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October 31, 2007


Maria Rodarte

Oh my the pet cemetary would creap me out. But really neat. Love all your Halloween decor.

A Novelist

Happy Halloween! :)


thank you for the ghostly cake...

it was simply yummy!


and, i find comfort
in that pet cemetery,
i do...

keep on with the Blog Halloween Party!
so many places to visit!

María Elena

I have enjoyed with Halloween decor view in the blog.Here in Chile the commerce have treated of enter these party without results.


You have a pet cemetary...LOL!WOW! Can you read my fortune some time? Harry is waiting for you......


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Happy Halloween Karla! Loved the tour!


Love that ghost cake! And what an adorable butterfly. Happy Halloween :)


Happy Halloween!Thank you for the piece of ghost cake,delicious.Love the ghosts in the birdie house.


Happy Halloween from the blog party!

THat Cake was so YUMMY! LOVE IT! That pet cemetary scares me tho. Reminds me of that MOVIE! ha

Have a great Halloween and LOVE that pix in pumpkin patch. SWEET! I can see why it's your fav.


Hi Karla,

What a sweet picture of the two of them in the pumpkin patch from the back -- and that pet cemetary is just too cool!



awww, Sugarwings is the cutest butterfly ever! Awesome pix of you girls!
Too cool that you have a Pet Cemetary on your property! Happy Halloween!

Karen Young

What fun I had visiting today. Great spooky display.



Hey Karla,
Happy Halloween to you, sugarwings and all the sweet souls at the pet cemetery.

Thanks for the cake. It looks great!

susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, Happy Halloween to you and your family. How very fitting to the holiday to have a pet cemetary. Down right spooky! Enjoy the candy. Susan

Flea Market Queen

Thanks Karla...
You are a sweetie for sure!
I love the photo of your handsome hubby and Sugarwings...What a great picture!
Have a wonderful time tonight with Dorothy & Toto too...

Kathleen Grace

I would love a piece of cake! Why not? It's the biggest sugar rush day of the year! I hope you have fun with your little DOrothy and Toto tonight. Can't wait to see pictures:>)


Darling picture of grandpa and grandbaby!

Paris Parfait

Wonderful photos! And a pet cemetery? Did you pay extra for that?? :) Enjoy the party! Happy Halloween!

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Isn't Halloween the most fun? And it is more fun when you have grandchildren to help you get involved! The pictures are so much fun ... but ... alas ... I think I gained weight just looking at that yummy cake!

Happy Halloween!!


Sugarwings is so cute in pink!
Happy Halloween......
oooooo, this means it's time for me to decorate for Christmas now!


Your hubby looks like he's chasing a little pink butterfly!!! That photo is wayyyyy too cute! This is such a fun post, and I'm with you... discounted candy tomorrow!

PS - the Crafter Challenge is tomorrow. =) I'll be doing a blogroll for the event and I'll put "Karla & Sissy" for you, as your Sissy participated, too! =)

Sandra Evertson

What a Magical Witch, emitting a rainbow from her hat!
Happy Halloween!
Sandra Evertson


Wonderful post Karla.
My favorite photo of my son and husband is similar to this one of your husband and Sugarwings.

Happy Halloween to you!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

So many BOO-Ti-Ful pictures!!! Happy H-Day !!!!
Cool pet cemetary!!


Madam Karkina, I hope you have a lot of fun tonight!!! I got your tag ;)
I am running to get pizza for the family before catching up with friends for a couple hours of trick-or-treating which is just a HUGE party around the block!!!
I agree with you too-- that photo of Mr. Karkina and Sugarwings is one to blow up and frame!!! :))

Daisy Bouquet

I like the entire post but i am crazy about the cake and the ghosts in the birdcage. Happy Halloween Mary


I have never watched that movie, Pet Cemetary, and never will! How spooky and unusual to have one on your land. So have you ever buried a pet there? What kind of candy are you going to look for tomorrow? :)


I love the pic of Sugarwings and her grandpa! Must be something about pictures from behind. I have one of my son holding my nephews hand walking into the ocean. It's one of my favorites!

Glad there's no Pet Cemetery around here. Didn't you see that movie???


karla nathan

thought I'd clarify the cemetary:

A good friend had a dying cat and had owned her for 18 years and was heartbroken.

He lived in the city and asked if he could bury her on our land, since we were in the country. And asked if he could put up a sign.

We said, sure, as long as you don't make it something a horse could trip on in a snowdrift.

Next thing we knew, there was a 9' tall, $800 custom made sign in our field!!!

Natasha Burns

Happy Hallowween!!! Love the little pumpkin cottage. Wow you have a pet cemetery??!!!!


How cool - I have never seen a real Pet Cemetery - the cake looks delicious!
Happy Halloween:)


Hi Karla,
You are just the best grandma. I love reading about all your adventures with Sugarwings. She is so, so cute.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Awww.....the picture of your husband and sugarwings is adorable! That would also be beautiful in black and white! Also...the cool effects on the witch hat!


