thank you for such a fun visit. You can find me at Daisy Bouquet. Mary

Amy Joy Henry

Oh Karla,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...what a beautiful post for me!!!
Your house is FABULOUS and I am crazy for all of your creative touches. I might have to try my hand at a few of them for myself once I feel better.
My favorite is your FREE CHAIR....I always love saving for free, LOL!!!!
Thank you so much for your kind heart and I will be adding you to my favorite blogs to read.
Love and Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters and Bonus Mom to Nick and Alex)


Lovely! The cabinet is really beautiful. I love old cabinets:)


I LOVED this post! I love looking at your gorgeous home! And normally for some reason I can't often access your blog but today it worked!! The fabric on your little chair looks like it's by the english firm Sanderson. It's one of my favourite of their patterns!

Tricia Bourdakis

Love your blog. Wish I had found you sooner. I have a lot of catching up to do. Keep up the wonderful work you do and the
great inspirering pictures you take make my day. Thanks, Tricia

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