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January 28, 2008


linda t

Oh Karla, I sooo enjoyed hearing all about your resort weekend in CA! How wonderful to be so pampered!
You are such a doll in all your pics!
So happy you had that time away... to slow down and smell the lovely flowers!


Wow, you had a fabulous time and the dress looks great. You wouldn't believe the size of my eyes when I saw the Matua Valley bottle!!! It is a nice wine!!!! Dorothy looks so sweet:) Rachael

Alison Gibbs

Karla, what a fabulous time you had.
BUT there's no place like home - especially when you have 'Dorothy' to come home to. Sugarwings looks so cute dressed like Dorothy.


Wow... You look like you had a ball! I am impressed with your good time!


I feel like I was on a vacation looking at all the beautiful pictures of your trip.Your new fairy tee is sooo cute!

hoganfe handbags

OMGosh you look amazing ...looks like you had a great time!
hoganfe handbags


I'm so glad the weather decided to behave for you. Looks like you had a great time! You look fabulous in that dress!!



It looks like you had a great time! You deserve it! I'm glad you got to enjoy one nice weather day at home before it turns cold, too! Love all the pictures of your trip. Love the blingy gel sandles, too! AND You looked GREAT in your little black dress!


Ain't that the life! Your dress looks great; love the frilly cardigan over it.


Oh what a wonderful time. I felt like I was there. Your pics sure did brighten up some cloudy weather here in PA.



What a beautiful place. Its so nice to see flowers blooming somewhere this time of the year. And I love that cute diving duck picture :)

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Welcome home Karla! It looks like you had a wonderful time, but there truly is no place like home!

Kathleen Grace

Oh Karla, It all looks so fantastic! Glad you had a great time. Do I suffer from poinsettia holdover? I used to but the darn things just wont die so now I set my resolve and toss them when they start to look puney. No regrets. I just think of tham as dead already when they get straggly:>)

Barbara Burkard

your vacation looked soooo lucious...i'd have been right there with you snapping pictures...lol
you are just so darn cute...


sandra @7th St. Studio

Thank you for sharing the trip, the resort looks beautiful! How fun to just get away and relax and enjoy such wonderful food!! I'm with you though, I would want to be outside, especially in the nice weather and all the pretty flowers! Glad it was a good trip and that you arrived home safely. -Sandra


Looks like you had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing your pictures. Im so wanting to go on a vacation right now !
It always feels to good to come home but then you miss vacation once your home.... oh well !
Have a good week,

Elaine L.

I'm so glad you had a nice time and that the weather wasn't too bad. It's been raining, here, for the past week.

Wonderful photos and all the food and services, oh my. sigh


Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

You look fabulous! I'm sure you fit right in! the pictures are just beautiful - the spa ecperience must have been such a treat! But most of all, I think your husbands company must be wonderful to go all out like that AND what they did for that woman- how sweet!


What a great trip--I enjoyed all the pics! Not only do I suffer from Poinsetta Guilt Syndrome but also Hibiscus End of Summer Syndrome--I have to bring them into work to get a little more out of them!


It's a wonder that you came back home after such a wonderful trip! But I'd come back to Dorothy & Toto, too!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


This looks fabulous!!! You are just missing great friends to share the time with...that's all! I'll go with you next time, if you want :) The flowers are gorgeous...your photos made me want to pull out pastels and draw them! And the food!!! I'm happy you had such a good time! By the way our poinsettia is still thriving, due to my husband's green thumb and we love wine from New Zealand and Australia...they seem to be doing something right!

Mary Issabella

Wow and double WOW!!! You are so swet to share this amazing trip with us. I am glad you had a wonderful time. I know you are glad to be back with your sweet child...Smiles

m i c h e l l e

Hi Karla...thank you SO much for sharing all these fabulous pictures with us! It looks just beautiful and so happy you were pampered so lavishly!!!

And how cute is that little "Dorothy!"


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip! Oh my gosh, they spoiled you! How fun! And what a sweet picture of your little "Dorothy"!


Lucky girl. You seemed to have an fantastic trip. Its very soothing for a north living person to se those palmtrees, colibries and vibrant coloured flowers. Now Im off out in the snow to do som lunch shopping with the CA warmth in my mind. /linnea-maria

María Elena

I glad that you had enyoyed.

LiLi M.

You managed to bring some sun into my cloudy room...thanks!! I love it when you are giving us all those details; I never experienced those golfball butterballs before hahaha! And....? Did you try the crocs already. Of course I know they are ment for summer, but I wear them as slippers in winter. as I am addicted to them now. So you have been warned!!!
That Dorothy is soooo cute! xoxo L.




Wow! I've never been any place like that! Glad you had a really good time.

