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December 11, 2007



Oh Karla, everything is beautiful!

I just finished my post and have ALOT of pics posted, hope no-one's computer crashes lol!

p.s. I am SO going to try that fudge recipe, it looks delish!


I love the way the lights flicker on the tree at night when the whole house is shut down, the dog is at my feet, and my husband is watching sports on TV. The kids are asleep, the laundry hums in the dryer, and I actually have time to look at all the ornaments and remember the stories they tell...the year my father hung a picture of himself on our tree so I'd always see him each holiday morning even if he wasn't here, the angel my son made that is now missing part of its crown, all the teacher ornaments I received from students...your life is in these ornaments but you really only see it once a year so it's so special!

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

I am going to try your fudge recipe....its alot easier then the one I use!

I am off to take pictures so I can Join the holiday fun!

Thanks for putting this together!

Hugz, Dolly


I just love everything about your holiday home esp. those darling photos of Twinkle - such a cutie! I've got my post up and am ready to party through tomorrow! Like Joy, I may have gone on photo overload.

Shannon (Paint Mine Pink)

Ok im almost done...like Joy i have lots of photos....

Thanks Karla !

p.s FUDGE..Oh be still my heart...YUMMO


I'm almost done with my pics! I hope everyone enjoys! :<)


María Elena

Beautiful pictures.The butterfly sun catcher is wonderful.My photos are in:


Oh, nick of time for your event! I didn't identify my post properly for the party, but I just posted some holiday photos. Nothing as spectacular as these, however! Your home is so pretty, Karla! You all are welcome to come by and see!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

WOWIE! My fav fav fav is that white tree that has found it's way all around your home! What a terrific idea! I would have NEVER thought to do that! The ornaments that have so many memories attached is my next fav here! I stopped on my way home from work....got the stuff to make the fudge...came home and made it! THEN I read this so A) I didn't use peanut butter...(I didn't know!) and B) I did not use a mixer! boo hoo! I guess mine will be flat and not fluffy! My family is wagging their tongues at the fridge right now! Merry Christmas Karla and thanks for hosting this wonderful party! I can't wait to see all the homes!I'm joining the party too in about 30 minutes!

Shannon (Paint Mine Pink)

Oh Karla i forgot to say everything looks so beautiful. I know you must be tired of the snow but i think it looks so dreamy and romantic...we have horrible heat here at christmas time....i'll swap you!
Shannon :)


Hi Karla,
Your home is just beautiful. Such inspiration! Thanks so much for giving us the recipe for your fudge. It sounds so delicious and easy (which is something I love). I am all ready for the holiday home tours and have been looking forward to it for a while now. Please add me to the links:


Can't wait to see everyone's homes!


Ohhh that fudge!! I love it! Think I will be making some of that. Your decorating is amazing :)


I make that fudge too, but have never beaten it and it is delicious and I always get compliments. I will be posting pictures in a few minutes, although I don't have that many yet.

Thanks for hosting,
Janet @ housepeepers.blogspot.com


Karla, well i knew it would be and your holiday home is AMAZING!!! everything is just so beautiful, thanks for letting us have a peek and for the yummy sounding fudge recipe!!!


Hi Karla! I will share "What I love about my home at holidays" starting at 10:00 Central time on Wednesday, Dec. 12th. Link up to me at http://www.abitofpinkheaven.blogspot.com

Love your great ideas Karla!


Wow! Your home is just beautiful! It is the exact feel I would like to have one day down the road when my girls are all grown and not into everything, not to rush their years. I love your blog and I am just even more excited about decorating now thanks to your party. Hope to have you visit my home!


Hi Karla, your home is so beautiful and I love all your decorations! I am posting my pictures of my holiday decorations tonight since I have to work all day and all night tomorrow. I will join in the party when I get home, I can't wait to visit everyone's blog. xo, suzy


Wewh, what a party already!! Karla, your home is absolutely amazing...as always! Just posted tons of pics of mine. Come for a visit one and all!

