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October 02, 2007


Flea Market Queen

Karla...I am screaming with excitement!
I can't wait to get the tag & I will definetly wear the charm. Love it...


What a beautiful post! I must peruse it again and again to get all the details.....but for now, I am off to the airport.....


Your posts are jammed packed full every day. I don't know how you do it. But I'm glad you do! Everything looks great!!



I love how the one fairy looks like she is fluffing her hair. Do they see you coming at the grocery store? I figure they should just have you pull up and load the car for you! LOL.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

I found the Romantic Country issue at Wal-Mart. I still haven't had a chance to really sit down and savor it yet, though!

Just love the room -- so nice. I don't put a lot of fall colors in since I have pink roses everywhere, but I do like to bring the season in some. I'm loving the white pumpkins out this year. When I first saw them I thought they were painted and looked fakey until I saw from a friend's blog in Germany that there really is a variety of white pumpkins. So I got one! I'd love to find the little ones, too.


I just stumbled on your blog from a friend of a friend... well, you know how that is.. anyhow... I love your things!! we too live in an old farm house that is a true work in progress AND.. I am dearly in love with fairies... when I do my post on my fairy door I'll leave a comment so you'll know...

....Lots and Lots of blog love for your tags and jewelry... I am not so much creative with my hands... happens in my ehad but can't make its way out my fingers... I'm very envious of your work! Lovely things!!

Carrie West

Oh my goodness~ I just stumbled upon your blog! How beautiful. And i love, love, love your fairies. Don't take them down after x-mas.. Every fairie deserves a good home!!!!! And wow, what a chandelier. I love those too!! take care


I've sometimes wondered if it is difficult to create an autumn feel in homes where there is a lot of pink, but you've done it beautifully Karla. Everything looks so nice. It always does here!

Mary Isabella

So many beautiful things. I thik the faries have found a great home. Please visit me at Daisy bouquet.


Fabulous fairies, I'm with you, all year round for those, they aren't particularly over-the-top festive, which is great!

María Elena

I liked your study, I have joined some drawers and I have painted them of he himself color to arm a furniture where to keep my things.


Your work space is really pretty. I even love the little desk you have your etsy things on! As I was reading your blog, my teaching partner called and is going into the hospital to have her baby now!!! Talk about shift of focus!! I love those roses too.. $1.99?!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Oh that charm for Priscilla is so pretty!! I love that desk you bought...just the right price too!

Pinkie Denise

Karla.. I love all your bargins. I am a bargin
hunter too. I order some vintage wallpaper from you on etsy and I have to say it is ablsolutely wonderful I love love love it.
Thank you so much. Do you ever sell it in bigger quanities. I need some for a few cupboard door panels I am painting pink? Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed you blog Pinkie Denise


Everything on your blog is sooooo beautiful! I'm all set to tear everything out at my house and start from scratch! lol


wow for your creativity..love your office...love the rose too...blessings, rebecca

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Ohhh Karla I want to come bargain shopping with you!
Wow I am jealous of all the goodies you found!
Love Love Looooove that desk especially!
Love the book marks too..soooooo sweet!

Thank you for the virtual hug....I needed that!

Blessings, [email protected] from my cherry heart


your 'office' looks pretty, pretty to me! But I do love your personalised bookmarks, what a lovely and thoughtful idea. A girl can never have too many flowers or fairies - all year round! Happy Fairy Dust to you - Rachaelxo


As usual very pretty stuff. I am still working on my last thrift store find - a small knick knack cabinet that I spruced up and painted - then I added several layers of gesso to the areas I wanted to stamp on and color with colored pencils...almost finished.

Dayami Lauzurique

I love fairies too. This past Sunday I saw the most beautiful Christmas tree full of fairies. It was spectacular.
Have you seen the fairies by Katherine Kent? I have a few of those and they are adorable!!!

Dayami Lauzurique

...sorry I meant Jacqueline Kent ;)

Elaine L.

I love the bookmarks you sent with the magazines. How thoughtful of you!

Oh, if only I could find a place that sells flowers for $1.99!


Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Priscilla is one lucky lady! I love that charm! I was lucky and found the Romantic Country magazine at Books-A-Million. Had to make two trips to get it, but I got it!!! I was so tickled to see all my blogging friends in it!! Loved your spread in the magazine! Barbara

Junie Moon

Wow--your post is so full of wonderful little treasures to discover, both in terms of the writing and your photos. I've enjoyed every little bit of it and I wish your aunt a terrific 100th birthday!


Great flower finds! And I just love your studio!! So creative!


Oh my goodness! You mom-in-law is from HOME! I knew we had to be connected! Which part? We just moved from Syracuse which is between SLC and Ogden. Small world! You are such a wonder, the things you do in your house! Thanks so much for sharing! Now I need to go to TJmaxx, Brittany's room is a fairy room and I think she may need some of those for Christmas!

Jessica (jessrose21)

I love your office and that sweet little blue desk. Great colors and eye candy!


What a wealth of things you've posted to look at. I need to go back and study all the photo's again. AND then I need to go buy some of those fairies. Hope the local TJMaxx has them.



As always your posts are sooo inspiring! Lovin' your studio... :)


The TJ Maxx fairies are pretty. They usually have them around the Holiday season so they are out pretty early this year. I may go today to see if they have any left to add to my collection.


Your office is adorable! What a great place to work. I'd actually like work if my office looked like that!



As usual, great stuff! I love coming here. That attic room looks cool! Show us more when you get more done?



What beautiful bookmarks! I so enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your office area. What a wonderful place to work!

cindy ~ My Romantic Home

Wow, beautiful things! I just love TJ Maxx! Lucky Prescilla...I LOVE that charm!


Karla, only you would paint that car pink. It is so cute. How lucky your grandaughter is to have you! I love every nook and cranny of everything you do. It's great fun and so wonderful to look at.

Amy P

your blog is fantastically entertaining! I'm getting adicted to it :) TFS!


As usual your blogs are very inspiring. You really have a knack for decorating, when you can make fall decorations fit in a pastel setting!

britt-sparkled vintage charm

gorgeous pics as always!!!!
I adore your studio!!! Fabulous chandelier!!!


Your posts are always overflowing with goodness. So much goodness here, but I just have to mention...loving all your faeries! :)

Karen Young

Lovely fairies and great flowers. I alway enjoy the eye candy



"Only" two bookmarks and a rearranged room? That sounds like two days work to me! LOL Of course, I'm easily distracted. I'd have looked through all the magazines I had to move, ate three snacks and two meals, took a nap......

Vicki Chrisman

I dont know how you do it Karla! Your blog is like a magazine on it's own. Amazing ,beautiful things ,that make me smile! Thanks for Sharing your treasures with us!!


I love the fairies. How nice to have them hiding everywhere!

Btw: it was not slow at all for me today:)


Woman, you have more energy than anyone I know! I love visiting your blog and seeing what you have been up to! TONS! Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration!

Cottage Contessa

Very cool studio/office! You are one very talented lady. It's a funny thing because I did a post on my desk/office today too, although I don't create wonderful treasures in it like you do!
Amanda(aka Cottage Contessa)



Love your studio/office. The bookmarks are sweet and the fairies are so delightful mixed in with your fall decorating. I did get a copy of Romantic Country Homes and loved your home. I adore that skirt under your kitchen sink and the corner cupboard is so nice with your rose china. The paint job on your bedroom ceiling is amazing!


the feathered nest

I have been looking and looking for that issue. I usually am able to find it at the grocery store first and then the big book stores - weird I think!

There's so much to see in this post - love the fairies, the tags, the desk, your work area and all your bargains!



Beautiful... I really love the fairies :) And I think they could easily be part of the seasonal decor all year round!


I STILL can't find the magazine. Maybe Lowe's will have it. You accomplish so much in one day that it makes me feel so guilty!! I didn't even dress yesterday ~ just wore my jammies, took Tylenol, sipped Sprite, & yakked on the phone a couple of times!!

Angelic Accents

Cindi Hoppes

Morning,Karla! I love the way you use your "finds" in such creative ways. The fairies are unique and stunning! I have heard that Fairies, Unicorns, etc. are very real. They live below us in their world! Cindi :)

Michelle Ward

karla - love your cage! great idea!! all your photos are so lovely. thanks for sharing with the street team.

Michelle Ward

karla - love your cage! great idea!! all your photos are so lovely. thanks for sharing with the street team.

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