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January 11, 2008



Your artwork is lovely. I'm really enjoying my visits.

Have some popcorn for me..I used to eat it daily :)


Kathy Jacobson

It sounds like a wonderful day! I saw that Somerset article a few days ago, and was so excited to see your name...congrats!

Karen Young

Oh Karla, the picture of Rachael's daughter is fantastic. She will love it.

Enjoy your popcorn.


Jen R

That water color is beautiful! I love the glitter! You'll ahve to share where you get all of your wall paper from. I can't seem to find many interesting ones around here.
Jen R


The new painting is beautiful.

María Elena

I love as you type on your blog, between serious and fun. Not a bad idea to use the pieces of wallpaper in your study. The daughter Rachel turned into fairy is sensational.

Paige Nelson

I saw the headline for your blog and thought I hope this article is not about me! hee! hee! I have been helping my friends promote their modern day fairy tale, Princess Bubble and I feel like the weird old lady very time I try to get up from the floor at a reading.

Your art is a beautiful treat instead!


Rachael is very lucky to be receiving a piece of your beautiful art. It's enchanting.


You are TOO cute Karla...I love reading your blog every day!!!


I'm really lovin' the look of this magazine but I don't think I can get it here in Canada?... Oh well, good thing I live on the NY border... :)


I am a movie-popcorn girl myself! I
CAN NOT go to the movies w/o popcorn! Have you tried 'Orville Redenbaucher's Pour Over Movie Theater Butter'? Not theater popcorn, but pretty darn close! I like to layer the 'butter' when I do mine. (and I just ignore that little voice in my head that tells me it isn't really butter and it really isn't good for me!) I have a big round plastic bowl I use and I pour about a third of the popcorn in, butter, shake, repeat. Yumm. I hate to say it, but I usually eat the whole bag myself - I don't like to share my popcorn!


Love the painting! And I think doing a wallpaper collage on one of your studio walls would be great! Also, have you ever just gone to the theater and gotten a bag of popcorn to take home, without staying to see the movie? My kids get embarassed and think I'm crazy when I do it!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Rachael will be over the moon with the painting of her daughter! How wonderful! As for your growing wallpaper problem, I have the perfect solution. Send it to me! LOL I don't think you're weird at all.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I pick up lots of the Somerset magazines but the Somerset Life is one I haven't found here. Where are they sold? I would love to see it!

Elaine L.

What a wonderful idea to leave a pair of socks for grandpa. I have a small suitcase with some of my daughter's baby clothes. I love looking at how small the socks are and I, also, kept a
well worn pair of sandals with her little toe imprints.



Karla, I have checked around to try to buy the magazine Somerset Life, but the stores do not have them. Is there a address or phone number you can send my way so i can contact them???
Thanks, Janice


You famous person!!! I think you'll need sunglasses at the theater so the papparazzi won't follow you around! Now you have me craving popcorn. Karla- I am really impressed with your fairy painting! I don't think everyone knows how hard it is to do what you do. Now that I've been drawing more, I have become even more impressed with your work! I love the eyes!!! I just read Beth's blog about her wallpaper stash too... you two better get busy!!

Flea Market Queen

Karla...love the painting,I'm sure Rachel will adore it!
I was so taken by the baby sock you leave on your bedside table...you are such a great grandma!
I'm having my 100th post giveaway...
Come on over,

Kerri  N.

Your painting is beautiful!


Hi Karla,

That was so fun ~ I love that you keep one of Sugarwings' sockies on your table. That is just about the sweetest thing ever. I agree on that invisible thing...what the heck?! It is kinda nice sometimes though...


Mary Issabella

Your painting is so very pretty. I like movie popcorn and I love goinginto Target and smelling the aroma of fresh popped corn. Smiles...

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Karla, where do I start?? Visiting you is almost an overwhelming experience there is so much to see! Loved your handpainted cookies!! What a wonderful idea but how sad to have to eat those pretty paintings!



Everything you do is just great-you have inspired me to start my own blog, hope you'll drop a visit!

Grace Palazzolo

Beautiful painting! Oh and loved the "weirdness" post hahaha! I just ate a huge bowl of Orville's popcorn! Great minds think alike. Hugz Grace


Love the crazy quilt wallpaper idea! It's giving me an idea for a collage piece to hang up, just need to hit more estate sales for the wallpaper. Beautiful painting too!


I love the artwork and your drawers full of wallpaper. I love paper, but I don't have nearly the collection I see there. Somerset Life looks gorgeous, I'll have to look for that one. Such a gorgeous blog, and this wallpaper background on your blog totally suits you. Blessings, Karen


OMG your painting is gorgeous! Lucky recipient! I too keep tiny socks and shoes that belong to my nieces/kids. I couldn't part with my baby's clothing so I made a wuilt out of them for each child..LOL! Thanks for sharing your habits/facts!


michelle fitzgerald

Okay, now that I have seen the fairy portrait for a prize I REALLY want to win! It is so lovely! What a lucky winner! I love your list! What fun weird things! Where do you find all that wall paper? I only ever see ugly stuff! Great post!


Hi Karla,

Have been meaning to stop in and tell you how much I loved your bathroom featured in Romantic Home (I think that was the magazine). It's beautiful, and has inspired me to re-purpose an old cupboard I have for the bathroom.

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Weird? Not so much. I understand that hoarding mentality...and the guilt associated with it..if I use it, it will not be there to use again. I think we all go through that, but in the end, you just have to know that there will be more. The more you use, the more you can look for. I also love movies and popcorn, and also feel as though no one really notices me. Sometimes it is good to be middleaged. Susan


Your blog is like my favorite magazine, I can't seem to put it down. Congrats on being featured in Somerset Life, way to go!
Ok girl, you MUST share some of the wealth of all that vintage wallpaper. I am slowly starting an obsession myself. I got awesome deals on Ebay for 2 HUGE rolls. I was so happy and they are so pretty, couldn't pass them up. I hope to have a stash like yours some day. Woohoo for wallpaper!


You did a beautiful job on the painting!!
Sounds like a wonderful day had by all!!!!


Your artwork is stunning. That little fairy is just beautiful


I need some wall paper karla!


Hi Karla! I love popcorn too - lots of butter and salt. YUM. Great painting too! You are very clever. I also admire your love for Sugarwings!! It makes me smile every time you talk about her as I can tell she means everything to you :)


wow its amazing i think it a great picture

Jordan Sneakers

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

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