Holiday cheers:)


Hi Karla!!
I love, love, love your holiday home and I love that you are hosting this great blogging event! Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous and I would be pleased to be added to your line-up of tours!

I just might try that fudge...me: the non-baker!!



Hooray! I enjoyed seeing your house, Karla, you are so very creative- I want some fudge, now, waaah!!!

I am ready to party, too! I've got my blog all spiffied up for yall:

I just can't wait to start blog hoppin!


Hi Karla, your Holiday Home is just so beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting this great party. I have my home ready for all who would like to visit.

Blessings, Shelley


vintage flair

I love that you call your sister, sissy. That is what my girls call one another. I hope it never changes.

What I love about my holiday decorations is my Christmas tree with my Pam Garrison banner on it. I LOVE to decorate my tree and get out all of my favorite ornamnets. I also love to help my girls decorate their own tree! Here is my link.


Your home is beautiful!

Marina Capano

Hi Karla!!!!! I love your post and your photos and history.!!!! I just finished my post,In my blog. I hope love it!Please you visit my blog: http://wwwpurocolor.blogspot.com

Marina Capano
from Argentina


Everything is LOVELY!!! And your first photos of all that ice are amazing!!!

I especially love the ornaments you bought with your Mom - those are always the most precious. And your fudge...MMMMM!!!! I haven't made any yet this year. I'd best get on it!

I'll have my holiday post up tomorrow morning once the kids are off to school. =)


Thanks for showing us through your beautiful home! Stop by my baby's decorated nursery tomorrow at www.sandy-sandyscreations.blogspot.com!

Sandy Claus:O)


Your home is beautiful. It is exactly the way I would like my own home to be one day, once my girls are older and not into everything. Not that I am wishing their years away.

I am so much more excited about decorating my home now thanks to your party. I hope you will visit my home!


Hi Karla, will be joining the party soon, have to take my daughter to sing some songs at the local hospital first with her choir. Be back soon with a link to my holiday home!
Alicia ~ time worn style


HI Karla, I just finished posting my pictures so here is my link.


Hey karla!! I love your house its sooo pretty! I love the white tree what a great idea on how to save money and half the tree!! I will have to give that a try!

well I am done with my party post! Hope yall enjoy it!! Toodles- Sarah



Okay, my post is up for everyones' enjoyment at Housepeepers.blogspot.com
Thanks and goodnight.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Hi Karla! Your home is as beautiful as always. I've posted my holiday home on my blog. Come on over and visit!


Wow! If I could make it look that good, I might make 35 pounds a year, too. ;-) And I really like the way you parceled out that white tree! Well, always one to be different, I've been posting one pic a day since the first. My version of a virtual advent calendar. :-) BUT if you leave a comment on my december 8 post you'll be entered in the drawing for tomorrow night! Hope to see you there!


Love this party! I just listed a few Ice Baby pictures on my blog. I am thinking I might just keep this party going all week!!!!


hoganfe handbags

Beautiful Karla! I have my home blog decorated too stop by!


Ok Karla! I'm ready... Please add me to your wonderful party list!!
Hugs! Nancy


I'm ready!! Just posted my photos for the party!! :)


Love the yummy fudge reciepe...it's a must try for me. I'm sure going to have fun on the home tour. Loved your holiday decor and what you did with the Martha tree was great. Have a wonderful day. Linda


Oh Karla, your home looks so warm and inviting! And I love how your yorkie even got into the act posing for some of the pictures! Cute!! My home is ready and the door is open, so please stop by here:

Carrie@Oak Rise Cottage

Karla, Everything looks great for the holidays. Thanks for sponsoring this party.
I am all ready at:


Karla, your home is so beautiful and festive and the fudge looks scrumptious! Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful party. I have just posted my photos on my blog at


Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Cathy (hazelruthe) :)

I'm off to view all the other wonderful links.......

