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October 09, 2007



Very serial! Them slipcovers look pretty good for a lady who is not that into sewing. Your mother will be proud. Take Care xo


I LOVE the idea of the vintage book pages as wallpaper!! The new look you achieved is fantastic. My mind is ticking now.....where can I do that in my house!?!?!? Your talent and style is boundless as evidenced by all the lovely looks you have achieved with a few changes in fabric...I would love to be able to tackle slip covers..the possibilities are endless!!
Have a great week

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Wow! All I can say is that I think you are AMAZING!The new wall and couch look awesome. If you ever come to Australia, you'll have to make a house call for me!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


I can't believe that wall!! You could SO come to my house and do that! And the couch turned out really pretty too. Love it all!!


Good gracious! And all I did was teach school!

María Elena

Beautiful your wall, I am looking for a place in my house where to make that treatment.


Good God, you're talented! I can't figure out how to put slip covers on each time and here you go and make them. And made them beautifully! Then the wall paper treatment. When you find time to sleep?



Your slipcovers are amazing ! I will be tackling making slipcovers soon, -first time for me :)
Love how you just get going on a project and get it done !
Hope your son's arm heals quickly.


Love the Wall.....Love the Sofas......all the versions! You are a whirlwind of energy and a catalyst for change. I think you've revved me up to finishing the covers for the couch in the TV room :)


The book page idea is wonderful. Love the results!

Beth Leintz

Wow! You did it! It looks great! When DO you sleep?


I absolutely LOVE what you did with that wall. And the slipcovers, wow! Seriously, is there anything you can't do? :)

Cindi Hoppes

Hello Karla! First of all, you do really beautiful work! Second of all, please send me some of your non-stop energy!!!!! Cindi :)


Beautiful! But you haven't shown the entire history of the living room - it used to be a living room, then you made it into the dining room (with many different looks)then back into a living room and all the changes thereafter. You certainly are a "serial decorator" - and not only with your own home. Can you even remember how many rooms you have redecorated for others? Have fun with Sugarwings & I hope Adam gets well soon.


WOw, Karla you are inspiring. I love that you are always playing with the look of your home. xoxoxo Clarice

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

This turned out so nice Karla! I can't imagine being able to do this ... I feel lucky if I like one thing I do with my decorating!

LiLi M.

I love those walls, pity that we cannot see the metallic glaze but fortunately I have a good imagination. I love your titel 'serial decorator' too! I wish I was one, I'm only a serial decorator in my head. Always thinking and changing in my head, but doing too little, having about 1400 projects still to go. I should need two little armies with gnomes, working for me and being a bit competative, which gnome army will win this time? ;-D
Have an inspiring day! Love LiLi


You make Martha Stewart look like she is sitting around twiddling her thumbs!!!
Sugarwings looks so cute and I love your makeover :)
Now...Hallmark has their ornaments out and there are two fairies you are going to want...

michelle fitzgerald

The whole project is just amazing! I do feel a bit better about all you accomplish now that I know you don't sleep all that much! So do you slip cover the whole couch of just the cushion you sit on and throw pillows? It all looks really professional!


i love what you did with the wall....


The wall is fabulous! I especially love the metallic sheen you've given it and the red "Paris". And so fast!!!

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Wow I am inspired Karla.... I can sew but have never challenged slipcovers...I'd love to though!
Yours are wonderful!
And that wall....oh la la....
I Love it girly!
I was just playing with old book pages on a bird cage for my upcoming etsy shop and love the look~
Hmmm maybe a wall will be next! te-hee!

And that sweet fairy grand daughter....ouuuu what a precious lil angel!
Grandbabies are the best are'nt they!
Enjoy your time with her...everything else will wait!

Hugz, Dolly


Wow! Do you EVER sleep? Walls, slipcovers, beautiful fairy babies - all Wow!!!!


Again, you amaze me! It took me a couple weeks just to fit in sewing one pillow and you completed a whole couch in days!!!
I hope your son is feeling better soon... I can't imagine not being able to use my arm!
The wallpaper turned out so nice. I wasn't sure how you were going to get a cohesive look but by the end it all looked perfect together!!


Well, you are obviously a much more accomplished sewer than you admit to being -- those slipcovers are beautiful! And the wall -- wow! Glad you're such a serial decorator, because we get to see all the beautiful changes.

