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September 25, 2007



Karla, your kitchen is dreamy! I finally got more pictures up, will try for more in the morning. Too tired tonight!

Can't wait to visit everyone's homes! Thanks for such a fun day for all of us!!

Angelic Accents


I have mine posted here: http://tiedupinribbons.blogspot.com/2007/09/things-i-love-about-my-home.html

Jennifer Grey


I've got my tiara on, and I'm ready to start blog hopping!

And thank you for adding me to your party link list!



I also love your home! I do not have to much to show about my home, but I had to join the party.


Ooh, I love your home and Sugarwings is an absolute cutie.

I shall have to have a ponder and post something this evening. We are totally upside down due to decorating but there must be a corner that is up to a photo.

Happy Tuesday xxx


Beautiful, beautiful place! Thank you so much for sharing.


Dear Karla
What do I love about my home? Well, We have only own it for 5 years so were still rebuilding. Mostly i like our bedroom and the hallway, visit my blog and see (not the latest posts though). But the best thing with the house is that its old (19th-century) and very large. The garden is big but could larger :) I grow vegetables and will have hens in a while. The nature around is stunning. Grazing horses, water birds, beavers, deers and the lynx. At our mountain lives bears and elks. There i can pick cranberries, lingonberries and blueberries or just get out for a run. In the winter our kakelowens and our woodstoves gives warmth. Im a continuous reader of your blog Karla but its my first comment. Best regards /linnea-maria from Sweden


Hi Karla,

How beautiful your kitchen is! I adore your home. I can't wait to see everyone else's homes. Thanks for hosting the party!



Wow Karla, you never cease to amaze me! I've joined in on the fun and hope you will stop by... :)



Thank you for the invite, what a great idea, only thing is I have realised how much work we still need to do. Anyway I have managed to find some pics for you.

Best wishes Ginny
over at - TWINKLE PINK


Oh Karla.. your home is gorgeous!
I hope everyone will stop by and see mine too :)


Lovely idea!!!
I made something small!
Greetz from Holland!

Daisy Cottage

Knock, knock! Can I come in and join the party now? ;-) I've brought guests too!!



Hi Karla!
I found your blog through Red Yarn. Your home is gorgeous. I love the romance of it. I do have a blog and I recently posted pictures of the things I love around it. Check it out. My home is cozy but yours is beautiful!


María Elena

I have my photos here:

Karen Young

Hi Karla, I just love these latest pictures of your home. All week we have been seeing so many beautiful peeks. Your home is so amazing and I need to go back over the pictures many times. Each time I see something new. Thank you for sharing.
Please come over and see a few of my favourite things. I'm looking forward to visiting many blog today.



Hi Karla, I started yesterday with a trip down memory lane about the transformation of my brick fireplace wall in my family room. I update that picture today and just added some snaps of things around the house that I love! xo, suzy

Daisy Cottage

Still drooling over your pics Karla! Gorgeous! And here is my link -

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

I came to you by way of Suzy. I would love to join your party. I will be posting some pictures on my blog today of what I love about my house. This was such a good idea! Susan


Hello Karla, Thanks for your delightful post and photos of your beautiful home! I've so enjoyed my visit here.
I too have joined in on your "What do I love about my home" party. Please stop by my blog for a visit when you can.
Thanks so much!
Hope you have a lovely day ~Mary~ :-}


Good Morning Karla........may I play, too? I just posted my favorite spot on my blog. The link is http://rosieswhimsy.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/what-do-i-love-about-my-home/ . I think this is a great idea for a community party :<)


Good morning, Karla! I LOVE your photos, and have decided you need to make your home into a B&B so we can all have a visit! =)

I've put some photos up on my blog.

Have a wondeful day!!!


Karla, thanks for letting me join in too! I just loooove your house!!! Wonderful that it is in the RC magazine!!

