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February 06, 2008


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Loved seeing the puppies in the snow! Your scrap book is coming along nicely! Your garlands are adorable and I loved getting to know a little more about you!


Messy studios must be going around. Glad the flu wasn't horrible. My little black poodle is like your dorkies, he doesn't do snow! I'm having a give away for my 1 year anniversary coming up if you'd care to stop in.

Alison Gibbs

Wow you have been busy. how can that little dorkie sit on that snow.

Natasha Burns

You're always on the go!!! I lvoe the beautiful Dorkies in the snow, must be cold for them!
The wallpaper book is gorgeous, I need you here sorting out my photos and craft supplies!!!


Great pictures! My old dog loved the snow, too until it balled up between his toes. LOL! Your scrapbook pages turned out beautifully. Of course, I love the photos of Sugarwings and her sidekick, Twinkle, best!


You are one busy lady. I'm fairly new to blogging so I'm still figuring out all these swaps and giveaways etc! isn't it an amazing place here in Blogsville? When I saw those chocolate biscuits, I though, hey Toffee Pops, yum! I didnt know they were available overseas...but then i read further to find someone had sent them from NZ and I felt like id been all around the world and back home again to NZ. Doesnt the world seem small and big at the some time! Crazy. Well im putting you in my bookmarks to read later. Bye.

Karen Young

Scrapbook is looking good. Love the picture of Twinkle with wings.


Beth Leintz

That silly little Twinkle- she's just blissfully unaware of the snow. That picture would make a great watercolor if you brush the chunks of snow out of her fur!

Lili M.

Hi, ooh you have spent your time so good! Catching up with scrapping (only months behind...I have to think in years aaaaaah). And you have made lovely things as well. You amazed me with some new facts (for me), every time you have been tagged ( I still have to smile about your 'serial painter'). So you have lived in Germany? Your husband probably was in the army(?). Germany is our neighbour; I live in the Netherlands.
Have a nice day, while spring is coming....to you soon...love L.


cuanta nieve!!!a mi me encanta ver nevar,por aqui estamos en pleno verano.
centello es un perrito adorable y por lo que veo a el tanbien le gusta la nieve.
el libro con las fotos es muy original y te quedo precioso.
te dejo un beso .
jorgelina de argentina


We are getting another dump of snow too. I hate winter as well! Spring can not come fast enough, but it will be another couple of months for me.


Vicki Chrisman

Love the pups in the snow,and the peek at your photos...and the little tidbit about you!


Twinkle and Sparkle are so darn cute! Your scrapbook is coming along quite nicely. I'm very impressed with how much you have gotten done.


Glad you are feeling a bit better now. The scrapbook is very nice and love the collage page. Love the idea for a pocket for the extra photos too, will have to give that a try.
I am with you on winter, it can end now and I would be much happier.


Not many people really know the movie Labyrinth so I was surprised to see it on your list!! I used to show it to my middle school students because it was so creative (and I love David Bowie!!). We are having unseasonably warmer weather but might get snow on Sunday (I hope you don't get caught in it!!). Great scrapbooking! You get so much done in a day...whew!

María Elena

Karla, I share with you: I do not like the winter!

Jen R

Where has summer gone?? When I saw your post I laughed. I have Labyrinth with dear old David and a very young Jennifer Connelly listed as one of my faves...I didn't know anyone else knew that movie.. that and Drop Dead Fred...The puppies look very cute!and very cold!
Jen R

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

I'm with you ... the snow should be elsewhere! Loved your scrapbook pages and the mermaid is stunning. Stay warm and feel better!


Looks like your getting lots done! My sweet treats book came today. I am in love...with the whole thing, but certainly the pink and white flocked wallpaper that my cover is made of. You girls picked the perfect one for me. Thank you again for all your time and energy that you put into this. A simple thanks doesn't seem to cover it all, but rest assured it is a "heartfelt" thanks! /i opened a magazine in the store the other day and there you were! I always tell people, "I know her"! Anyother fantastic job, well done. Have a great weekend!


I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.

My recipe book came and it is a real treat indeed! It's lovely! A big thank you to all of the ladies,and to you and Beth for all the effort that you put into making it such a nice experience.

I like knowing that the tag that I made ended up with you!

Take care.


I had to laugh at your comment about your desk as mine is much the same. I work until I don't have room to work anymore and then clean it up! Which I had to do in order to reply to this! Love the scrapbooking pages! I'm with you on the snow. Flagstaff has had 3 storms in the past month, each running about 12 to 18" accumulation of snow. I'm ready for spring!


Sweet little puppies out in the cold snow...how do they like the snow?


I love the 4 List, then we get to learn so much more about you, like you lived in Germany-neat!


I'm with you baby! Bring on Summer! You've led such an amazing life. And I love hearing about it. Can you tell us a little bit about living in Germany??


Jessica Hood

what a cute doggie! i am ready for summer, too...and we don't even get snow down here (texas)


I've been looking forward to being tagged by someone. I'll take your general tagging and run with it... I am, as the French would say, Pathetique :-)
I loved your photos, I've always used an old bike in front of my gift store, with a basket, with flowers. Hard to keep those suckers watered when the heat hits. I'm out there every few hours.
I am noticing more and more the many things that so many of us have in common in this blog/etsy world. I also work until I "can't take it anymore" and then clean the surface. There are paper snippets all over the floor and glitter- I have to stop blogging, grab the vac and get back to work.


I work the same way, messy! You got great results though! Fun meme too!

Denise Fontaine

I love the broken china charm Pretty Petals has on her blog from you! I know how much hard work goes into the craft!


Hey Karla, Ya know that first photo (dorkie and snow-bound bicycle), well...you should paint yourself some roses coming out of the bush near the snow and they should be attached to a ribbon with either a blue bird or a fairy.


beautiful and unique


What a sweet pup and lovely layouts! I do love visiting this spot!

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