Sugarwings Looks Darling! Love your witch Costume & That Birdcage is adorable, all of your party was so fun., Happy Halloween :)


Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

I too love the photo of Sugarwings and your hubby, and the cake looks terrific! Happy Halloween to you!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Heather Ales

I've had such fun reading your blog today! The Pet Cemetary would totally creep me out too. I'm oogy like that though. No horror stories or movies for me - no siree! See you in 7 sleeps!


This is fabulous Karla. I should have known you would out-do yourself! Sugarwings is such a doll!!!

Happy Halloween!

Jo Anne Owens

Love the photo of your little pink butterfly! So adorable, aren't they? Hope you are enjoying the fun!


Love the pic of grandpa and baby. A great shot


trick or treat! lovely blog you have there!happy halloween! hope to see you at my blog!


Karla, Sugarwings and grand dad look adorable! i'd cherish that photo too cause we both know how fast they grow!! can't wait to see dorthy and Toto!!! Lori


What a fun post--so much going on this time of year. Great costumes and decorations.
Oooh the pet cemetary is so cool!

Leslie M

I love this post. I will be a (close proximity) grandma in January, and I will be caring for my grandson two days a week. (I CAN HARDLY WAIT) It's so cool to see these photos of you and your husband with Sugarwings. I love that name. How will I refer to Kiran . . . .


niw that's a hat...have we danced yet...hope you're having a ghoulish day...blessings, rebecca


Love the ghost cake and the bit about the pet cemetery is unreal. It looks really old. Does anyone still come to visit their pets anymore? And how cute Sugarwings is in her butterfly costume!!

Happy, happy Halloween!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

I had so much fun reading this post!!! Sugarwings is ADORABLE!!!!

I love the old rusty Pet Cemetary sign....

I would love to be at a party with you..How fun!!


Happy Halloween to you too:-) I remember the first time I watched the movie Pet Cemetery...scared the bejesus outta me! lol May I have another slice of that ghost cake, it is sooo delish!! hehe Love that pumpkin with the tiny crystal ball inside and cauldron. xo


Hi Karla, found your blog over at SB and love all your photos! I too will be getting up early to scoop Halloween deals!


Hmm, I think I left a comment but don't see it now. If not, I loved reading your blog and hope to meet up with you at SB.


Fun post! Happy Halloween to you, too!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Oh, how fun! Please include me!

I am enjoying your thoughts and photos!


Debra Schoch

Always fun to visit!

Elaine L.

I can't wait to see tomorrow's photos.

I love the ruby colored witch's hat!



You totally crack me up. I had a great time reading your blog today!


Loved the picture of the two of you!


Three cheers for niece Shelli!!! That cake gets the prize.
Love the JOY banners from yesterday :) And the prism coming out of your witchy hat...


I came for the craft challenge from Beachy, but stayed for the party! I could eat that whole cake...love all the spooktacular decorations. Love your blog. I'll be back.

Karen Young

I went back to your 200th post and looked at the challenge pictures you and Sissy did. Excellent. I love your card and Sissy's fairies. I really like how you colourized the photo.


Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche'

As always I can count on you to bring a big smile to my face everytime I come a visitin' :)

I've missed visiting here everyday :( Stoopid job they expect me to cut down on my blogging time. ;)

Thanks for the wonderful pictures, sugarwings is SOOO cute as a little butterfly.



Loved your post. I know I am late. Still trying to get to everyones party. Hope you had a Happy Halloween.


oooh, count me in Karla!

LiLi M.

Hi Karla, just dropped by to tell you that the bird hats are currently sold out but perhaps I can get you an egg hat in stead? LOL

Love everything about Halloween, but your pink sugarwings is the best, that picture of that tiny pink butterfly with big granddaddy is so awesome and as you said will turn out to be a favourite of the both of them in the future. Here in Holland the shops are going to let us believe that we should celebrate Halloween too, but with little succes. Thanks for your inspiring pictures again! Love L.


one scary witch with one scary house - pet cemetary??? I also am very talented after a few wines!!


So funny, I did the same thing, stocked up on candy this morning which seemed insane after the loot my kids brought home. My excuse was it was for hubby although I think I have eaten half a bag of milky ways so far. Now my logic is to make myself sick with chocolate making it that much easier to give up next week--probably not going to work huh? Loved the sugarwings and grandpa pic, why are they so cute walking away? And can hardly wait for my pictures! Oh, I hope I win this month!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

oh I love the Pet Cemetary...that is SO cool!

Thanks for your sweet words about my blog Karla...I feel the exact same way about yours. You always have such fun and creative posts. So glad we have gotten to know one another!! I can't imagine blogging without reading your blog!!!! :)))


I went to the pumpkin patch twice this year - I had to go again to bring the granddaughter. Wish it was open all year round. I'd just go visit the little pumpkin plants and watch'em grow.

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