Yellow Rose Arbor

meg duerksen

hi karla.
i came over from kim's daisy cottage and check you often through creative blogs too.
my parents live in lawrence. i love that town.
we are going to sparks next year..thanks for telling us about it.

what i love about my home...that it can be lovely and still let 5 children LIVE in it...being silly. it is not a museum we are comfortable and cozy but still with good design. we can let them be a part of the decor.


thanks for letting me come to your party.


I posted today on a hutch that is very old and was made by a farmer for his wife. Come and enjoy!


Karla- thanks for sharing your lovely home. You can see the things I love about mine, here:


Natasha Burns

Great pics Karla!!! Well I eventually put some pics up on my blog just now, the 25th is almost over in Australia, in 18 minutes actually! I made it just in time!!!


Hi Karla,
Wonderful party! I have posted too, about my Studio, it's the most romantic room in the house. Love your kitchen. Thanks for hosting the party, already looks like a blast!


Hi Karla,
Your home is so beautiful. It is a true treasure! I posted things I love about my home and look forward to seeing what others have posted! Thanks for hosting this great party!


Hmmmm, not sure if my post took, so I will post again. Love your kitchen Karla, it's gorgeous and thanks for hosting the party. I posted on my romantic studio, cause it is the most romantic room in the house. Come over and check it out:


Karla I am so thrilled for you. Enjoy your party, this is your day and you are the queen. Love Clarice


Just posted my What I love about my home :) Thanks for having this Karla :)


Not sure if last post took!!
Congrats on the photo spread. Your house looks so darling and cozy. Thank you for sharing and hosting...What do I love at my house - the fact that it is cozy and lived in an reflects my personality without being too "girly or romantic" for the 4 other males living in it....Have fun today!!


Let's party!!

Love the photos of your kitchen!

Thanks so much for hosting such a great party! Can't wait to visit everyone's homes!

debra Schoch

hello, finally my turn on the computer! sorry slow at getting to the party! Iwill go post my pictures... i love your muted colors and the contrast of materials you have! A lush view of lots of eye candies everywhere ''artful clutter'' my husband calls it..hehe.A wonderful home for grandbabies to visit!!


Beautiful pictures! I love that our house is not new (about 75 years old) and has lots of personality. I love that it is filled with books and art (my favorite things to find in a home) and that each room is a different color, thanks to my patient husband who is always willing to paint!



I'm ready for company Karla!
I'm in a panic that I won't get to see all of these today! I love yours :)


Karla, lovely pictures! COngrats on the magazine! Come stop by...I've joined the party over at my blog!
Thanks for being such a gracious hostess Karla!
xo natalea



Thank you for the invitation , what a wonderful idea . I made I collage of the things I love most about my home .
And I love your pictures ! How great !!

Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me

Hi, Karla!

I've joined the party and made a post, too.

What a wonderful idea. I can't wait to come back when I get a little more time today and do some blog hopping to get ideas.


Hi Karla, I followed the link from Daisy Cottage to your party. What an awesome idea!! I am new to blogging and I just discovered all of these awesome cottage style decorating blogs about 6 months of so ago. I am amazed at how beautiful each and every one of you have your homes decorated. Even the mom's with small children! That amazes me. when my children were small I just didn't have the time, energy or money to really decorate the way I would have liked to. So now that my children are grown I am really enjoying doing the things that I enjoy. I wish I could post pics of my home but we are renovating right now and the place is a mess. But I am having a great time visiting all of the blogs listed here today! Thanks for throwing a great party!:)


Amy Elise Designs

Wow! So many blogs to visit today! Thanks for opening up your home and sharing other's spaces too! It gives someone like me who is plain and boring, some fabulous ideas I can incorporate in my house! Thanks again!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Congratulations on your photo spread Karla!! I am up and running with my home pics. I love every single photo you showed. Thanks for hosting such a fabulous party. Can't wait to go around and see everyones pretties!! Heather xoxo


Hi Karla! Lisa, over at A Thing For Roses, and Mary, Isabella's closet, introduced me to your blog. I am still working on my post, but will be writing about my cottage and sharing pics with everyone. I LOVE your home, your style and will be back for some catching up!!
smiles to you from California,


What a wonderful idea. I found your site when I was visiting Daisy's Cottage. I have posted my entry of what I love about my home. Hope you can stop by. I know I will be busy today visiting all these wonderful blogs.