Mary Lou Weidman

Oh what fun to see your beautiful home for Christmas time! I would be honored to pass along your site to my friends! Such fun and wish I lived close enough to visit! I think we could have fun together.
Thank you for sharing the spirit of the Season! Loved the cover of the Tiara book! It looks like it fits in with the colors, the beauty and the sheer fun of you home.
Merry Christmas!
Mary Lou
Mary Lou


It looks like you are going to have a beautiful white Christmas both inside and outside of your home.

I'm not a decorator. The only thing I do is put up a tree. But hanging out online with you wonderful ladies have encouraged me to be a little more creative next year.

Blessings to you!!!

Kerryanne English

Hi Karla,
Just love your holiday home and that fudge....mmmmmm, going to make myself some of that.
The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in our 'holiday home'. Please come and take a peek at:

Merry Christmas,

Mary Lou Weidman

I just had another close look at that fudge. Good grief, I think even Martha would be jealous. Do you know how wonderful those photos are? They are right off of a great magazine page and I wish I could make it appear at my home.
Thanks for the fun vacation away from "have to's." This blog is what Christmas is all about.
Mary Lou


Wow Karla, your home is gorgeous! You really are in a winter wonderland!! I can't wait to try out that fudge recipe!! I'm drooling all over my keyboard!

I have A TON of pictures posted!!


Hi Karla! Oh it looks wonderful!!! How wonderful would it be to wake up and see everything is white!!!
I got my party post up. Now I'm going party hopping!!!! Fun!! Thanks for hosting this great party!!


Your home looks great!! How much fun would it be to wake up and everything you see is white and coverd in snow. Just love it although it rarely happens here. Here it only rains during Christmas.

I got my party post up so if you could add me to your list... I am ready for some partying!!! Got to visit a lot of places this morning! I'm off!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun party!!!

Sweet Remembrance

Hi Karla...
Thanks for hosting this again!
I am ready for guests...
Happy Holidays!


Karla, I'm going read your lovely blog, and leave my comments but I have not been listed been listed in the party, please dont forget me.



I'm loving all the wonders at your house--to be there surrounded by all that beauty must be divine. I've posted my simple little home celebration on this post: http://junie-moon.blogspot.com/2007/12/tie-one-on-and-love-your-holiday-home.html

Thank you for hosting this party as I'm positive I'll learn a lot and be amazed by everyone's creativity.


Hi Karla, I've joined the party!!


Lots of photos too, am off to check everyone elses now :0)
Alicia ~ time worn style


Hi Karla ~ my party pics are up now! It is 2am!! Love your pics & how you shared so many special memories with us, especially all those items that remind you of your dear mother. Precious bird ornaments, love that bag, too.

I've got to make your fudge!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Hi Karla, I have posted. Your house looks magical, the fudge to die for, the dorkies photo perfect as always ande ice outside is just perfect!
Thanks for hosting this, I am off visiting now:)Take Care - Rachael - xo


Hi Karla,
Your house and fudge look yummy! I just might have to make some. Thanks for the recipe.
I've just finished posting for the party. Here's the link:


Thanks for hosting this, it must be a lot of work for you!


Oh Karla you started out the blog party so right!!! Love it! Well, except for the ice storm(pretty pixs tho). I'm wanting fudge about NOW too! YUM!

Here is my post:


Can't wait to start surfing around.
PS-I just get such a kick out of your doggie....sneaking in for all those pixs. Ha! What a cutie, I wanna take that doggie home. I almost got a Yorkie but instead picked a Shih Tzu(my blog AKA: Bloggin Shih Tzu) Just think it would have been called Bloggin Yorkie(if I would have gotten a Yorkie.Ha!

valerie @ wanderlustNpixiedust

Hi Karla! Just posted some pictures of my holiday home. I will be posting additional pictures later throughout the day. I have to say that I think you cutie pie doggie is my favorite. What a sweetheart!



