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October 30, 2007



Beautiful Beautiful Creations! I saw those pearl letters at Michaels and purchased my initials ~ never thought to use them like you've done - very clever!

Have a great day.
Sandy :)


I love your banners. I have a few of the pearl letters myself. I'm still deciding exactly what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration!


Awwww! Such lovely banners! My SIL is named Joy, she'd love all these!


Its funny cos I am making Xmas Banners also. Love what you did with the dollies dresses:)


Oh just gorgeous Karla!! Who needs to clean and do laundry and boring mundane things when you could be in the studio doing this?!? :)
I had seen those pearl letters in Michael's and was trying to think of something to do with them...I think you found the perfect idea!!


Thirteen days and they'll be there to film? I'd call out the troops to help get a move on the tidying! The Fluffy Flowers studio might be clean if given that many days :)

Natasha Burns

Beautiful banners Karla!!!! I love them all!!!


Love allyou pretties! I love the word joy too, it works for so much! And the doll clothes are darling, as are the banners!

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Karla, such beautiful banners, we want them all too!! Very inspirational and just gorgeous! JOY, what a wonderful word :) Jenn and Jacqui

Karen Young

Oh Karla what beautiful banners. I love all the different styles.


Jen R

Love your stuff. I laughed when I read "can't believe I didn't paint over it." Jen

cathy nash

I really like the banners, and so many different looks! It's always a delight to visit here.
Have a great day~


Karla, where do I begin?? I love the banners. The Peace sign you have hanging on the door (a little cock-eyed) is precious. I think it's my favorite. But I love the antique frame. You know the one you didn't paint. Everything is great!


Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I love how you are avoiding all the "things to do" so you can play in the studio! I do the same thing, things falling down around me and "tra-la-la isn't this fun?" !! Banners are beautiful and love the doll clothes idea! (I did this with my kids infant clothes i posted pictures in July or Aug!....but now I'm thinking I need some cute little doll clothes to go along with them!


I am going to reiterate what everyone else is saying: I love those banners too!!! I think you're getting even better, if that's possible! I think you said you weren't selling them (yet) because of your tv shoot, but if you do.... I want one!!!! Your doll clothes banners are also wonderful. I am just amazed at how creative you are!!! Don't worry about getting everything done because to me, it looks as though everything is done...you just keep adding and rearranging (which in your house is a constant anyways!!). It all looks GREAT!


Joy Joy Joy
I love everything you've posted today! My!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I am going to have to head to Michaels for some of those pearl letters! Love them! And the framed doll dresses are just precious!


I just love all of those!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Love your banners Karla! SO pretty!


How wonderful it must be to go in your studio and just lose yourself. Just let everything "simmer" in the house because it will get done, won't it? I think I need a studio.

Sweet Remembrance

Love all the banners! I am having a love affair with banners right now!
Aren't those pearly letters wonderful?
I got several at Michaels too...
The framed doll clothes are so precious...
love those!

Suzanne Harley

Karla as always, just love what you have done! The doll's clothes are sooo cute!

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Stunning! Simply stunning.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Alison Gibbs

Karla, the banners are lovely. Sometimes it is hard to part with your creations! Love the vintage dolls clothes.


Hi! I just tagged you for a little halloween tag, I just wanted all my friends to visit you!

María Elena

The banner are beautiful, it seem easy to do.
The doll's clothes blue is wonderful.


Karla, Love the frame. I have a soft spot for old frames.The banners are lovely too. How do you find the time?Your glue gun must always be loaded.


Ooh - the pearl letters. I must get to Michaels!!! You very, very clever girl.
And the banners....... oooh...


Love, Love, Love the banners...can't get enough of them!
Would you mind sharing where you found the silver glittered letters?
You are such an inspiration for me. I need to spend less time on the cleaning and more in the studio!


Oh these are all lovely! I'm feeling all Christmas-y now!!


Okay, what local tv show? I want to be sure to watch it! Love the little vintage frame, so cute!


Oh my goodness, I LOVE that NOEL Banner!! So vintage looking!!

Angelic Accents


I'm lovin all the JOY stuff! lol

kari and kijsa

Okay....we missed the drawing because it is the first :( but love, love, love your stuff....so inspirational...and those banners....yum...yummmmm!

Have a blessed day...

kari and kijsa

Sandra Feazel

Love those banners!!! I quickly went to your Etsy to snag one, but they aren't there!?!?!?! How do I purchase one, are they all going to silverbella? I NEED (often mistaken as WANT) one for my studio!!! Can I get one???? Just love to see all your fabulous pictures and read about that little cutie!!! She did make a perfect Dorothy!!! and you are the prettiest witch I have ever seen!! Looks like October was a fun month with your family!-Sandra

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