What a doll house. I'ld love to have my home decorated as lovely. Fantastic!


I just found your blog from another site. So lovely! I had done my current post yesterday before I saw this. Maybe someone would like to stop by Violetlady At Home and see some of my favorite things in my house.


hi Karla I am arriving 'just as I am in my jammies!! I have posted a welcome and about my dining room.

what a fun day for all!!!

jessi nagy

hey hey karla!
im in i updated my blog this morning. im having so much fun looking into everyones lives!
jessi nagy

Barbara H.

Thanks so much for hosting this! I've had fun already looking through just the first few. Such gorgeousness everywhere -- a feast for the eyes and soul!

My party post is here:

Dawn - Hydrangea Home

Hi Karla- I have just posted some favorites to my blog! Congratulations to you on your kitchen feature - It looks great! And thanks for this fun idea too!


I have enjoyed traveling around blogland looking at everyone's homes. I have a few pictures of what I love around my home. Thanks for putting this fun event together!!

The Glitter Fairy

Thanks for the great party. What a great idea! I have posted some thoughts and pics about my home on my blog. Hope you can stop by.
LOVE your home...amazing!


what a beautiful house!


Finally! I posted my home (blogger wasn't cooperating this morning!)
Welcome to Lancaster, Pennsylvania everyone!!! Come have a cookie with me and see our tree house!
Here is the link: http://bethanyjanehissong.blogspot.com/

Mary Alison

Wow, I had no idea I would be so late to the party, but here is my contribution. What fun I will have when I take the whole tour. Thanks for including me.

debra Schoch

hey karla , got my pictures up and came back here to look some more.. guess what!? we have the same stove and microwave! cool..i love the chocolate walls against the cream.. hmm.. sorta a food thing going on here...will visit all the other ladies then i have to go to work..so one more cup of coffee...

Mary Alison

Wow, I had no idea I would be so late to the party, but here is my contribution. What fun I will have when I take the whole tour. Thanks for including me.


Hello everyone!!
WOW...what amazing...inspiring homes everyone has. My photos are now posted at http://artsymama.blogspot.com/2007/09/karlas-house-party.html
Thanks for the wonderful party!!!!


Wow! I can't believe how big this party is getting! I am going too, have put up a couple of pictues of my little cottage!


Hi Karla,
What a wonderfull party! Love your little gazebo... how I would love to sit there and drink some tea!!! Unfortunately I've been swamped with homework since the beginning of september so I have'nt been visiting as often as I would like but I'm really enjoying the party! Have fun!


I followed the party trail back to you and very glad I did! What lovely photos of your home, thanks for letting me see!
Kim x


No blog (yet)...
What I love about my home -
First - the family that's in it.
Second - Hardwood floor in the kitchen.....
Third - a few good antiques, and a lot of some-day antiques.
Fourth - Books!!!!!
Fifth - a wonderful chair to curl up in with a cup of tea or coffee.
Sixth - a fireplace (yes, even in Florida)
Seventh - Big, fluffy, comfy sleigh bed.
Eighth - My 800+ piece Fiesta collection.
Ninth - a great big table to craft on.
Tenth - that it's in Florida, so that means I'm back "home"...
And, an extra - an office with a PC to use for visiting near and far friends.

Junie Moon

This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for this inspiration. I've written a post today and linked it to your blog.

There are a myriad number of reasons I love my home but the most important one is that it celebrates the love my husband and I feel for each other. We have chosen to decorate our home with the things we make ourselves. Whether it's his photography or my paintings or other artistic endeavors, our walls celebrate our life together in a home that makes us feel safe and secure.


