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February 02, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Wow what a mammoth task. How happy all the particpants in your swap will be.They look wonderful.


Oh what a sight to behold - beautiful! Good thing you had "snacks" to make it through. Yes, those binding machines never quite hold what they say. Works of art!

María Elena

Exhausting, but spectacular work!!!


I am so thrilled to see the final results of your labors and everyone's talents. These are works of art to be treasured. I'm so sorry I missed out! Wow..but what an inspiration they are. I know what I should make my favorite aunt for Valentine's day. Beautiful!



YAY! Thanks so much and I look forward to getting my book too - they all look awesome!



Wow, you guys are totally amazing! I am overwhelmed by the pictures and what you have accomplished. Really, this what such an enormous task and you've done it brilliantly - it should have been covered by a magazine!! :)

p.s. no worries about getting mine out in the mail - I am leaving on Wednesday for a much-needed holiday in the sun...
:) yipppeeeeeeeee


Karla that was a huge task you took on! I am so sorry that I was not up to participating in it. I will keep watch for when you do something like this again (if you ever do!) and sign up. You deserved all those gifts that you received.
Rhondi xo


WOW... oh wait..."oh my"!! I cannot imagine how you kept all of the pages and covers and tags straight?! I would have been overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. It all looks beautiful, I can't wait to see mine when it comes. As I said before, this was my first swap and I really didn't know what to do. My first attempt was so meager, then when I saw some of the pictures you had posted of some of the recipes coming in, I knew I had to go back and rethink it! I had alot of fun doing it. Can't wait for another opportunity! Thank you to both you and Beth for all of your hardwork and time putting it together.


Thank you for posting so many beautiful pictures of the books. I really appreciate all of your hard work on this. This was my first swap and I am so excited to see the finished product. The swap gave me an opportunity to try new things and I know that I will learn so much more when I see everyone else's pages too. A perfect winter treat!!!

Karen Young

All I can say is WOW. The books are amazing. Thank you again to both you and Beth for hosting this beautiful swap.


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Those books look mazing!! You and Beth are amazing and I hope you know how much we all appreciate the amount of work you did. I can hardly wait to get my book! Thanks so much Karla and Beth for this wonderful swap!

Amy P

OMG! they are gorgeous! What a time you had, but it was worth it. Now I'm bummed I didn't jump in and join ;)


Oh My, you have been one busy chicken! So many lovely things to look at in this post :)

Heather - Pretty Petals

Karla, they are sooooo gorgeous!!! that idea for the big needle is BRILLIANT!! hahah!! I can't wait to see my book and my beautiful charm necklace. What a really fun idea for a swap. Thanks for all of your hard work. Wish I could have been there to help you and Beth although, I am pretty certain I would have never thought to use the needle. hehe

xxoxo Heather

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Wow! I am very impressed with it all! So many talented efforts went into those beautiful books! Hats off to everyone who participated and to you, Beth and Jen for pulling it all together! Great job!

Natasha Burns

How fantastic Karla! You girls really put in a super dooper effort and the result is fantastic! i'm sure everyone is so grateful for all your hard work. I see someone sent you delicious Ferrero Rochers mmmmmmmmm!!!


Wow, so much work and it all looks wonderful!
Come on over and enter my giveaway. I'm participating in the One World One Heart event giveaways. It's crazy! So many people are participating! Anyway, come and enter!


How exciting to see all the fabulous, yummy creations from this swap that you and Beth so graciously hosted. I can't wait to get my book.
THANK YOU again for hosting this sweet swap!



Yay, yay, yay! Can't wait to get mine! You guys are the best. Thanks for putting so much love into this. Maybe your next trip should be to the bar! LOL.


YOu know you are just killing those of us who missed the boat right?! Oh, they all look so wonderful! What a lot of work! Great solution to your problem, it looks better than anything else I think. I am glad they all spoiled you, you deserved it.Tons of work, but beautiful product!

Pam  blogcabinfever.typepad

These books are amazing. Beautiful. I hope to get in on the next swap. I keep missing them. Please give me a heads-up Karla. You did a really good job:-)

Elaine L.

What a truly remarkable keepsake for all the ladies involved.



Just wonderful and I think the ribbon was perfect after all. Funny how things work out tha tway...... the books are amazing!! i am so looking forward to visiting all of the blogs to see the books one by one!!! Thanks for sharing and those cookies looked so yummy too!!


I am so sorry that it was such an ordeal to put the books together! But, the they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for all of yoru hard work. It is much appreciated.


I am so sorry that it was such an ordeal to put the books together! But, the they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for all of your hard work. It is much appreciated.


Wow! I am so excited to be a part of this swap and, really, how wonderful of you both to spend the time doing this! The pic of all 42 together is just special, they are going to be treasures for all!


The most amazing project ever. the participants should be so proud and you ladies that put it all together deserve medals, what a kaleidoscope of color to look at . UTTERLY WONDERFUL!!!!!


Thank you so much for all your fun work putting all the books together! I'm waiting on pins and needles till my book arrives!


omgosh.. look at all the books!.. lovely.. wish to have a copy oh wait.. wish to have it all!.. hehehehe..

maybe next time, i shall join the swap.. but whatever it is.. to those who join the swap.. you guys did a great job.. all are sooooooo pretty!.. couldnt wait to see who gots what and all the excitement!.. :-)

sandra @7th St. Studio

I don't know how you all did it, but those books are incredible...if one of the magazines wanted something really neat to feature...this would be it! Each one is so lovely and as you flip through it made me excited to see what each person had done...now I know why you were filled with such creative energy even though you were sick!!! It was all that creativity that you saw as you put those together!! Simply amazing!!! Standing ovation for you and Beth, and Jen too!!!

Raised In Cotton

How simply beautiful Karla, you and Beth should have a ton more gifts delivered to you for your creative work on our behalf.
What a great idea with the ribbon binding, perfect touch and meant to be.


Yeah for you! Congrats on completing your noble and beautiful project. I can hardly wait to get my copy! I am a chronic under-estimator of how long a task will take. I think that maybe "ignorance is bliss" in this case, because I would never attempt some projects if I knew in advance how long they would take! Always happy in the end though. 42 is a great slew of projects to do! Thanks again for all your hard work! - Amy Bauer


These are beautiful! I would have loved to have been a part of the swap, wish I knew about it. Are these swaps done through your blog or someplace else. I enjoy doing swaps through swapbot. Let me know when you do another one. :-)


What a set up you have...no wonder your creations are so beautiful!


Oh wow! Such beautiful (and functional) work! I'm sure all the participants are extremely grateful for your efforts in putting the books together.

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