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September 19, 2007



Just stopping by to see what's new.

Love the highchair for Sugarwings! Great find. Your studio is coming together very nicely. I love the pink instead of typical red and green for Christmas. Very unique!

Enjoy your week!


I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. Its so cool and I love seeing all the cool things you make, alter and own. Your christmas decorations look awesome. They would do well in the Netherlands where they don't use the tradtional christmas colours and where silver and glitter is very popular. At least it was when I lived there:) In Norway, where I live now, red, green and silver is still the norm:)

I bookmarked your blog. Looking forward to see more. Now I off to read some of your older posts. Hope you have a great week!


such sparkley lovelies . . . bless Beth for helping . . . Rachaelxo


What a wonderful friend. The studio looks great.


just love that first picture of your collection of urns!! everything is looking great! can't wait to see more!!!



Your photos are SOOOOOOO inspiring! Love it here!

Michelle @ Vintage Pastiche

*sigh* I just love this blog. I get all warm and fuzzy when I visit here! :)

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Oh Karla I want to come and play too! I bet you girls had so much fun putting that room together!
It looks wonderful!!!!!

Love the pink lights...I have used pink lights for many christmas' at our house!

That sweet highchair is simply grand for a precious lil angel!

Thanks for all the pictures...you are an inspiration!

Hugz, Dolly


My goodness...you are as busy as a bee and as productive, too!!!! Just read some of your old posts and I'm amazed at what you can accomplish!!! Very pretty things, too, I might add.:)


I am now daydreaming that I'm taking a tour of your home... I'll keep the pretty images in my head all day!


Oh, I adore that pink.. and that picture of Sugarwings today is so adorable!!! :)

Jessica (jessrose21)

Now I have that old hippie song in my head, "I get by with a little help from my friend, gonna try with a little help from my friend!" LOL!
I love the first picture. All the winter whites look very elegant.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I think you two should pack your bags and take a road trip to California in November. If you set up my Christmas boutique I would probably sell out! Beautiful!


Did you say you were selling Beth? Okay I'll take her. She will come in handy around here.
Sugarwings would make a great angel on top of a tree you know.
I'm putting a package together for you Karla...I'll get it out in a day or two :)

Kathleen Grace

Oh my goodness you have me thinking Christmas already! What a fountain of creative ideas you are, and you share it all freely with us! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!


The room looks great so far and it gets me excited for your December sale! I've missed your sales!! What date will it be? I need to schedule it off so I can get over there and start shopping early!!!


I'd find it hard to get in the holiday spirit right now, but you're doing a great job! I really like the pink area.


I'd find it hard to get in the holiday spirit right now, but you're doing a great job! I really like the pink area.


I'd find it hard to get in the holiday spirit right now, but you're doing a great job! I really like the pink area.

the feathered nest

Gosh I wish I could be there for your sale! I'd probably go crazy and buy everything - it all looks so fabulous!


Counting Your Blessings

Wow! What a huge job you're undertaking. I love all your vinettes so far. Blessings.. POlly


I dont know which colour theme I like better!! Pink or Ivory/White, Pink or Ivory/white!?!?!? Everything looks very very fabulous. Wish I lived close enough to drop by next week....All the hard work will be worth it, Have heaps of fun

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

My goodness, how pretty everything is looking! Hope everything goes well for you. And by the way, that's a cutie of a grand daughter you have there!!


Everything is coming together so nicely, Karla!! I thought of you today as I was glittering initials & hearts for the wedding. Think I ate a little glitter with my supper!!

Hey, did Walgreens already have the pink lights? Those are soooo hard to find?

Angelic Accents

Theresa-Garden Antqs

It looks like you and Beth had too much creative fun!! Beautiful displays!!

Flea Market Queen

So, so magical!
Love it all...
Karla, show more please!

Karen Young

Great inspiration, I just love it.



Beautiful, magical!!!! I only had a moment to look at blogs today and am so glad I saw your pretty photos!!!!

Elaine L.

I love the colors in the high chair. Green and yellow - the parents were waiting for a surprise bundle.

The vanity painted pink with the roses is beautiful and you did it so darn fast!



First visit to your beautiful site...I loved looking at the photo's of your studio transformation, all so beautiful!!

And the Romantic Country Party~what a great Idea...that's how I got here, I was visiting Pear street studios..and followed the link to you from there...looking forward to sept. 25th!!

Your blog is wonderful, you are so talented and creative!!

Thanks for sharing all the beauty!


Thank you Karla for your sweet comments On My blog! You maybe land locked...but let me tell ya...all the treasures we find out here in Ca. was and is usually from neck neck of the woods! Everything out here is Soo Dang expensive and everybody out here is looking for the treasures! You are living amongst it all...would i love to come to your town for a visit! You could take me all around and I bet I could come home with a container of stuff at a fraction of what it would cost me here! Anyway...I love your taste...I think we are 2 birds of a feather...i think we could get into some real trouble if we were let loose to shop together!! LOL...have a lovely weekend!


what beautiful sparklies!!!!

m i c h e l l e

Hi Karla! Your blog is just getting prettier and prettier every time I visit!!! Such loveliness and marvelous inspiration. Please oh please enter me in your blog giveaway!


Paula Kay

Thanks for inviting us all to your party today! What I love about our home is my china hutch. It's huge, & my husband bought it for me on our 3rd anniversary, a small imperfection on the top, a great find at a great price... with a touch of greenery which covers the slight imperfection. I piddle around with the contents; my way of redecorating & sifting through memories. I have items from both of my grandmothers, my mother, as well as various antiques found on special trips & gifts from family & friends. It always makes me smile. I make sure to always display an item my son made as a child, to keep those memories fresh. It is a lovely way to combine the past & present which is forever evolving.

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