Karla, I didn't get in on the festivities but I sure love my little cottage!!!!
What I love most is my big front porch, my centralized kitchen, redone 2 years ago, and the fact that even though I only have a little over 1200 square feet, I have a Living room and a Family room.

I love your home and am especially excited to get the new Romantic Country magazine!

Have a fun day, everyone!!!!!!


I found your blog over daisys cottages.Your
home is gorgeous.I love the romanticalstyle.
I love my garden ,my home.


WOW Karla I can't wait to see you in the Magazine!! I adore your corner cabinet! I have a childrens secretary desk next to my kitchen counter but looking to replace it... and your corner unit gives me inspiration!!! I love that you painted the refridgerator! We have a Unique Lovely Home that used to be a Granny Flat for the Owners of the Property years ago....Then they split it and over several home owners this home has undergone several litttle remodels. Each owner giving thier unique spin....my longwindedness is that the once Kitchen is our Heart of home Loved Ones entrance/Laundry room/Art&Design supplies/Dog care central and exit to the back yard ..and into the house 3 doors...We just got it tiled in a terracota porcelain...And now I am ready to paint I want it to look like A Victorian Conservancy/Garden room....I have bought some Hammmered Paint for the white washer/dryer set....Now I know if that doesn't work I can use oil paint!!! Yeah I am gaining more inspiration from all these lovely blogging people... Thank you for inviting me. I am about to have a cuppa tea....
Here are some of my Loves from my home posted on my flickr photo stream

Thank you ...Abundance and joy

Flea Market Queen

Karla...you live in such a magical place!
I am in awe...


Wow, so much loveliness to look at! My house is too untidy and in transition to love right now. Loads of inspiration here.!

vintage flair

What a great idea! I just posted about my photos of my grandma. Thanks for hosting such a fun party. Lori


I finally got some pics for your "what do I love about my home" Got so busy looking at everyone else's, didn't realize how fast time flies!!

Thanks again Karla, there are so many beautiful homes, this has been wonderful.



I'm late to the party, but count me in! I have done a blog with pics of my favorite things in my home and have linked to yours! Thanks for the party invite and I love your kitchen! I may even have to borrow your kitchen cabinet idea.....I love it!!!


Your kitchen has inspired me. Our countertops are very similar. I resisted granite, thinking my cozy, cottagey kitchen would be gone forever, but you did it! I need to go back and rethink.

I didn't think I could find any picture worthy things to post, but managed to find a few things I could edit out the mess and clutter around. Will we EVER get through with this remodel???

Having fun at the party!




Hi Karla,
Love the pictures of your home! It is so beautiful! I am going to look for the magazine on my way to work this afternoon. (I clean other peoples homes one afternoon a week)

I'd forgotten today was the party, but I got busy, took some pics, and posted them on my blog. Here's the link:


Thanks for hosting this! I'll be looking at everyone's blogs asap!

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

From what I can see, you have hit a happy nerve with everyone. We all seem to love our homes. This was such a good idea, and it made me realize even more how some must feel when their homes have been taken from them (weather disasters, etc.). Not that I didn't feel for them before, but I will be forever more empathetic about people and their homes now. Keep the good ideas coming and Thank you. Susan

cindy ~ My Romantic Home

I just joined your party on my blog. What a great idea! www.romantichome.blogspot.com

Kelley ~ JunqueyGal

Karla, your kitchen is a dream! Can't wait to get the magazine! Be sure and stop by for a visit... I'd love to see you all!


Hi Karla! I'm joining your fun with my favorite room in my house~ dining room.
I love your kitchen, so gorgeous!


what i LOVE about my home is that inspite of the fact that we've been living without a kitchen since last november & the chaos that it's caused (yes--you read that correctly LOL)...is that my two fur babies, my hubby & myself still find comfortable places to snuggle up in!!!