Hi Karla,
Oh,your home is gorgeous.All your photos so
My pictures are in:


Hi Karla, it's 5:30 in the morning here, and I'm drooling over your fudge! Your decorations are GORGEOUS! I have posted some hoiday pictures at:




Karla, I want snow, I want that white christmas, you have. Me well stinking hot every year although last year we had that much hail stones it did look like snow, there's that fudge again, quick get me a cloth to wipe the drool away, thanks for the recipe, your decorating tips and ornaments are fantasic and beautiful, LOVE everything!!
Thank-you again for letting me into your home.

Merry Christmas to and your family



what a great idea! I love seeing all of the pretty homes and great vintage decorations! It has given me some great ideas!


I've finally put up a post for the party. It's 3:25 a.m. Oh well, who needs sleep, eh? (Dang, now I'm gonna have the Barenaked Ladies song stuck in my head.) I put it up on my studio blog:

Thanks for hosting such a lovely idea.


My goodness I'm not late am I?

Finally posted what I like about Christmas, thank you for putting the party on Karla I think I might go and make a cup of coco curl up by the fire and browse the lovely virtual christmasy blogs.

Thank you for sharing your home with us Karla it's beautiful.

Happy Christmas and best wishes

Ginny (in England)


All the bits of Christmas you have in every room are delightful! I am bound and determined to try making fudge this year along with Scappy Jessi's peppermint bark. I even bought a candy thermometer! Thank you for sharing and putting this all together. It is cold and wet here in Phoenix and the kids have the stomach flu, so have been looking forward to sitting back and taking a peek thru blogland at all the the things people love about they're holiday home!!

jessi nagy

hey miss karla!!!
i posted late last night!!
your post is awesome!
thanks for doing this!
what fun!
jessi nagy


Hi, Karla! I'm ready for the party too...would love to have everyone stop by & I can't wait to see all the rest! Your blog has a lot of eye candy & I am looking forward to taking the time to browse it more carefully.

Merry Christmas from Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality! Not sure if my link is live, but hopefully you can fix it.


Gina Smith

Hi- Please link me. I have posted pics on 3 of my 4 trees (last year 5). Nothing unusual, but c'mon over!



Karen at Junking in Georgia

Thanks for hosting a wonderful party. I cannot wait to see everything. Junking in Georgia : www.junkingingeorgia.typepad.com is ready for Christmas. It is too warm in Atlanta to have a fire going but I will turn the AC down low and we will pretend it feels like Christmas. Please come by. I will be ringing your doorbell soon.


Hi, Karla, I just posted some of my favorite things about my Holiday house. I wanted in on all the fun, too!!
Your post is precious...I love everything about it.
Thanks so much for doing this...I can't even imagine how busy this is going to keep you for several days! I love it all and know everyone else does, too.
Happy day, bj


Come on over! Most of the things I love are vintage!



Welcome! Come on over to my house and take a little tour...I have done a couple of posts titled "these are a few of my favorite things"showing you my favorite Christmas keepsakes...and lots of pictures of my home. Thanks Karla for hosting this party! your the best! Blessings, Gail thetatterednest.blogspot.com


Okay Karla I'm ready now :)
Your home looks wonderful and wintry and that fudge is on my to do list now!!! Thank you for all the fun :)


Morning, Karla! I've posted my crowded little Christmas house! =)


Now I'm off to see all the prettiness in blogland; thank you for hosting this dear Karla!


Come on over to my Christmas Cottage!

Thanks Karla!

Lennea Truesdell

Suzanne Duda

Hi Karla,
I can't wait to take a look at all the beautiful homes and blogs...I will be busy for a week! Please add my link and stop by when you have a chance! Merry Christmas!
Suzanne Duda


I just finished posting what I love about my holiday home!! I am looking forward to spending some time this afternoon taking a tour of all of the wonderful homes!! Can't wait!

