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October 04, 2007



Oh Wow, Karla, What Beautiful Ornaments.I love her art work, as well as yours. I can't tell you how many projects I have thrown away because they just didn't look right or curled, or were wierd in color or something.

I don't think it is possible to have to many roses, I love roses, keep up the beautiful work :)


cindy ~ My Romantic Home

Oh my gosh...I love those ornaments!


The Tasha Tudor ornaments!!!! O my gosh!!! Perfection.
Yes, Carole is a sweetie who shouldn't have to go thru this pain. I'm gonna do something for her. Wish I could be there to tend to her.


Oh Karla:
I LOVE the ornaments you created using SugarWings Tasha Tudor book for inspiration!!! How cool is that : )
This post is one of my favorites!!! You weave a day of normal Wal Mart stuff to drawing antennae on a fairy girl. What a girl you are!!! You are so cool and I thank you for sharing advice on how I can hasten my getting well!!! Physical Therapy.
Take care


I am in love with the Tasha Tudor ornaments and the roses...

I have a friend with a Halloween tree with handpainted ball ornaments (orange and black) with Halloween thing on them... adorable!


I just love those ornaments. Do you make any that wouldn't shatter on the hardwood floor when ceremoniously knocked to the ground by a bunch of cats?? I love the bulbs but after having a few hundred already break, I'm trying to move away from that and into non-breakable ornaments. Last year I did all flowers.



I love your little girl and boy picture. What a fabulous way to finish it and display it! Fantastic! Even though your wreath making is temporary, I love them....



Oh, I love the Tasha inspired ornaments - so beautiful! Sorry to hear about the painted rug. Is there any way to force it to lay flat, maybe stack something heavy on it for awhile?

Karen Young

The ornaments are really nice in the Tasha Tudor style, but I like your signature roses.


Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Rosed out? I could never be rosed out! :-)

I so admire your creativity and love feasting my eyes on these beautiful things. Thanks for taking the time to post them.


Fantastic as usual! I love the fact that the print when from being cute to begin with, to absolutely stunning! The wreaths are beautiful but art should definately not be a chore!
Thanks for sharing your creations with us!


Tasha Tudor is one of my favorites too... I love the way she lives her life also! I didn't really know anything about her until a few years ago too, even having owned a couple books all my life! Someone told me when I was around 20 years old that I probably loved her and I pretended to know what they were talking about!!! It makes sense that you would-- you share a similiar style to your work! I'm not much on making wreaths too... Craig's dad actually taught me how to, but I prefer to just get them already made up. Your roses are so pretty and I love the little fairy girl!!

Elaine L


I love how you embellished the painting print!

I could never get tired of your roses and I love the wreath and the ornaments, especially the wooden star ones.

Simply said, EVERYTHING you touch turns to GOLD!


María Elena

Congratulations by your posts. I love the roses, although in my garden still not have the roses buttons .


Yep, Tasha is a winner. I have all her big people books, and a few of her children's books. She did the drawings in the book "THE SECRET GARDEN " too.
Glitter is wonderful stuff, I must buy more. I used a lot this week.
Sorry about the floor thing, but look at all the other good stuff you did. I know I hate it when I spend a lot of time on something and it doesn't end up right, but we must move on. ROSES OUT THERE WAITING FOR GLITTER!


No such thing as too many roses. I need to find a few more places next spring to plant some.....perhaps a blood red and a yellow. Your roses are beautiful and last a whole lot longer :-)


Your talent floors me!


Always lovely. Loved the vintage print in its original state but just beautiful once you had finished with it! The wings look like they were always there - Rachael -xo


Oh Karal, how could you not know about Tasha Yudor. How sad. She is a ver independent and intersing woman xoxoxo Clarice


love the ornaments and the wreaths. I cannot believe you painted that piece of linolium in only an hour!!!
cool stuff as usual!!!

Jacquelene Langeman

Karla-the rose lady. I just can't get enough roses, they are glorious. I collect roses-anything roses, one can never have enough roses, that would be like too much chocolate, not possible hee, hee.

I love all your creations they are just beautiful. I think the fairy girls antennae curl up nicely under her bonnet when she puts it on, because of course she is a magical fairy girl, her fairy antenaae would never giver her bad antenaae day!

Thankyou for sharing on your blog and your wonderful garage sailing and thrifting and your creativity and all your wonderful roses.

