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September 21, 2007



First thing I noticed was the alarm clock that is so glaringly out of place in your beautiful tranquil room. Babes and I use our cell phones as alarm clocks but I have a hankering for a carriage clock.
Second thing I noticed was the puppy on the bed. Least its a little one, my Boxer used to nestle against my pillows . . .!
Off to foof my house for some photo shoots for Monday!

britt-sparkled vintage charm

gorgeous bedroom! I love the mirror and the feather wreath!!

britt-sparkled vintage charm

gorgeous bedroom! I love the mirror and the feather wreath!!

Jessica (jessrose21)

That's an excellent question, Karla! I've been looking for one, too. One that doesn't tick, which is apparently not physically possible.
Your room is gorgeous. I love that huge mirror on your headboard. Are your walls gray or silver? It's an unusual color for a bedroom, but it looks perfect in your room.

Sandy McTier

Beautiful ROOM! Love the hand painted ornaments ~ I've just started getting my ready to paint.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Sandy :)

Cheryl Sims

Absolutely beautiful Karla. You have been a super busy gal.

Elaine L.

Hmmmmm, I don't know how I missed yesterday's post.

I love your bedroom with the white trees and feather weaths. One year a put a small
cut tree in my bedroom with pearl lights. It
was so pretty and restful that I left it like that. Then I put white poinsettas along the top of my curtain rods with greenery.

How did you glitter those birds? Do you use spray glue?



The ornaments are just precious!

Karen Young

The hand painted ornaments are so beautiful. Have you thought of making a casing for your alarm clock.



I love the peaceful feel of your bedroom. The mirror looks nice there.
I'll keep an eye out for a clock. There's got to be one somewhere!


I can't quite see the casing of your alarm clock, but if it's unencumbered, you could make a slip-on "box" frame of mitered molding that lies flat against the clock sides. Perhaps you could even transform the front panel by painting something on a transparency without covering the essential information. But what a lovely bedroom to retreat to. See you at Silver Bella!

María Elena

In sequence:
- What paint you uses for ball, water paint, oil paint or acrylics?
- The mirror above the mantel/headboard is spectacular.
- I use the cell phone as alarm clock, although there is nothing better that to wake up with tranquility.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Wow! so peaceful and serene! I like the idea of making a "case" for your alarm clock....I have been looking for a nicer clock too! THOSE ORNAMENTS are over the top....soooo sooooo pretty! The feather trees and wreaths look wonderful!


While a handpainted case would look nice over the clock, I would think it would interfere with the alarm and/or it's components....why not just paint directly on the clock itself? It's already white,it would make a great backdrop to anything you painted on it. and with your talent, it would be gorgeous afterwards!

Michelle E.~Vintage Pastiche

Karla!! I think you have my mirror I sold at my garage sale 2 summers ago!! LOL!! It looks exactly the same!! Art Deco period. WOW! Maybe it is mine, wouldn't that be funny :)

The clock thing...My town is home of the Himalayan Institute a famous yoga instructor training site and they have a beautiful gift store in town and I saw these great alarm clocks which can also be used for meditation or yoga, etc. I think they are pretty, they are called "Zen Alam clocks" here's the link: http://www.thstore.com/thstore/company_page_2body.asp?GroupID=362

The one I like has the meditation bowl at the bottowm of the page.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your bedroom is beautiful. I'd love to hear if you come up with a prettier alarm clock. I have the same problem. I hat my clock but it is a necessity. I think painting is a good idea. Maybe this is a way to make your millions. Design a shabby chic alarm clock that actually works.


Ohmigosh your talent never ceases to amaze me!

Your bedroom is lovely btw... :)



That's funny-- I hate my alarm clock too... I thought LLBean had some that were 1950's looking but I could be wrong. At least they came in colors other than black--more pastels. Your bedroom is pretty--I love that mirror! Is that Twinkle? I admire you even more now (if that's possible) for being a single mom and taking on the whole parenting job yourself! I didn't realize. You deserve a beautiful home!!!


Hi Karla! FINALLY I get to make a visit to you I think this is my first time??? Well I'm trying to visit everyone that is posting on my ring givaway I know you've been over a couple of times and keep commenting;) so waving hello & my sisinlaw use to paint ornaments:) I still have one from 2002 that she did and I Love yours and your style! hope to visit more often when my life settles in a bit more after the move...take care!


btw..my alarm clock is an ugly digital with bright red numbers now someone could make a nice chunk of change if they designed the one you're looking for. ok I feel like I might have been here before the more I look around I think yes I've seen Karla!


All pretty! REally pretty!
The clock is in the LL Bean catalogue :)
And guess who got bit by what?


I love your bedroom! Please enter me in your drawing! Becky
[email protected]


you are always sooo busy. did you ever think of buying an alarm clock that you can fit into a wooden box and add wooden cut outs or gingerbread trim for hte hard ware store or from our stash of stuff? i KNOW you can repurpose one if you give it some thought.
please enter me in your drawing as well
i love your mirror\mantle


I have always wanted to find a cute aqua or pink alarm clock but I never find them.
I love your mantle headboard, it looks great.
I would love to be in the giveaway. Add me please. :) Bren

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Oh my gosh Karla!! I can't believe I am reading this...I bought a mantle awhile back and can't find a good place for it so just today I started my plan to make it my headboard! I am sooo excited to see yours...it is just absolutly gorgeous!!! What a beautiful room! Heather xo


LOVE your bedroom Karla, and the ornaments, of course are 2 die 4! I'll be taking photos of what I love about my home, what a fun thing to do!
Thanks for sharing!



wow beautiful bedroom! I don't own an alarm clock. Don't need one anymore. But my sister has a really beautiful one. It has a huge glass front and the black surrounding is decorated with round colourful dot like 3-D stickers. I have no clue where it was bought though. It was a gift from her friends. It has a radio on it and wakes her up to her favorite song. Its not even that large. Good luck with finding a nice one!


Your bedroom is lush!! My bedroom is my very favorite place in our entire house, too! Sometimes I just "lock" myself in there to get away from it all!

Love that topiary ornament! Hmmm, may need a pink one of those!!

Angelic Accents


That is so funny I was just looking at my alarm clock the other day. I do believe it is the ugliest thing in my home. I love your head board. Do you mind if I copy your idea its beautiful.
I am new to your blog and already put it in my favorites thank-you.

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