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January 16, 2008


Alison Gibbs

What a great couple of days. Playing with Beth one day and Sugarwings the next.
Sounds like a perfect couple of days to me.


Catching up on my blog reading and I'm in love with all these gorgeous covers for your swap!
(aren't boxes just about the perfect toy?, Sugarwings is a smart cookie!)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I told Beth that I could never pick one favorite cover. They are all gorgeous!! I love the picture of SugarWings with the little vanity. What a doll!
I gave you and award today. You'll have to go visit to see. You and Beth truly deserve it!


Those gorgeous covers are just killing me! I could just kick myself for not joining that one! Oh well, next time!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Thay are all pretty! You and Beth are so talented. I have to go check out all the blogs that you listed. Many I have visited and some I don't know. Thanks for listing them all.

Elaine L.

Everything is beautiful! What treasures these recipe books will be.

I would love to know how you do those flourishes. Do you use a fine brush?

Very precious pictures of Sugarwings. Your commentary isn't showing up on my screen - the words are cut off. I LOVE the blanket Beth made for her. Very creative use of various yarns.



You two are just the BEST for putting all this time into these books. They are lovely. Sounds like a great couple of days.

Pinkie Denise

Oh, you two are dreaming up and creating magic! I wish I was there, looks like so much
fun and all the vintage wallpaper I can't stand it......What a special work of heart we
will have, I will treasure mine forever, thank
you , to you Karla and Beth for making these so special Pinkie Denise


Karla, you are really rocking the book covers, they are all just gorgeous!!!

and i love the pictures of your sweet little one, esp the ones of her and her furry friend in the box, reminds me of my Jordan {now 15} who liked nothing better when he was tiny small than to be pushed around in a box...let me tell you that was heck on my back but his giggles were all worth it...gotta go, i'm tearing up...oh i miss those days...

Karen Young

All the covers are lovely. I just can't decide which one I like best because I like them all.
What fun playing with sugarwings and twinkles.



Karla, those pics of Sugarwings and Twinkle in the box are priceless! The words about those photos were cut off though.
While they're all beautiful, I especially loved the cover that Sissy liked best.

María Elena

All covers are beautiful, a favorite Sissy is also my favorite.


the recipe book covers look fantastic, you and beth are soooo generous to do this for all of us!!! many many many thanks..I cant wait to see the finished product.....sugarwings blanket looks so soft and warm....lucky girl!!


I'm so impressed - I'm finding some really nice blogs this morning and everyone is so talented! Love the cupcake.

Kim Gibson

You are surrounded by beauty! How did you do the gold flourishes? Is it freehand or is there a product out there to rub on or stencil? Kim G


Those covers look amazing! Can't wait to see which one I get!


Beth Leintz

I think you need to paint that box to look like a train, put furniture gliders underneath and rope handle on the front and call it the Sugarwings Express.

The picture of Twinkle & Leandra in the box are the cutest ever!


Your work is amazing!!
And that Sugarwings is so sweet with her precious blanket.


Sugarwings and Twinkle together - both are just too, too cute.

I'm amazed at all of these beautiful covers! Your creativitiy just keeps pouring in.


kathy lowry

Karla , it is such fun and a delight to visit your blog each day .. The covers are amazing . So bautiful .. I love them all . How would you ever choose ?? Thanks for the list . Want to visit those that will be my new recipe buddies soon . Kathy - Ga .


Karla, Such a precious time with Sugarwings! Gosh one day I hope to have a little girlie around! Until then guess I''ll have to continue to rough house the grandboys!!! Lori

Raised In Cotton

What beauty! From Ms Sugarwings to the delightful swap covers-sigh-perfect! Beth blanket is too sweet. The softness just jumped off of the screen.

robin~thrifty miss priss

The covers are amazing! How long have you been collecting wallpaper? I can't imagine where you are finding this stuff....it's absolutely beautiful! I NEVER find decent wallpaper here (well almost never!)

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Those covers are wonderful but Sugarwings really stole the show!


I am STILL taking down ornaments from the tree! I love the little posting about Green Eggs and Ham and Sugarwings...too cute!!! The blanket looks so soft and beautiful and your covers are SO GREAT!!! Every time you post about them they look better and better! Now I feel left out since this looks like a great swap!

Amy P

The books are looking good!


I love all of the covers! Can't wait to get mine!!

Love the pictures of the grandbaby and dorky in the box, why is it that kids love non toys better than toys?


Your blog brings smiles. What else can be said?????



All that delicious wallpaper used! The baby looks so pretty and so happy all snuggled up in Aunty Beth's blankey. There is nothing quite so good as seeing a child and a dog playing together, I do miss having a dog. Rachael


Now I know what to do with all that broken
jewelry I have. Your creations are beautiful. The photos are wonderful!

m i c h e l l e

Those books are so beautiful! Sounds like you two girls had a great time, too!!! I missed getting into your swap but thanks for the links so now I can at least go visit everyone!


Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Oh my goodness!! What a little doll baby you have there. I don't know how you haven't eaten her up. You must have tremendous will power. The covers are wonderful you have put so much love and care into them. I'm sure all those participating in the swap are going to be thrilled!!



Love the covers....especially the one with the flowers in the basket!

On a side note, I work at Michaels Craft store, and we just put out some fairy Foamies that are pretty cute! I know how you like fairys! And I thought you could use them in your crafts. Be sure to check them out!

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Karla, The book is just gorgeous! Such amazing talent. The afgan is also great. The smile on your little sugarwings face is such a delight to see. My oldest (25) had a blankie similar to that one that she dragged around for years and years. When she was 4, it wound up with a big hole in the center, and she would pop her head through and wear it as a poncho. Just a little memory. Susan

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! I love the covers! The cupcake is adorable :)
Oh my gosh, your granddaughter is such a DOLL!!!! I love the blanket, boy that looks cozy. I want one of those for these freezing cold Michigan winters!

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog!

Love ya,


I love your blog; everything is so pretty, and rosie, including that child!--so gorgeous... :)

Have a lovely day!



SO, are you the Karla Nathan that won over on Rebecca's blog (found your name in an archive post)? If so what did you do with the journal or art piece?

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