Jacquelene Langeman

Sandra Feazel

Roses just make everything more beautiful, especially the pink ones!!! I love roses and love to paint roses, never enough of those!! Can you use the lineoleum piece in a frame (could be tacked to a masonite piece to flatten and then framed (thinking ornate frame from a garage sale!) or have you tried putting large (heavy ) washers epoxyed to the cornerson the underside. They are used sometimes for curtain weights to help panels hang straight...just a thought...hate to see that lovely thing go to waste!!! or can it be wrapped around a waste basket to make it pretty?? Now I will be thinking of ways to use it all night long!!! LOve LoVe to see your posts on your blog each day!!! Adds beauty to my world! and I can't wait to get my cupcakes that I bought off etsy!!!-Sandra

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I don't know, but in my book I don't think there is such a thing as too much roses! I always love looking at all your beautiful pretties! You are so creative and your things are such eye-candy! Thank you for all of the inspiration!


oh my are all the ROSES beautiful..simply gorgeous.....such talent
Great job on the WREATHS too...such lovliness
debsblog at gmail dot com


What a cute idea, to paint such beautiful fairy wings and bring a charming print to life!

Raised In Cotton

Hi Karla,

Everything is coming up Roses!!! Love em all, just beautiful art as always.


Michelle E.~Vintage Pastiche

You put us all to shame! You do more than 10 people in one day! :) I love the ornaments inspired by Tasha Tudor. and that print is SO cute!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes it was wonderful to have all the lovely comments.



I just love how you can paint anything!!! I cant say enough just how talented you are and how jealous I am! also, I LOVE the wallpaper covered frame of the little girl and boy... LOVE LOVE LOVE them!


Hello, I was enjoying your art work. I love your birds the most!


I FINALLY found a copy of Romantic Country last night! I sat right down and looked through it. I really enjoyed the pictures of your lovely home.
Also, I love your rose ornaments!! They're beautiful!


wow, roses, glitter and Christmas ornaments--who could ask for more!! There can never be too many roses in the world! Love the fairy girl too. I think it is a great improvement on the picture.


I love what you did to the picture. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, you always have such wonderful eye-candy to look at. tami

Flea Market Queen

I love the roses on the linoleum, sorry it didn't work out!
I received my tag today...Love it!
Thank you so very, very much.


Your wreaths are jaw-dropping gorgeous!!! And no, there can never be too many roses. Thanks for all the inspiration. I love what you did with the picture and those frames. It is kind of strange you'd never heard of Tasha Tudor. I wish I'd bought some of her rubber stamps when I had the chance!!


No such thing as too many roses, especially the way you do them.

Your Christmas things are getting me motivated. I'm pokey and need a good head start on holiday ideas.


Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

I love the ornaments that are Tasha Tudor inspired! Just beautiful. You are so inspiring. Thank you.Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen


I love your wreathes! I just made a fall themed one for my front door. The ornaments in a star are so perfect! Did you see the swap that Monica is hosting? You are definitely perfect for it. http://monicaanderson.blogspot.com. I love the Tudor ornaments. I'm going to have to check her out!


Tasha Tudor-oh I love her! And I love the ornaments that you painted from the book! Wonderful.


Beautiful ornaments, Karla! I can't wait to get to feeling better & go shopping your store again!

Angelic Accents


I think you are becoming my favorite blog to look at. You are an amazing artist and I love your style. Thanks for inspiring me.


I am so glad you are joining our ornament swap at PRh and enjoyed visiting your blog.


Love, love, love that pink frying pan. What a fabulous find. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog was so much fun to read. I hope you'll visit again. Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn


Love, love, love that pink frying pan. What a fabulous find. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog was so much fun to read. I hope you'll visit again. Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn

Hermy Blake

Hi! I'm sorry to bug in, but I just couldn't resist. I couldn't help seeing all the blog, from top to buttom! And it's very dificult for me to admit this: I never though i'd find someone craizier about fairies than I am. You got me surrended. I loved most of this site. Some things are too "messy" for mt style, but boy, ain't this just the world i'd be living in?! I wish I could cross paths with you and your world someday. It seems so... magical!

Congratulations for everything. From now on, you'll be my idol, after the fairies, of course!

Cindi Hoppes

Evening, I was just on your site last evening and here I am again! You are so talented. I love the charms, the roses, and Somerset Magazine! Cindi :)


If this is a dup, please forgive me. I couldn't find one Giveaway spot and I think I posted somewhere else.

Thanks so much,

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