Natasha Burns

Hi Karla,
Thanks for the beautiful tour, I love your ideas for the white branches! Are your branches on fake trees detachable??? Ours are all attached permanently, they just fold down and you spread out the bits!
I've posted on my blog finally!!!


Hello Karla,

I want to join the party too.



My post for the party is up. :) What fun to see everyone's home- Thanks Karla, for throwing this party :) Merry Christmas wishes to you :)


Karla Thanks for hosting a fun party. I have joined, go check out Mr. Crow


Karla I just joind the party Thanks for hosting. Mr Crow is waiting for everyone to stop by

rhondi mullins

Hi Karla Your home looks wonderful. I love it. My home is ready for the open house so count me in! This is fun.

kari and kijsa

What fun....we want to be part of the party...we've got the table set and the tree lit...stop by at www.kariandkijsa.blogspot.com.

Have a very blessed day,

kari and kijsa

Sweet Remembrance

Good Morning Karla...
Decorations are up,
Waiting for my guests!
Thanks again...
(I also have a few at http://www.fleamarketqueen.blogspot.com)


Wow! Lotsa people already and its still early. I'm just getting awake here and can't wait to see everyone!

My post is at fromthepines.blogspot.com

Thanks for hosting Karla!


Karen Young

Hi Karla, I've posted a few of my favourite Holiday decorations over on my blog. Your home looks so inviting and I have to keep looking again and again because I find new things each time. I'm now off to check out all the lovely decorations at everyones home.



Hi Karla! I will be joining in on the fun just as soon as Blogger decides to let me upload photos today.


I think I am be going with Typepad next year. Thanks for th eparty!


I'm all ready for you darling. I have eggnog waiting...



HI Karla! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your home! I got some up on my blog so swing over later! Happy Holidays !
xo natalea

Southern Heart

Karla, your home is lovely, lovely!, and so festive!

I didn't know about the party until this morning, but I would love to join in, too! You are so sweet to host this...What fun!


xo, Andrea

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Karla, so much to read...so many wonderful ideas..you are the absolute best for doing this...Thank you and happy holidays. Big, big hug!!! Susan

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Your home is beautiful! I love how you used one tree for many decorations. What a great idea! Thank you for inviting me to the party. I have posted several pictures of my decorated home over the last few weeks. You need to read back thru a few posts....My blog is http://lavenderhillstudio.blogspot.com


Sorrrrryyyy forgot my URL!!



Lovely pictures...

What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace (Agnes M. Pharo).

Enjoy the Season



Karla! I'm such a clod!!!!! I never commented on your home! Which is gorgeous BTW. Although I had no doubt in mind it would be anything else. I love the idea of splitting the tree. Gives me a thought!




BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented! I'm from Indiana, email me and tell me where your sister lives in Indiana.

Merry Christmas!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Karla! Your home is sooooo sweet and filled with so many pretty things! Come on by my open house..I am participating, too.
Thanks again for hosting this! Becky and Duhgall (my Scotty)http://www.sweetcottagedreams.blogspot.com/

Kimberly Ryan

Lovely! I love the idea of your hanging keys on the tree! Very fun. I posted pics of my friends super shabby romantic holiday home , hope you check it out! Kimberly:)

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Karla! Count me in! Your home is glorious!

Becky and Duhgall



I don't blog but sure do enjoy reading them. I came over here via Artsy Mama and am I ever glad I did. I enjoyed my tour thru your lovely home so very much. I like how you have decorated so many areas with that one white tree. Thanks for sharing your home with us. I am an apartment dweller so my decorating is pared down from years past but I still love decorating my cozy space. I usually switch things about each year and one year I will decorate the tree and all in red and the next year it will all be in moons and stars and then all hand made ornaments. Happy Holidays!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Hi Karla!! How pretty your trees look.... hope you are thawing out soon!! I am finally up and ready for the party.

Your home pictures are gorgeous!! Thanks for hosting such fun parties!xoxo

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