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February 17, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Sounds like you are having lots of fun out East.
So many fabulous places to visit and shops to wander around in forever.
Maybe next visit you better hire a U-haul and fill it up with heaps of goodies.


First of all, I want to come shopping there with you! Fabulous finds await!
But most of all, I want those stairs. That is one of the prettiest ideas I have ever seen. When we remove the carpet from our stairs, I want to copy that idea!!!!!! :)


Oh ditch the plane, get the U-haul and fill it up!!!! Such fabulous stuff, such great prices . . .


Have you visited Middleburg yet? I loved Middleburg when I lived in Leesburg! There is a thrift shop called the White Elephant that is a must stop. Several of the animal shelter groups also have thrift shops too.

Also, when I travelled I would use flat rate priority mail to send my treasures back that would not fit in my suitcase. Also, the local packing store (UPS, kinko's etc will package your items for you and ship them to you for a fairly reasonable fee. I had to use UPS once as I found a set of luggage for a steal and it would have cost me too much for the extra bags on the plane.


Hi Karla,
What wonderful bargins you have found, I think that I would definitly be hiring a truck. Thank you for your email and help about the bling your birdhouse button, however my blogger account must be slightly different to your typepad account, I did get the picture on my blog though. Hopfully I will be able to join in on the challenge if I can locate some birdhouses in my area.
Cheers Linda

robin~thrifty miss priss

Love the pictures! I think I'll have to get my fix next weekend and head over to Lucketts! I love that stairway...it'll be gorgeous with your beautiful papers! I'm so happy we were able to meet up and chat! I'm with you....I prefer the shops compared to the sight seeing!


What a fantastic blog! ...with so gorgeous photos...and things... I´m thrilled...
I´ll be back and of course you are welcome to me!

Annie ~ Annalunda from Sweden

Beth Leintz

LOL! I didn't think Robin would have glasses! I love those dishes you got for Sugarwings- can you get a set for me too? I think they would cute on the journal covers!

Did you really take that picture of the white house? If you did, you got a lot closer than we ever did! Of course, the President is in Africa, so maybe they don't have the agent watching you right now.

María Elena

Beautiful things!,Are there good weather at DC ?

Mrs. Jones

Is that $89 table at the Lucketts Store? I was thinking about heading down there this week to find a mantle, but I may have to get that instead. So pretty.

Glad you've found all the good places to shop in our little neck of the woods.


Natasha Burns

Oh those stairs scream Karla Nathan don't they!
LOVING that pink dress with the flowers, it is amazing! And the white furniture is so beautiful and ornate - I would love to fill a home with it and all the wonderful things you find!

Karen Young

Oh My...what wonderful antique goodies. I can see why it would break your heart to not be able to buy some of those beautiful items.



What do you do with the hats once you pull the flowers? I'm wondering if you could get them turned into hanging baskets like those wire 3 tier ones? they could also be turned into containers for inside drawers or even stacked 3 or 4 high with trinkets...maybe idea baskets for the smaller items in a project, the base of a giving basket? Would a saucer fit in side to make a fancy floer pot holder?

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! I'm just like you. I'd rather go snoop around in an antique store or and estate sale than visit a museum. That Lucket's looks like lots of fun too. I have a truck. Too bad I live all the way across the country. I'd help you haul all that stuff home.

Elaine L.

Oh, Karla, I think you are going to like visiting the East, just fine. LOL I wouldn't be surprised if some new things make find their way into the apartment.

I love all the pictures. Where did you get those plates? I know I've seen them in a catalog.



really liked the dress, loving everything here again :)


Wow! It's amazing how many goodies you found. What fun!


I'm totally sympathetic to you finding things you want to take home but can't fit them in your lugguage, i'm always like that when i visit the US! Many times excess baggage has been paid!!!!



I vote for the Uhaul too. What yummy treasures you found! Those plates for Sugarwings look like china, not plastic!

