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December 10, 2007


jessi nagy

were going to have so much fun!
see ya wed!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh Yum! I can't believe the deal you got on those fudge plates! My Goodness.......I'm so happy you shared the recipe, my husband LOVES fudge and we pay an arm and a leg for it very rarely! Now I can PRETEND it was a lot of work but he was all worth it! THanks for sharing that! I love the idea of buying the slate table to remind your husband of home...so sweet!


My mouth is a watering! All that fudge talk, yummy! See you tomorrow:)


Your floor is so pretty! And the pink lights are very YOU!!! I'm sorry I can't link up to your party but I will visit tomorrow!!!! And I love fudge...it sounds sooo good!

Alison Gibbs

Yay!!! It's nearly party time.

Natasha Burns

Hi Karla,
Looking forward to it, I finally put up my trees and lights!!! But my village is still raw and unpainted.... lol!
I've sent you email replies but they aren't getting through again, how strange!

Beth Leintz

How can you make all that fudge and stay so skinny? Maybe some of us are meant to be eaters (me) and some are meant to be the cooks (you). I'm gaining weight just thinking about your fudge!


What a great gift idea to give fudge in those 2-cent dishes. I will have to keep that in mind for next year when I go flea marketing! Love your Yorkies (or Dorkies) as you call them. We used to have one ourselves years ago.


Just chocolate chips and condensed sweetened milk? Sounds sinful and heavenly at the same time! LOL!
I can't wait to see all the holiday-bedecked homes. I'm hoping for lots of great decorating ideas!


You did a fantasic job on the flooring, not many lady's would get down and do some hard yacker. I love chocolate, the fudge recipe sound good to me, Let you in on secret shhhh, I eat a family block, for all you that don't know family size that's 375g block of chocolate a night...yum... yum LOL,
peek-boo kitty looks so cute in the tree,
And is that one of your creations the star at the top of your post I LOVE IT!!!! I want one or two or three or more...heeee, know seriously I do want some of them!!


well, i am laughing because what your niece loves about her holiday home is precisely what i DO NOT love about mine...mr madison is a huge tree climber so i can't put any of my pretty ornaments on the tree *sigh*


Hi Karla
Im weeping!! I dont have the possibility to join the christmasparty. The computer at home is broken and im off from work tomorrow so I havent taken lots of cosy photos or written in english. Besides, in sweden we dont hang our tree until a few days left from christmas eve.
Who doesent love fudge!! But in sweden we boil something toothbreaking candy called knack (you know, the sound when the tooth is breaking) ha ha. I prefer fudge and chocolate../linnea-maria


I am dong the home tour, too. Better get busy!


Karla, I can't find the link but I am doing the What do you love about your holiday home tour today!


Karla, Sent you an email not sure if you recieved it. Had to post tomorrows post today due to family obligation and WEATHER...mainly ICE!!! Won't be online on Wednesday till late evening, do feel free to still ad me in the morning. Later, Lori

Tricia Samsal

Karla, I posted what I love about my holiday home today because I will be traveling tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know early so I can get on your post. Thanks for hosting. This stuff is always so much fun. I am actually traveling to KC tomorrow. I'm so excited to see the snow and cold. Not much of that here in AZ.


I love slate and you did a great job on the floor, it's gorgeous. I have a cute picture of my tree from last Christmas, with our kitten sitting in the middle, too! Every night when I got home from work I had to pick up ornaments from the floor. Once the ornaments were off the tree, the cat would bat them all over the place, so you had to really scour the house to find them!

Shelli Lutton

Karkie: Hint-next time you need tile cut - take them to Lowe's - they only charge 25 cents per cut with their wet saw - cheaper and safer than losing a finger or hand! Thanks for posting the picture of my baby cat - and yes I too have to pick up the ornaments every day when I come home from work. Love ya!

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Karla, looking forward to tomorrow...that picture of your little kitty cat in the tree is priceless...might be my favorite of the season. Susan


I'm getting my post ready to go for your party! It will be lots of fun.

Mary Lou Weidman

Wow, what a joy to visit your holiday home. I wanted photos of the finished fudge that I am so impressed you make up (so much)!
Your holiday home site has a wonderful nostalgic feel, the reds and greens and poinsettias etc., and I thought your charms were charming. And my favorite for last, what a darling little child on your site. That was the best!
Merry Christmas,
Mary Lou

het lieveheersbeestje

Oh, this looks great! And such a cute dogs..
I posted my holliday home pictures on my blog today, but what should I do now? (My english is not so perfect..)


Karla, Just wanted to know what the receipe is for the fudge if you want to add nuts, peanut butter. Sound like i need to give it a try. If it is easy i am for it.
Love you blog.

Jennifer Hayslip

Im sooo looking ready for the party tomorrow. My pictures are PICTURE PERFECT! Just for a short time tho' due to my two little little angels. ;)


Your ideas are so beautiful! I'm enjoying them all and Twinkle should indeed be in as many photos as possible--so cute. I'm so excited about your big party tomorrow and have been working on my own blog post for it.


Just can't wait! And so glad you are having the party early enough so we can all get great ideas from each other for this season!

Love that star, Karla! And Twinkle could climb my tree anytime! Rosie tried to crawl into, literally into, one of my gift boxes last night. Should have taken a pic of that chubby little blonde shih tzu tryin' to squeeze in there!

See you tomorrow~

Angelic Accents


I can't wait for the party! We'll have so much fun!!



ohh I am soo excited about tomorrows party!!! where in the world did you find that crown mag? i love it its super cute!! I am going to get my blog ready tonight for the party tomorrow!! see ya tomorrow! toodles!!

Flea Market Queen

I can't wait for your party tomorrow!
Until then...


Wish I could join in but I've just been too busy. I'll take a little tour in the morning while the kids are still sleepy. Have a wonderful night. Blessings... Polly

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Miss Karla!
My holiday blog post is UP now!
Thanks sooo much for sharing your yummy fudge receipe with us! Anything that's chocolate is a winner to me! Your home looks gorgeous and festive as ever. Thank you for hosting such a fun holiday eye candy event! Happy Holidays!!! XO,Jenn


Somehow I almost missed this! I forgot today was the 12th and I have been looking forward to it! So now I have got my party ready over on my blog too. Thanks so much Karla, sure is fun!


Happy Holidays, Karla! You have the BEST PARTIES! To keep up with you, I listed you on my blog as a favorite! Hope you don't mind!

Come by and visit me! I joined your holiday party!

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