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September 10, 2007


Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Everything looks Gorgeous Karla!! Your cupboards you son built you are so nice for all of your "junque"! The photo of your Mother is stunning next to the cobalt pitcher..I just love that!

I am enjoying everyones tea parties! xo Heather

Dawn Mohrmann

Great tea party Karla! I love your collection. And thank you for stopping by mine!

Joyce - Cottage Collections

Thank you for stopping by my tea party! It looks like twinkle is enjoying yours with you! Your collection is wonderful!

Trisha Evans

Whoa Karla, your tea party goes on and on! What a wonderful job you have done with it. I too am a Spring/Summer girl and love love love roses. Your vast collection of teapots and teacups is awe inspiring! I lost my sweet Mom only a year ago and you are so right about it feeling like yesterday. But they live on in our hearts and it is so wonderful to have things in our possession
that remind us of them (even if it does happen the very minute we are able to directed our thoughts elsewhere ;o). Any memories of our Moms are happy memories and are welcome (and sometimes longed for) at any time. Please revisit my blog in the middle of this week when I will be hosting my tea party.


Karen Young

Oh, how beautiful. I would love to come and have tea with you. Your tea post collection is so wonderful



A fun day at the Cottage :) I love the detail on your kitchen cabinets! Where do we find that? Yes your mom was very pretty!
Enjoyed my tea, come over!

Jennifer Conway

What a lovely tea party Karla! You should see the dust at my house too!! Your tags are wonderful! I have a hard time finding vintage wallpaper here in Vancouver. There must be a secret place that I don't know about (yet!). I see you're a super busy person, but I tagged you on my blog! (please drop by to see what that means)


Dust? Was there dust? I didn't see any dust - just lovely teabpots and teacups!


What a wonderful collection! From the pics you posted, your cottage looks amazing! (and didn't you know that faeries love dust?)
Have a wonderful day!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love teapots too but I have pared my collection down to a few. How funny that one of mine is from my Grandma Smith too. My maiden name was Smith


I just knew everything would be picture perfect over here! =)

Alison Gibbs

Great Tea Party karla.What a wonderful collection you have.

Lori Jo

Hey, Karla Jo! i love all your "junk", dust and all {although i wouldn't call it junk and i really can't see the dust!!! i love all of your tea~cups and tea~pots...the cupboards your son made are gorgeous!

Becky Hines

I would love to come have a tea party with you. It looks like so much fun.


You are so talented! :)

p.s. LOVE the swag on your cabinet fronts!



Hi Karla:
Well, since I have never been to a real or cyber tea party is it socially correct to ask for a cup of black coffee. i will drink it like it is a "cuppa" tea?
You are delightful. Your Mom is beautiful. Twinkle is as ever a Star!
Take care and thank you


I had a smashing time looking at your muraling and fairies artwork and the beautiful appliques on your cabinets! The collection of tea pots and china were almost too tempting for me, I did think of making a few of them mine by secreting them in my large purse...I really enjoyed your sense of humor and milling around your home. What dust? Everything was sparkling that I saw. :) Thank you for having me!

Natasha Burns

As always Karla you never cease to amaze me. I would love to visit your wonderful home, I bet there are millions of stories in it!
Twinkle is the cutest little dog!!!


My "treasurers" also have a layer of dust...and I insist on telling everyone it is a PROTECTIVE LAYER -- although i really couldn't see the dust in the pictures, I think it's protecting your treasurers, too!


Oh, this was a pretty post! I love all the china, especially hanging from the chandelier! Makes me wish I didn't live in earthquake country!


what's a little dust between friends! Rachaelxo

Elaine L.

I love that you post sooooo many pictures!
The picture of your mother is beautiful.

I love the two green teapots and the cobalt blue one the best. What is the story behind that tall green one. It is so unique!

If sugarwings knew about all the fun she's going to have in the future with grandma, she would be so excited that she wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

It seems like it would be a challenge to watercolor the color silver. Don't forget to tell us, sometime, how you got started painting.



All kinds of pretties to comment on; I'm not sure where to begin!
That cobalt teapot is stunning, and your mother is stunningly beautiful!
What wonderful cabinets made by your son, and how special!
Love all the pretty teapots and rose dishes.
Just gorgeous!

Michelle E.~Vintage Pastiche

I loved having tea with you and twinkle is adorable! I love the portrait on the doors. AND I'm so thankful someone else around here admits to having dust! LOL!!

LOVE your blog!



You always have just the coolest stuff on your blog. Your teaparty is so wonderful and seems like any everyday event there. I LOVE the pics of your home. I always love visiting.


Karla, your watercolor is SO GOOD!!!!
You are such a good grandma to Sugarwings... dressing up is so much fun! Your son is very talented too.
We do have another thing in common... my mom collects teapots (she is of English decent which she revels in!) and I have an affinity for them also!
Thanks for the tea ;)

Sweet Remembrance

Karla...Thanks for having me at your Tea Party! I so enjoyed myself...

María Elena

I dream with a tea kit like that. I have one since my wedding and I only wish to change it.


Oh, I'd love to come to a tea party with you! I'll bring the scones.


Karla, sorry I haven't kept in touch, between back and home issues, yuck! I love your litle dorkie at the teaparty! Kitty would just lay on the chair with a poopy attitude like, "hurry up all ready!" Take care! Lori


Lovely, lovely, lady! That dog is precious. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Kathleen Grace

Always fun to see your collections Karla, and, don't worry about the dust, it makes me feel better about mine! LOL Very pretty rosey teapots and things!


you have a nice collection of tea cups and teapots. i like you mini cups hanging from your kitchen light. i have some larger teacups that i want to fix on my dining room light.

Beth Dasecke

thank you for having me at your tea party I had a very nice time .
I love your little magnet.
have a fab day
Hugs Beth


What a beautiful tea party! Thanks for inviting us all into your pretty home. You & Sugarwings will have such fun as she grows up!

Your mother was a beautiful lady. And I simply adore that silver teapot of your grandmother's. Isn't it neat that she would pack it up & bring it when she came visiting? I love that picture of it & the wedding ring quilt beneath it. Such special memories.

Your son did an awesome job on your cabinets. Do you have anagalyptic wallpaper on your ceiling? I want to do that to ours after the wedding.

Love those pretty tags!!

Angelic Accents


I Love all your teapots!!!! I would love to collect them too but have too many other "collections" - my favorite being Kalidascopes.

Sandy McTier

What beautiful photos, memories and creations! You continue to amaze me with your talent and I love coming to your blog for daily inspiration. I love how you speak about your family with such love and admiration!
Thanks for the tea party and have a fabulous day.
Sandy :)

ellen b

Oh what a delightful visit I had here. Simply enchanting and fun. Great collection you have...


Well if you aren't the coolest grandmother - I don't know who is! I wish I could be there to see the look on Sugarwings face when she realizes what a treasure trove of dress up clothes you have been collecting!

Karen Sweet Necessi-Teas

What a lovely tea party. I just got lost in all your pretties. The tussie mussie's were a wonderful touch! Also loved your little Yorkie--I have one, too--Dixie. Thanks for joining in. Please stop by my party if you get a chance.


your house reminds e of a decorators apt. I stayed in,in New York a few years ago.Lovely. I to enjoy the found object decorating approach. It all seems to blend no matter what you find or create.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

I'm here from a link at Artsymama's about the "What do you love about your home" party (what a neat idea!) and decided to look around while I was here. What lovely things all around! You have a beautiful blog, and I'll be back to drool over more eye candy. :-) I'd love to be entered in the drawing for the magnet.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Oops -- I saw on the next post the magnet had already been given. (Blush!)

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