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February 16, 2008



Such a beautiful post Karla. Your mom sounds like a very special person indeed and I'm certain some of her wonderful qualities have been passed on to you and Sugarwings.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Karla,
I love hearing your story about your mom, it reminds me of my grandma....I miss her a lot too. Have fun antique shopping and enjoy your
time away Pinkie Denise


Yay! I just read your comment on my blog and sent you an email. I just love that bird tag!

Your mother is gorgeous, I can see where you get your good looks. Your post reminds me to cherish the days I have now with my loved ones, because you never know when they could be called home to the Lord.


What a wonderful tribute to your mother. It is easy to see that she gave you your wonderful creativity.

Sure wish I could participate in your swaps and stuff. We are trying to sell our house and move to TN!

robin~thrifty miss priss

What a sweet tribute to your mom. I find myself doing and saying the same silly things as my mom too. My kids roll their eyes...my mom used to dance around the kitchen (in a comical way) when I had girlfriends over and I secretly loved the fact that she was doing it! The quilt is so beautiful and it's nice that you have it out and use it every day! So many times people stuff things in boxes and that really is not honoring their loved one! Can't wait to hear about your antiquing adventures! (wish i could have gone! sniff sniff!


Oh a TAG SWAP!!! Your mom sounds so sweet! :)


Hi Karla, How wonderful your tribute to your mother, you know I'm reading down your post about your mum, visualizing this little girl playing under the sewing table, while her mother sewed gave me a warm feeling inside, but as I begain to read further, and see the little girl crying in the basement with a pile of her mothers fabric's sobbing, I begain to cry my self, your memory of your mother touch my heart, to me this is a wonderful memory to have, good and sad, but none the less beautiful, thank-you Karla for share such a beautiful memory.



Your mother is beautiful; thank you for sharing her with us.
My mom is still with us, but my dad has been gone over 13 years, and I still sometimes think about calling him up and telling him something. As my boys said when they were little, "I wish heaven had a phone line".


I have tears in my eyes reading about your Mum. What a special lady. I think good qualities in people are inherited and that is why you are so special, your Mum filled you up with goodness and fun that your children and grandbabies will certainly remember & cherish:) To you and your Mumxo


Your post brought tears to my eyes! But, what nice memories of your Mom! She succeeded in her efforts to make you happy...she was very pretty, too!

María Elena

Beautiful tribute to your mother. You has learned many things from her, and she must be happy to see that you made.


so nice to read about your mom, great blog :)

jessi nagy

that was so sweet.
your mom was gorgeous!!!!
so that's were you get it from.
hope you had a great valentines day!

Mary Issabella

What sweet memories you have. God is so good to give us those so we can tuck them in our heart and take them out when we need and want too. Blessings to you my friend....Mary


Your mom is stunningly beautiful, and clearly a fantastic mom. This post was such a lovely tribute to her. Thanks for sharing such sweet memories.


This is a lovely tribute, Karla. Your mom was lovely and sounded like she had such a joy and lovely talents -- maybe the best of which was being a mom! My mom died quite sometime ago (I was 25) and there isn't a year that her birthday or "anniversary" has come around (or most days in-between, for that matter) that I don't think of her. They sound like they could have been good friends. Don't you think creative moms foster creative daughters? I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me. Thank you sharing this. And, congratulations to your winner, too.


This is a lovely tribute, Karla. Your mom was lovely and sounded like she had such a joy and lovely talents -- maybe the best of which was being a mom! My mom died quite sometime ago (I was 25) and there isn't a year that her birthday or "anniversary" has come around (or most days in-between, for that matter) that I don't think of her. They sound like they could have been good friends. Don't you think creative moms foster creative daughters? I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me. Thank you sharing this. And, congratulations to your winner, too.


Karla, what a beautiful tribute to your mother...she sounds like she was truly wonderful:) i'm sorry she is gone, but your memories are keeping her alive in your heart...
congrats to your winners!!!
i started on my birdhouse yesterday...i don't know what is up with me lately...just WAIT 'til you see the colors i did...hint: it is SO not pink!!!


What wonderful memories you shared about your mom! I fixed my own daughter silver dollar pancakes just the other day....hmmmm...never thought about it...maybe I'll make her them often AND let her eat them in bed!!! The picture of her when young is GREAT! Love all photographs. Funny...I just typed a post about old photographs!


You are obviously very much like your mom! Very talented, very loving, very pretty and very fun! I had tears running down my face reading your blog (Deja wanted to know what was the matter with me!) So moving! I am sure your boys and sugarwings feel your love and will have the same kinds of wonderful things to say about you!

Thanks for taking time to post while you are away. it is always the bright spot of my day.

I would participate in your swap but I am busy packing and trying to get moved. Once I get settled, I can't wait to participate in something again! it's so much fun!


A very special tribute to your mother who must've truly been a treasure. She lives on in you and your creative, generous, fun spirit!


