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December 11, 2007



Karla, just wanted to let you know that I'll be among the stragglers at your party, but I am so enjoying what all your guests are posting. Your house is a feast itself!

Renee Alam

Hi.I hope it's ok that I don't have any pics to share.My life is rather boring right now since my husband got a job in Virginia & my daughters & I are here in Michigan trying to sell our home.Anyways,I hope I can stay and maybe make some new friends.My fave thing to do is decorate my dining room table with all our pretty dishes & domed cake plates,etc & hang flower balls from the lights.Now I will have to make some of that great fudge to go on my table...maybe I should start exercising now. :) Anyways,love the blog,the pictures & this great party!!Renee


I could not miss the party:) I love your photos!


Your house looks BEAUTIFUL! I am now all set and ready to join the party.
Merry Christmas!

cindy ~ My Romantic Home

I just posted my holiday photos. I sure loved looking at yours and I can't wait to check out the others! That fudge looks so good, it's making my mouth water!

Lynn at The Rose Cottage

Hi Karla,
I just finished my "Holiday Home" post, I had to do it all this morning because of internet troubles. Please come on over and visit. I always love visiting your home, it is soooooo dreamy and your Christmas pictures just show it is even more beautiful right now.
Mine is not as dreamy, but I love it :)


Maria Rodarte

Love your home Karla, Can I have some fudge hehe! Looks so yummy. Here is my blog post about my home. www.thejunkkdrawer.blogspot.com

Miss Sandy

I finally got the old Grinch Blogger to load my holiday home photos so I am ready to link up with the virtual party! I adore your idea for spreading your tree all over the house by breaking it up! You decor is wonderful and I am so excited to get to particiate and to vist. I'm off to pay some calls.
Merry Christmas,
Miss Sandy

Debra Schoch

hello Karla, your holiday home looks Devine! as to be expected! i did up my slide shows for the party and link back to you, plus I have a free giveaway for the party!


Everything looks magical, Karla! I am sure that your little sugarwing loves coming over to see.

I have three posts up about what I love about my holiday home. The fireplace is on, and tea or hot cider in the kitchen, along with some cookies and special French marrons, ofcourse!


Kim McCabe

Wow, so many people are participating! This'll be a fabulous day I'm sure! Thanks Karla for hosting this blog get together! Feel free to send people over to my blog, I've added many pictures and even some free vintage clipart :)

Curiouser and Curiouser


Hi Karla...Finally got my pics posted! Great party...Can't wait to sit down later with my coffee and see everyone's lovely homes! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!


What a treat to see how everyone decorates! My favorite things are out in all their finery now, too!


Daisy Bouquet

This is so much fun. I love what you did with the white tree. I am going to make the fudge thank you for the recipe. Have a wonderful day. Mary

Julie size

Well -more than anything ~ I love living on a farm in the country! That lends itself to every time of the year though. As for something specific to Christmas.. well we put wreaths on both the outside of the barn and also on each horses stall door on the inside. Sadly - I do not have a photo of the inside weaths yet!


Hi Karla,

Everything looks so festive and beautiful! I'm ready to join in the fun :)


Amy P

I've got my sweet and simple home posted now :)

Now, I'm off to start the tour!

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

Thanks for hosting the party! Winter is here in Central Vermont so I am looking forward to a cozy evening visiting everyone. Please stop by and say hello.


Wow, that was fun! Wish I had a blog to share my pictures. I love my house at Christmas! I burn apple cinnamon candles because they make me think of Christmas. My tree is a fiber-optic artificial tree, which I added indigo blue led lights to because I love them! I have ornaments that I've made and some that my kids have made, some that I've gotten as gifts and ornaments that I've had since I was a child. This year I added dozens of crystal chandelier prisms that I LOVE!!!

I love how you used the White Christmas tree in so many different ways! You are very clever!


Your home is beautiful Karla, and OH the fudge! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party I have had a blast looking at everyones homes today!
I just posted a few snippets of mine too.
Thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAys!


oops forgot to leave you my URL
sorry about that!
Monica from

Pearl Maple

This list is getting huge !

The holiday party on my blog is a little scattered because we have been on the road for more than 2 weeks and another week to go before we 'arrive' but adding lots of finds from our travels and little news clips over the next week.

Thanks for hosting & thanks to everyone for participating.


Mary Alison

I am so happy I stumbled upon the opportunity to come to another of your parties. Now I just need to set aside a week or two to browse.

Seriously. 'Cause there's not much else to do this week. Right?

kari and kijsa

Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess! We are having a ball-we just love to see all the wonderful ideas shared here...and we even have a little diet coke to drink in the holiday cheer!

kari & kijsa


I stumbled upon your party while visiting the Artsy Mama blog. I hope I'm not crashing when I say, Y'all come on over to my place for a while.