Jen R

You look amazing and it looks like you had a gret time! It looks wonderful and warm and sunny...ahhh.
Jen R

Pam  blogcabinfever.typepad

LOVED the beautiful pics and your fun comments. I look out my window and see snow and there is a blizzard coming today AGAIN!
You and I will have to share Chef Tom, even John knows that he's my boyfriend. I love that show but I love the idea of you taking pictures of all your food too :-)
Welcome home,

Sarah Keith

Looks like you enjoyed yourself. It is so fun to be pampered in a new place you've never been...but SO GOOD to come back home sweet home!

Karen Young

What a fantastic weekend you had. thank you for sharing it with us. I just loved seeing all the pictures.



Hi Karla,

Oh just look at the fun going on in those pics! So glad you had a good time in the Springs :) I just love it there and I'm glad the weather worked out so well!


Raised In Cotton

Hi Karla! What wonderful pictures of your trip. You look soooo rested, I am jealous:)
That little Sugerwings Dorothy and her red shoes~now that is the best picture of all.


Love the "dorothy" picture! Yes, I have January poinsettia guilt also, wish I had watered mine more. Looks like you had a lovely trip!

Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, It is so great to see you grinning ear to ear! I have always enjoyed southern california, and your pictures just brought it all back to me. Thank you. Susan


I was giggling when I read your comment on my question. Well you're not the only one guessing wrong. Of course it was a man who gave the correct answer, youll now when you see it. If you check my next post you will propably see what it is.
Have a lovely evening (or day) Hugs /linnea-maria

Lorrie Orr

It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing all the delights with your readers.



Oh you lucky lucky lucky lady you!!! Just look at your grin! The only grin that tops that is the darling little grin on your Sugarwings face in the last photo! A spa treatment -- all that glorious food -- shopping -- soaking up the sun! WOWZA!!! (PS - I know how to make those golf ball butters if you want to surprise your hubby some day! heehee -- It's really easy -- I learned when I first started working at my inlaws gourmet shop.)

Daisy Cottage

Oh how fun to go along on this trip with you through your eyes.... you are SO cute and I'm really happy that you had a great time! You deserve it!



Great post Karla and it came full circle too! Can you paint on crocs? Some flowers around each hole maybe?


Thank you for sharing your get away with us. The place looks like it was very special. I love the pix of the flowers and the hummer.

Sharon in NE

Full of jealousy here, but I'm with you...there's no place like home.


Your trip sounded so relaxing, rejuvenating, and just the right thing to get away from the cold weather. Thank you so much for sharing. Your Dorothy is just the cutest!


The "butter balls" are cool and your "Dorothy" is adorable!


Love the pics of the resort, looks like lots of fun. I love Leandra's Dorothy outfit, I'm going to hang it on our fridge to remember our lil cuz in Kansas...so cute!!! Have a great week, love and miss you all!!!

Dianne Wood

Hi Karla, Oh how funny. I too was out west last week and we DROVE THU Plam Springs on Thursday afternoon. Seems like YOU got the STAR treatment while there. Good for you. I know you had a great time. How wonderful. I LOVED reading about your trip AND your shopping for "just the right" clothes and shoes. You look beautiful in your pictures. And your Granddaughter is just soooooo adorable.... I too was sooooo glad to get home after 8 days.....:) There IS no place like HOME.....!!!!
Warmest wishes,


Karla, Where the heck do I begin!! I LOVE any photo when mini Dorthy appears!! next were you wetting my appitite for summer with those flip flop pictures? Oh I can't wait to rid my life of shoes for awhile!!! And the flowers, food and giveaways oh my! So did you and hubby make up for lost time???LOL Lori


oooh girl, you are livin' large!If you need to bring a friend to your next posh getaway, I'm available!
I can't go 2 weeks without reading your blog again, I'll never catch up now, lol!


Oh Ranchos Las Palmas is absolutely wonderful. My husband took me there for our ten year anniversary. And being five months pregnant, the spa was incredible. My husband actually did the couple spa day. I will always remember that vacation!!

I hope you got a pair of those havanna flip flops. They are so comfortable and were on Oprah's list of favorite things. Living in Illinois they are very hard to find. I was drooling when I saw all those different colors, wishing I was there to snap up every single one.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and had some relaxation. Ranchos Las Palmas is the place to do it.

Amy P

All I can say is WOW what a trip!

R Kjellstrom

Karla, your pictures are awesome, especially we never took any. Thank you for sharing.



Hi Karla,
I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your trip to P.S.!! I am SO glad you had what looks to be good weather! Hey! Not fair! I live about 2 1/2 hours north of Palm Springs, and we were cold with rain! Palm Springs is truly a little world unto itself, isn't it? Gosh it will be MONTHS before I am back into flip flops and such! In the 30's here tonight..maybe I should run down to P.S.??
Carol in CA

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