And the stairs...what a great idea!

Rest up now, have a safe trip home and get ready for all the bondo-ing, painting and papering I see in your future!

Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, Some people travel to the French flea markets and fill a container to bring back to the U.S. I think that you just need to fill a container and send it on home. If you are finding such fantastic stuff now, can you imagine what it will be like in the spring and summer? You have such a great "eye" for this. Love the stairs, the table and the blue bottles. Susan


You are so funny! That would be torture to see those bargains and not be able to drag them home!
That staircase OHHHHH!!!!!


I love when you take us along on your trips! All the pieces you found were really nice!


What a beautiful blog with gorgeous postings on antiques and goodies ! .. If I wasn't a maniac gardener I would be nose deep in antique shops/markets here .. well, actually I have been ! haha
The places we saw in the Netherlands and Belgium had me totally hooked .. I brought home a lot of treasures that still give me so much enjoyment. Every treasure .. big or small hits a cord, doesn't it ?
Joy : )


Oh! Thanks for taking me on your shopping trip. Looks so fun! Yes..boredom and shopping are dangerous! Love the Dolly Madison dress!


What lovely things you've discovered! I'm sure you are filled with inspiration for projects. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.



Love the stairs too! Great blog! I'll be back to visit again.

Mary Issabella

zLooks like you had a grand time...Smiles

Raised In Cotton

Oh Karla that table and chairs is wonderful! Very perfect for your farmhouse~love all the pictures too. Thanks for the tour.
ps It snowed yesterday(again)

Pinkie Denise

Oh, I want to go shopping with you! Love all the pink I wouldn't think twice about loading up a u haul, I'll help you! Pinkie Denise

Lili M.

Oooh those stairs...I should have known that 5 years ago!!!
Thinking of...my niece has painted her stairs with folk art prints, flowery images in ovals. I have to make a picture of that and put it in my blog. I have enjoyed your adventures and great finds again. Thanks!


Oh man...a truck! Most definetly a truck! Man, that table and those chairs were awesome and love those little blue bottles! Such finds!



Your blog is wonderful. I find myself comming back to it each day, even put it in my favorites. I'm envious of your talent.


Karla, what a gorgeous eye candy post!!! wow!!! the pink and white store has me swooning, what beauty, and those stairs are TDF lovely...love the plates you bought for sugarwings, cute patterns:)

Barbara Burkard

oh honey i'm comin with the truck...!!! goodness!!! i did my stairs at our big house with wallpaper...just remember to seal them good...leaving just the wall paper...geez...the guys kick it with their toes and rip rip rip....little spots...


This sounds like a fabulous day! I fear I would have lost my head! What great shops -- if I'm ever in that area, I'll need a consultation for the best spots! And the stairs are the best... this could be trouble for me...


Ooo that is a great idea for the stairs! So the antiquing and fleaing is not so bad out here in the east huh? Fun to meet Robin. Can't wait to see what she made you.


That Dolly Madison gown is so pretty. I love it. I never see that sort of thing around my area.
I love the stairs too, and I have visions of bloggers everywhere redoin' a flight of stairs somewhere in their house! LOL! That's a wonderful idea!


All your goodies are just wonderful. I love shopping too. You can never have enough vintage items, that's what I say. Next time when visiting, you better take that U-Haul! Enjoy your treasures! Amy

Heather - Pretty Petals

Gorgeous goodies... oh those STEPS!! I can't wait to see it if you do that.

It would be nice to fill a uhaul... you can stop here on your drive home! xoxo Heather

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

I definately vote for turning in the return ticket for a u-haul rental! Sounds perfectly sane to me!


Both of those tables are calling my name! I love all the things that you were able to buy too. I don't think I could leave without at least one of those tables.... Now off to check out Angela's blog!


Hi Karla, looks like you are having fun shopping. I love those stairs too, and that dining set, awesome!

kari & kijsa

You are invited to a SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for kari this Wednesday, Feb 20.
She is turning 40!!!