Your Mom sounds like she was absolutely lovely in every way. I'm sure that you have many of those same wonderful qualities. I so understand about wanting to pick up the phone and call her. That's the tricky part isn't it? Cherish your memories. On somedays those are the things that keep me going. Thanks for a dear post.

Denise Fontaine

Hi Carla I read your comment on my blog. I joined the 'pink' project in memory of my Mom Eleanor.About crisis at ebay, there is a boycott over fees etc..I think it has been on CNN according to my shabby ebay group.Alot of elderly old time talented shabby rose painters have exited to Etsy which is overwwhelming to them.Alot of the ladies had to close their stores this week they had for years on ebay and have lost their incomes.I posted helpful info for them but ebay deleted it.I have the list on my blog of their new Etsy shops and they could use some support for this transition.
I received photos from Erikas Mom,the little girl that requested fairy art..please stop by and post a comment Mother and daughter are looking for response on my blog!I am horrible at swaps but I am involved in some cause thru Gods direction.Blessings Denise




Happy Birthday to your sweet Mother Karla! What a blessing she must have been to you! As I was reading all you said I thought to myself that I hope that my children remember the very same things about me one day.

Lili M.

This post moved me, hit me in my very soft spot. My mum died almost 12 years ago, when my youngest was only 2 months and my eldest 2 years. She was so enjoying her role as a grandmother. But it was the part of picking the phone, not able to share anymore that moved me most. You'll never get used to that.
She would have been so proud of you today, I'm sure! Thanks, I'm looking for my hanky now, have a nice weekend! Love L.


What a beautiful tribute to your mother, she was a very beautiful woman. Also I would love to participate in your St. Patrick's Day Swap. If you could resend me your address I would appreciate it. Thanks

Heather - Pretty Petals

Oh Karla, that was such a beautiful post. I just know your kids will look back someday at all the fun silly little things you did and remember those times just as you do. I spent some time with my Mom today and it really reminds me to value her and treasure these times when we can be together. You just never know what life is going to hand you...xoxo Heather

p.s.- can't wait to see your junque!!


what a sweet sentiment to your mother.i almost could picture her sewing room. it was really lovely to read.


Boo hoo. I miss Mom too! I have lots of her material & will send you some. I saved the remnants from the quilts she made for all of us! I celebrated her birthday today by face painting at the Children's Museum.

Debbie P

Your post brought me to tears. Your Mother sounds like a wonderful woman, and you were one lucky girl. My Mom is 82, and though she's in good health, I know that there may come a day when I will sit among her things and grieve for her too. Thank you for sharing this with us.


Pat Jones

I miss my mother too. I understand exactly how you feel. My mother always made the most wonderful doll clothes for me and also great clothes. I could just tell her about a dress and she could run to her sew machine and make it. I love the quilt your mother made. I am sure she has been a great influence on your life. What precious gifts of love she gave you.

Denise Fontaine

Hi Karla thank you for taking time to stop by..those are the etsy usernames posted on my blog not links.I will fix when I get a chance Ha!Where do you find time to answer all these comments and create???!I looove your birdhouse and all your sparkles.Looks like your having a party! I know in my flickr Fibromyalgia group and Chronic Cafe(link is on my blog) group on Ning would love to get goodies in the mail this illness is sooo isolating! A nightmare to say the least!


I miss my Mom too.
Love and hugs


Sounds like your Mom was a wonderful woman. So much talent and it did pass on to you. Have a wonderful day.


Karla, My sweet friend, my heart and love goes out to you. My Mom will be gone three years in August and I miss her to the ends of time. I still want to call her, take her for fresh bread, taste her polish coffee cake and watch Emeril on tv with her. I share your tears, memories, laughter of the fun times we had with our Mom's and the love of life they gave to us. Sending(((hugs))) and XXXX's to you. Your friend,Lori

Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, Now we know where all that lovely creativity comes from! Your words very clearly expressed how much you loved your mom. It touched my heart. Susan....PS, Oh those lucky winners.

Elaine L.

Karla, that's a beautiful tribute to your mother. Looking at that first picture, I can , some day, see Sugarwings looking like your mother.



Maybe I missed the place to send the St Pat's tags, but could you please email me your address so I can make sure I get them to you on time? I'm excited for this and I'm so glad you are hosting it!



I've always loved this picture of Mammer. I still can't drive past her house on Madison Ave, I usually go another route. I miss her so much, thanks for letting everyone know how wonderful, fun, and special she was. I love you~

Sharon Wideman

I came across your beautiful blog today! Lucky me!

Your beautiful journal and photos of your mother...what a wonderful tribute! Your posting and photos are wonderful. I would watch my grandmother sew and cook...well, I now sew but do not cook! My husband is a great cook.

I am from the Washington area...Alexandria, VA. I MISS all the antique shops...well, I miss all of the wonderful things to see and sdo there. We now live in the Memphis area. My husband retired from the Air Force and now works at St Jude in Memphis.

I look forward to reading your future posts. Enjoy your stay in the DC area. If you get a chance...go visit Frederick MD antique shops!


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