I just have a few things up, with baking and candy making still to come. But the things that are decorating the house are the most precious to us.

Thanks for hosting this gathering. I'm going to be visiting all these lovely places in the next few days. Inspiring and refreshing!

het lieveheersbeestje

This is so great, all you ladies and your families have such nice places... Please come over to my humble home in the Netherlands too and see how we decorate our house? You all are welcome!!


Merry christmas..from mama Lieveheersbeestje


Hi Karla,
I just joined the party! What a fabulous idea - it's amazing to peek into everyone's homes decked out so beautifully!
Many blessings,
Sandy ;)


Karla, who knew so many people would come to this wonderful party!! Please add me, I just posted pics of my dining room, more pics of living room coming up! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Heather - Speckled Egg

Hi Karla!

This is so amazing!!!! I can't believe how many new and wonderful blogs I will have to visit!!!! Thank you so much for putting this together!

I've just added some photos to my blog too!



Just absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Just trying to get my head around snow in December ! In fact snow at all, being an African :)


I am so happy to be part of this fun party! some of my pics are up I will add more tonignht! I love the forties and fifities as you will see in my kitchen. Hugs to all,Angelina


Your house looks gorgeous!!! And even the ice on the trees (Mother Nature came to the party too!!!) I wish I could've joined in today! xoxo~ Bethany


Hi !! I thought it was today! Silly me! heres my link anyhow~ My house is always open!

Vicki Palmer

Love visiting all of the holiday decor. Please add my link with my posts of some of my holiday decor.


Just wanted to say thanks to the "Hostess with the Mostest" - great job Karla! I know you worked hard at it!

Joy :)

Jennifer Grey

Did you just hear that? It was my thighs screaming when I looked at that delicious looking fudge! Yumm!!


Denise Mares

Your home is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

Miss Sandy

This was a blast! I just clicked off of the very last site, and yes, I did visit them ALL! What a great day to be sick and in my jammies all day with mothing better to do than blog away!Thank you for hosting this event it was wonderful. Please email me your address so I may send you a hostess gift. Great job! Merry Christmas, Miss Sandy

meg duerksen

hi karla.
i missed the beginning of this party...but i still got to see the sites.
everyone is welcome in my home too. i love you white tree.


What a fun idea!
Merry Christmas!


Karla Darling so sorry to be just a tad late. I didn't want to miss the show of all shows and to say thanks for letting me play. Please go to http://primtiques.blogspot.com
Merry Christmas everyone! Hugs, Terri

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Karla, You must be exhausted. You throw one hell of a party darling. I just finished leaving a comment on the last blog. I figured is you went through all the trouble of doing this, then I could visit everyone and I did. Thank you so much. Big hugs to you. Susan


Wow. No one could duplicate your beautiful outdoor winter wonderland. Thanks for hosting this wonderful event.


Oh Karla...it must be menopause...yes! I blame that! Things got so wild here in the last two days (nothing bad just wild!) and I forgot. I am so ashamed...and now I need to go visitng with each of these wonderful people.

AND, YOUR home is gorgeous. Now that I had any doubt! The white trees...ooohh. Next year I want at least one mid sized one. I love you oh so special ornaments..the ones with great sentiment are the most precious!

I hope I can redeem myself in some way!!

BUT! You had such a huge turn out so it was all so successful wasn't it!!

Love it all...

Love and hugs,

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Hi Karla! I loved seeing all the photos of your beautiful home! I have been in bouncing from blog to blog all day just looking in awe at all the talent, creativity and inspiration! Everyone did a fabulous tour of their wonderful homes! I have truly enjoyed every home and am so thankful that you hosted this event for all the ladies that participated. I know you must be exhausted by now.... well, then again, with your energy, I don't think you ever get tired! LOL! But truthfully...I have had the very best of times with your holiday tour of homes! I hope I didn't miss anyone!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh my- you must be so tired! I can't get through the list, it will take me days, but so much to see and so inspiring! Thank you sooo much for doing this! I feel like I just bought 200 new magazines and I get to sit and look through every one of them!

Barbara H.

I'm late, but hopefully not too late to join in. My holiday party post is here:


Thanks for hosting, Karla! As always, I love looking at your home and the way you put things together.


Im very new to this, but LOVE your blog. All the Christmas decore is wonderful. Your home is beautiful, too!
Happy Holidays, Stephanie


I LOVE your blog and beautiful decore ! Thanks for all the hard work !!
Im very new to this, hope Im posting correctly !


Hi Karla,
What a wonderful idea showcasing everyone lovely holiday decor.I love what you've done with your house..its looks spectacular with all those pretty ornaments. I shall go check out the other blogs too ...thanks for sharing such a delightful idea. :)

ta, Adla

Alice W. of Faded Rose Cottage

You must have been one busy lady today!!! Well...I am definitely LATE to your party (but don't feel bad...I'm late to everything!). Anyways I am posting in two parts because I didn't get to photograph everything today...including my tree! So Part I is up now...and Part II will hopefully make it up tomorrow! Thanks again Karla! Your home looks sooo lovely! I can't believe how many places you used your white tree! I love it!


