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September 01, 2007



Well i can see why you hoard these gorgeous jewels but SO glad you're transforming them into even more stunning pieces! I would want to roll in those flowers too!! please keep posting your designs!


WhooHoo,I can't believe I won something!
I am not very lucky when it comes to winning things. I am so excited!!! And, especially honored to have won something made by you!



I keep all my little scraps of paper, ribbons, fabric etc to use for small projects! Simply can't bear to throw them away. Also have to force myself to use my wallpaper, vintage trims etc!
Nice pic of you and your husband!
Take Care - Rachael oxo


Hi Karla:
I am glad you had 2 winners; Lucky Elaine and Stephanie!
You are sooooo lucky to be able to go to thrift stores and flea markets back in the Mid West. So Cal leaves much to be desired as there is so much junk (from 99 cent and dollar stores) filling the aisles now : ( Central Valley ~ Fresno, Visalia, Merced and the small towns up North have good ones but I still am not permitted to drive : (
Please put me in for this next wonderful give away.
Thank you
Hi to Sugar Wings : )


I really love all of your stuff! I love to leave my vintage goodies out too - so great to be inspired by them! :)


i can't imagine how much fun it must be to create in your studio with all the little fun bits of inspiration you have everywhere!!


Cute Halloween-er stuff!
You do beautiful work Karla!



I must reiterate... you and your hubby in no way resemble grandparents! =)

I wouldn't call your collection a product of "hoarding" because you make such beautiful treasures with them. They are worth every bit of space you can stash them into so you can create!


What a beautiful idea, I wish I could just wander through your studio all day! It just seems like a wonderland! And I love you contest/comment idea. I may have to steal it one of these days. I am doing a little one right now though. Have a great weekend!

Jennie Outterson

Congrats to the two ladies. What a great prize. Love all your stuff.

Natasha Burns

I never cease to be amazed by the great things you find!!!! I should be used to it by now but I never can be! And you get the best bargains. Loving what you have made too, those folders are so sweet!

María Elena

I keep all, if I send to trash something, later I regret. I am fascinated for the folders.


I'd roll in those flowers too...I see someone else agrees!
I love the wee tags hanging on the wallpaper 'wardrobes'. And very nice looking Halloween packs! Those will fly out of the shop.


hah!!! i would totally be rolling around in those flowers if i had such a bountiful stash...i do hoard mine...my stash is VERY tiny!!! i LOVE your folders, they are gorgeous!!!


What a delightful post stuffed with beautiful photos.

Kathleen Grace

Karla, I always enjoy stopping by and seeing what creative and beautiful things you are working on. I tend to hoard too, and only recently have begun to force myself to use what I have for someones enjoyment. It does no good packed away! Thanks for sharing:>)

Alison Gibbs

What a great collection of goodies you have. Great storage ideas and soo.. organised.


Wowie Zowie Karla!!! Thanks so much for notifying me that I won something!!! I'm thrilled to come back & find this on my 'puter!! I'll email you my address right now!

Thanks a million! I'm honored to have anything of yours, sweetie!

Angelic Accents

Flea Market Queen

My goodness...so much eye candy! I love it all...especially the flowers. Your glass containers are quite a find...love your studio!


I know you can find enough trouble for yourself but when I saw these seashells I thought of you...and these boxes too...http://www.reflectionsfromthestonenest.blogspot.com/ Heather at Pretty Petal's mom...


You have been busy busy busy!!! I love the folders you are making. If I put something where I can't see it, I forget I have it too. I love the jars and have been looking for something like that to put goodies in. I'm going to look at my TJ and see if they have some. Have a great day Karla.


karla, O'k I am in love today by one little item that snuck on your blog!!! Tha pink sprinkle can by Lefton in your craft room/studio!!! Too cute!! Glad you had time with handsome hubby! Love, Lori


love the storage in glass, it's too true that if it's out of sight, it's out of mind...plus, all the goodies look so great peeking out of the shiny glass!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Just found your blog! Love it! You have so many beautiful and inspiring ideas! I'll be back!

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