Stop by the party on Wednesday to mingle a bit, say hi to the birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, and check out the party favor giveaway!


Irma's Rose Cottage

Karla, just want to let you know what a great blogg you have. I got addicted to blogging when I discovered yours by accident. What a great discovery for me. I have started by blogg today.
Love your pictures from your trip.


I LOVE the white furniture and can't imagine how you aren't going to rent a u-haul and take it home with you?! Plus the stair risers are great... you could wallpaper the riser and carpet the tread only, or they have cute little woven stair tread rugs that tack down!


At least you didn't have to spend the day on an actual tour of the White House! Thanks for the lovely pix, inspiring as always.


Well, I've always wanted to see Virginia - now it looks like I have another reason! What a great place!


hello! where were all those fabulous antique stores?



Wonderful pics Karla. I love the stairs. I'd rent a van for the rest.
I had to show my husband your internet predator pics. T00000000 Funny. I know he would be concerned if I told him I was meeting a "blog friend".


Karla, Love the plates and Oh My the pink and white shops!!! When I was in AZ and seen so much and had no room to bring hardly anything home I went crazy~~~ next time I'm buying more and mailing it home!! Have fun! Lori

Shannon J

Wow Karla! What a trip! Lots of fun finds and things.... I love those plates!!! Absolutely darling! And I have got to find a dress somewhere... but I don't think I'll be going east any time soon. :(
Those stairs are just great! OH, and I love your new little blogger friend!~ I simply must meet him sometime! LOL



What cute story about your Starbucks encounter with "internet predators".... I love the sleepy guy behind Robin.... haha!
and love every single photo on your post. Just lovely everything!

happy day to you



It all looks so fun! Maybe you can set up a studio area, buy some furinture and sell it back to shops there. I could just feel you wishing for that uhaul! Would be so fun! and what a great idea for the stairs!

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche'

Looks like you had a spectacular time! I LOVE the stairs too!! What a great idea!


Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche'

Looks like you had a spectacular time! I LOVE the stairs too!! What a great idea!



Godness, what gorgeous furnitures you found. I wish I had a private jet to fly them over to my place. You cant find things like this in sweden. The stair was a very good tip. Hugs /linnea-maria

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

So pretty! Much gorgeousity. And I've always wanted to collect vintage prom dreses. Too pretty!
~Angela :-)


Karla, I just stopped by for a visit and I am so glad I did. I used to be a dealer at the Lucketts and the picture you have of the outside pavillions was my original space then I moved upstairs to the porch where all the lovely dresses are now. Sigh* What memories. The Lucketts is one of a kind shop and let me know when your in town again and have nothing to do. I can introduce you to some dealers and some other fun shops. You must make it to their Spring Sale - tons of fun and fabulous finds.

Karin (creativechaos)

I LOVE the idea for those stairs!!! Karla...I got my recipe book and it is simply amazing!!! You and Beth just out did yourselves. I'm posting pictures and links on my blog today....Thanks so much again for hosting it!!!

Amy P

VA is a FUN place for us midwesterners isn't it? I spent 4 months there in the summer of 2006. My DH had a contract job there over the summer. I had nothing to do but site see. Well...I better mention that I had a 21 month old and a 4 month old in tow...no antique shops for me :( But I did strap the baby to my chest and leash the toddler in her stroller and roam the architecture and history. It's so "young" here in NE :)

Cathy Scalise

Karla, these pictures are scrumptious. I would have had to rent a U-Haul for sure and bring home some of these gorgeous treasures, especially that table!

Looked like icing on cake!


I am soooo happy to be back and browsing through your blog Karla, I can't tell you! :)


You shopped some of my favorite places on your trip! I haven't been in a couple of months. Must schedule a Lucketts trip soon for a pretty stuff fix.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

You really found some great things.....I think you should have rented a U-haul. That was a great idea.

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