What a wonderful party! I'm having so much fun!!!! Love your home, what a smart idea using your white tree so many ways. Lovely! I'm new to this, hope I'm not to late. Thanks for all your time posting everyones links - it's been great to see so many others who enjoy similar things as me! Merry Christmas!

Barbara Jacksier

Oops, I hit post before finishing I started my morning in The States, visited South America, Australia and New Zealand. This was truly an inspired idea.


So sorry I'm late joining the party but have been in bed with a bad cold, sore throat, we all know the feeling.

I'm just finishing up my entry now so please hop over, everyone's homes look fantastic.

Happy Holidays



Sending sweet thanks for hosting the blog holiday party Karla. :)
Have a sign-up for one of the chickem wire cloches if your intrested :)
crystal xo

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Hi Karla! What a grand idea Holiday Home is. I've visited lots of the sites and have lots more to go. Please count my Blackberry Creek in. I've been decorating all week. Thanks a million. Oh, and I love your decorations, especially your white tree.


Wow, what a splendid posting...so much work. I could spend a whole month here enjoying all the homes and blogs.

May God bless your celebration and may He fill your heart with Joy!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
(come meet us if you get a free minute ;-)

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Hi Karla - I know I am sooo late, but I was sick this week and would love to be a part of this great party. So I just posted some pics of my Holiday Home. I have to go and visit all of these great participants. Holy cow the list is so long! Great job!


Hello Karla,
I hope I am not too late to join your wonderful Christmas Party, I saw your link on
Shesewpretty, I'd like to join and enjoyed all
your holiday decorating its so pretty.
Pinkie Denise
at http://pinkpomegranate.typepad.com/

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

And now that I have taken the time to tour your home, all I can say is WOW Karla! You do have a ton of energy and everything is so beautiful! I'm amazed!


I'm late but we just got home from our vacation this morning. I have a few things up and will add more as I can. I can't wait to visit everyone's holiday homes.




Hi Karla,
Link me up I have a story about the Shiny Brite ornaments on my tree that my Mom bought over 52 years ago.
I am very excited about your party. Link me to it please. Thanks :) Bren


Sandra Feazel

Well, i am running behind as usual but did get in a few quick pics of some of my fav holiday goodies and will continue to add more as the weekend comes. Thanks so much, I love looking at so many holiday things on all the sites!!! so many very talented people out there!!! -Sandra Feazel

Denise hopetreestudio.blogspot.com

What a pretty blog love everythign. Denise


I absolutely love your white tree and touches of white. Your Yorkies steal the show for me though-love this breed and share my husband with our Yorkie Lily. Would love to hear/read more about your babies, so will check your tags. I'm late for the tour but added my link, and you're welcome to visit!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh Karla... if I had just had a peice of the yummy looking fudge to eat while I was checking out all those pretties... I would have been in Heaven!!! EVERYTHING is just stunning! Thanks for having the most gorgeous blog ever!


Hi Karla!
Wow ~ this has to be the most wonderful post I've ever seen! I can't believe all the hard work you have put into this for so many beautiful Christmas homes! I'm sure I'm too late to join the party but just wanted to congratulate you on such a great job! Your home is just lovely decked out for Christmas & I know I will be looking at each blog that you are featuring in this Christmas occasion!

Happy Holidays!


Oh geez Karla, I'm so sorry I missed out on your party! I've just not been on my game lately, but I love your holiday decorating (the top of the white tree from MS is genius!) and a Dorkie goes with any decor, right? LOL!!! Can't wait to go check out all the links and see all the holiday festoonings! Happy Happy Holidays, and happytrails!!! xoxo carlene


Wow! Sorry I'm late to the party! What wonderful and inspirational decorations. :)


I would love to join the party!
Please add my blog if you would like!!
What a beautiful home you have and I LOVE this idea of the holiday home party!!!


Im BLOWN away at the response to your party. This has been soooo much fun! Thank you for hosting such a FABULOUS holiday party! :) XO,Jenn


Amazing, just amazing......I'm going to have to take off a whole day to check out all of these Christmas homes and can't wait to get time to do it. Karla, you throw one heck of a Christmas party!!!!

Stephanie Vanderslice

Hi Karla,
I actually put up photos for the first time Weds. but they were all wrong and I had to be straightened out by a more photobucket literate friend. I hope it's not too late.
Here's some of my holiday house.
Stephanie Vanderslice

jennifer Paganellli

totally magical here miss Karla.....everything is wonderfully amazing , rich with the most sweetest eye candy ...You make it so festive ....Your pendants and everything..love your painted roses..what a gift you have..me


I just a little late (OK A lot Late but come see Thanks And Happy Holidays to all!