Flea Market Queen

Holy cow Karla...
You totally amaze me! You are definetly a serial redecorator. I am so blown away...

Raised In Cotton

Karla, You must never sleep!!! Just perfect!
I nominated your blog for "Makes Me Smile" award.



I love the new look, you have so much engery.


OMG I am even more jealous than usual... I want to recover a chair and I am so intimidated by it. Looks like I need to come check out your slipcovers up close to see your tricks!! I want to grow up and be like you someday... only problem is that I'm already older than you!!


Wow, wow, wow!!! I am in awe of that wall and your amazing talents! You are so creative and I just absolutely love that idea!


cindy ~ My Romantic Home

I love the new wall! Wow, I bet it even looks better in person with that metalic sheen!

I want to make slip covers for my sofa but I've been putting it off because I'm afraid I'll make a mess out of it!


Sorry about your son's arm! ooch! That happened to my left elbow before. But what fun for you to have the baby for a while!!!

And your house is soooooo dreamy! Wish I lived closer so I could see it in person! =)

Daisy Cottage

Okay, I figured it out - there are TWO of you! You and your identical twin are two incredibly talented, high-energy designin' gals who also happen to be amazing artists. Yep - THAT'S how you turn out all of these beautiful projects and creations. There are two of you. ;-)

britt-sparkled vintage charm

gorgeous pictures!!! I love the walls!! what a great idea!!!! Big love!!! :-) xo Britt

Karen Young

You are an amazing girl. I love the look...
Great slipcovers and the wall is fantastic.


Barbara Burkard

way kool ms karla...way kool!


Elaine L.

Lady, you are amazing! The slipcovers and wall look spectacular. You don't mess around. I can't believe how fast you work.

Thanks for posting the steps to how you did the wall. It was very informative and I will bookmark it for future reference.

I hope your son gets better real soon. That elbow dislocation sounds really terrible.
Luckily they've got the best grandma in Kansas to help them out.


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your slipcovers turned out great Karla! I'm waiting for the Karla Show on HGTV!


I love what you did with the walls. Had you seen that somewhere or did you just go for it? It turned out really well. I like how the overlapping on the pages got darker like a frame for each page.


Jennie Outterson

Your slipcover looks great. Love the way you showed us step by step you doing your wall. That was awesome. All your photos are over the top. Great job.


Karla, Your such a whiz!! I would love to try the slip covers but I'm chicken! What I really would like to do to the sofa really...light a MATCH!!! Hate it! Love ya and little fairie dumplin! Lori


The soft white, floral, vintage room is very pretty. I like the cathedral-esque window on the wall. Have a lovely day.



You don't have to move - you have 4 different rooms there! Your husband must be confused sometimes wondering if he's in the right house! They are all really cool.



Oh Dear Karla! You are amazing!! I want your energy!! Could you move in next door? lol I love the old book pages as wallpaper! Completely incredible!! I love your blog....you always have such fresh ideas! xo


You amaze me! Where do you find the time and energy?! Your creativity is truly endless - such an admirable trait! I wish I could come up with new ideas as quickly as you do and I wish I had a husband that would let me go with it! If I told him I was going to but book pages on the wall he would definitely not be open minded!


Hi Karla!


Also, is this the correct posting spot for your GIVEAWAY? I'm a little confused. I was going to link to you from my blog so that more of my blog friends can check you out. I am just not sure what post the Giveaway is on.

Have a great day!

Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage

Karla, Your decorating skill is impressive. How nice to be able to change your decor according to your own need for change!
Your fairy grandbaby is just the cutest little lady!

nicole nathan

hey!!wow you have a lot of comments!!haah
but i like the wall with the pages on it!!its soo cool, but yah, ill ttyl!
love always,

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh my goodness! I'll have some of what you are having! You amaze me! Can you bottle up that creativity and energy? The couch looks fantastic! Love the wall too!


I love your house!!! And thanks for the tip about adding an extra coat of the base coat over the faux finish. I did a similiar job on my last bedroom, and couldn't get it QUITE right...!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I am impressed! Impressed that you find the time to do all of this!! I like all of the looks!


You are such an amazing woman! What an energy!! Love the wall you coverd with book pages!

Enjoy your day!

karen benson

I love all your rooms! Especially the newest but none of them are a dud! You have beautiful taste! karen b...


Your blog is amazing! I think some of your projects show a lot of creative bravery.

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