Hi Karla, the link that you put in for me earlier isn't working! :-< I am enjoying the party very much though! xo, suzy


Hi Karla, I found you through Cindy at My Romantic Home. Is there still room at the party? I have posted what I love about my house at www.dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com.
Your house is absolutly beautiful and so inspiring!
many thanks,


This is my first ever blog party. Love it, love it, love it. I'm browsing around all these beautiful homes including yours. Thanks for hosting this. I just pick up Romantic Country and loved your article. Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella.

melissa @ the inspired room

Oh, this is my first time here and I LOVE your party idea! I am so excited to see everyone's homes! You are all definitely invited to stop by, but I haven't yet posted an official party welcome, since I am finding out about this late in the day.

However, if you get there before I can officially post something, you click on the blog topic "MY HOME" you will see some of the things I love about my home. I've shared quite a few photos of that sort of thing, including a whole slide show.

The thing I love the most about it is my kitchen. Just having it completed is a dream come true, having gone without a working one for two years! You'll see lots of photos of it, plus before & afters on my blog!

You are all welcome to stop in anytime, my door is always open!


I'm moving and wanted to post a little something of what I was going to miss of my home (some of my favorite things!!!) Please vist my HOME!!!


Hi Karla:
Again you are too AWESOME. I am glad SugarWings can help cook dinner now : )
I have been all over visiting the other blogs that are showing their wonderful homes!!!
It is a very cool party you have thrown!!!


Hi Karla, sorry to bother you but the link to my post isn't working. It sould be: www.dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com.
Many thanks,


So glad I found you. I was visiting Daisy Cottage and well....here I am. I am new, again, to blogging and have re-started my blog. I joined the party. come see what I love about my cottage....Big Creek Cottage.



Hi Karla!!!

WOW! WOW! WOW! Your home is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get my copy of the magazine! THis is sooooo much fun!!!! Thanks for hosting such a fabulous party. Im a little late posting my pics (busy with the kids all day!) Better late than never!!!
Please stop by LADIES!!!!!



Hi... Sounds like fun... I would love to "play" too... But for now just add me to your list for the drawing. I'm way too sleepy to try to figure out how to link! haha... Love your blog!


Karla, Your house is Gorgeus,this is my first time on your blog love it. P.S. What is the name of fabric you used for under your kitchen sink.

Kristi W

How fun!

Great home!

I have just added photos of my favorite room in our house, the living room. Please visit it here:


Kristi W

How fun!

Great home!

I have just added photos of my favorite room in our house, the living room. Please visit it here:



Hello Karla! I have joined in the fun...so please add me to your country romance party! I love your kitchen. cherry


I am doing my nightly blogging, as my kids are in bed, and I hope I amnot too late. I love your home. I found you at Kim's deardaisycottage blog. I just wrote about favorite spots in my home at my blog www.philigry.blogspot.com on Friday! please stop by and read! I can't wait to check out all these blogs.


Hey Karla, I hope I'm not too late to come to the party. I have just update my blog with pictures of my home. Hope you and your visitors like it.




First of all, I LOVE your amazing kitchen.

Second, my blue and white striped kitchen wall is my favorite part of my house. Here is a link to a previous post, featuring the blue and white and stripes that I love so much.


A Fanciful Twist

Oh my goodness! I LOVE your home! Can I come live with you for a day???

What about my home... Oh, I just love a place to have tea aprties, a place that always feel ready for tea party fun... I just had a tea party and still have some photos up about that... So, there is my sharing ;)xoxoxo


First of all, I LOVE your amazing kitchen.

Second, my blue and white striped kitchen wall is my favorite place in my house. Here is a link to an older post featuring the blue and white in our home.

Queenie Bee

Second attempt, so please forgive me if this is a repeat...

I found your delightful home and party through Kim at Daisy COttage, and just had to join in! I've posted a few photos and really LOVE this idea! Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess!


I love your home!!So very beautiful!!
I recently painted my cottage kitchen pink!!
It is one of my favorite rooms in the house.
I believe we must surround ourselves with the people and things we love to live a peaceful life!!

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