Dayami L.

Hi Karla,
I was actually thinking about your Holiday Party this week and I checked your blog and I missed it again.
Your decorations are beautiful!!!
And I am having so much fun looking at all the wonderful blogs.
I also decorated and posted on my blog but tomorrow I will post more pics just for your party...even though Im 4 days late ;(
Hope you like it.
Anyway, thank you so much, this is really fun. I wish you and your family nothing but the best. Health, love & prosperity.


I have joined in on your party!

Thanks for hosting another pary:)

Merry Christmas!


Cathy Scalise

I Karla I would love to join your Party. Please add me. I have posted all the lovely holiday pics of my pink and white decorated home this year. Inside and out. Plus a lovely "Sweet Shoppe" area that has all the wonderful faux cakes, candies and glittery lovelies, I've purchased or received through my swaps.
Thank you,


Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Karla, oh we hope we made it in time for your wonderful party! We have just posted our Christmas in the Bowerbird's Nest downunder! Your home is beautiful :) Jenn and Jacqui

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Karla, oh we hope we made it in time for your wonderful party! We have just posted our Christmas in the Bowerbird's Nest downunder! Your home is beautiful :) Jenn and Jacqui

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Karla, oh we hope we made it in time for your wonderful party! We have just posted our Christmas in the Bowerbird's Nest downunder! Your home is beautiful :) Jenn and Jacqui


Hi, I just love your site and wanted to let you know that I have put your button on my site and have put the Christmas decorations out too !!!
Have a great day


Reading through this post reminded me of what it would have been like to have gone through Santa's "nice" list! Thanks for all the pretty sites. I'll be posting photos of my cross-stitched X'mas stockings over the next few days!


Enjoyed the tour! You have great style.

Add my link if you'd like!


Jennifer Froh

Boy did I miss the best party in town! Well, better late than never, right? I posted my pictures today! LOL


I knew your home would be beautiful at Christmas! I love it all! Ah fudge....my husband has been making it all week. Please don't make me confess how much has gone in my mouth. Egads! I love your layered version--must try that.

Thank you for the virtual tour. I'm not going to miss a single home!


Ginna hendricks

Hi Karla! I love your decorations they're gorgeous, and the idea of splitting up your tree is so smart!! I'm totally doing that next year.
I just did a post for BooMama's holiday homes tour, and if you want to link that into yours that would be fun!


Thanks for making my day a little brighter, have a merry christmas!!



I love a good holiday party! Just got my photos up today.



I love a good holiday party! Just got my photos up today.



Everything is sooooo beautiful Karla!!! Thanks so much for adding me! Your decorating is truly gorgeous!!! I LOVE those pics of your winter garden...so lovely! And that little dog of yours is so adorable!!!! She looks like she's posing, lol!

*Hugs* Dara



Christmas was a bit different this year and I am so sorry I missed this event of yours! Maybe I will take a few shots around here since the decorations I did manage to put up are still there.

You are just the BEST blogger ever. I really appreciate you!

Warm regards,



Oh! I forgot to tell you - your home is GORGEOUS!! Right up my alley. Beautifully done!


The White Bench

Hello Karla!
... I found you via Beachy, I think we share the love for wooden handpainted signs and watercolours (I love making both)!!
Please pop in if you have a spare moment!

And, I'm adding you to my favs! Thanks for hosting this, and Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family!



All so beautiful, Karla! And I love the treasures you've shared of your Mom's! I do love all the white trees! I think I said this last year (that I wanted a white tree) and I never did get one. I guess I can probably get a 50% off one by now for next Christmas! lol You do such an amazing job of decorating! =)


I left a comment here and it is so busy at your place, my computer timed out and I was bumped! lol

You've got such a gorgeous Christmastime charm to your home! You do such an amazing job at decorating! I LOVE those white trees! (NOTE TO SELF - get a white tree for next Christmas!) Have a wonderful weekend, Karla!


Oh wow! I'm not sure where I'm supposed to comment because my head is spinning. I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I'll definitely be returning to follow some of your links. You made it all so intriguing. I loved seeing your holiday home and reading about your fudge recipe. Thanks so much!


Oh my goodness! I love your decorations, have to try the fudge, and all these links look like a fun place to visit when I get a moment this week! Happy Christmas time to you Karla, you are always sharing so much beauty with us:>)

Pearl Maple

Karla, your blog is full of decorative and creative inspiration of the season. Thank you for sharing with us all. Am really taken with the landscape photos.

Pearl Maple

Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection of photos full of inspiration for the seasoh. Love the landscape photos.

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla:
What a lovely home you have ! And what wonderful ideas, too !
I'll have to try that fudge recipie !
Merry Christmas ! Karla.
Deborah Woodrow

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